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Gingered Carrot Soup. The most repeated @sk_cookingclub recipe in our house. Warm and light and affordable and checks all the allergen free boxes. Making it for friends tonight 👩🏽‍🍳


A note on making garlic confit in partnership with @caoliveranch is up on the blog. I slow roasted a bundle of garlic cloves in a bath of their Destination Series oil for an hour and my house smelled like a dream. Use it on crostini, dress up some roasted vegetables or make a bowl of grains more special. A practical and giftable condiment to have on hand. #sponsored


New work for @rachaelraymag is out in their recent Jan/Feb. issue! Five affordable (and pretty!) vegetarian weeknight meals. I get so many great dinner ideas from this magazine, such a treat to contribute myself. Rachael’s was one of the first cooking shows I watched...life is crazy ❤️ #rrmagfan


Australian friends! G’day! We’re heading your way (Manly and Byron Bay specifically) mid-March for my sister’s wedding (SO excited!). Her fiancé and fam are locals, but I always love hearing your opinion on places to eat and things to do in the area. Mind you we’ll have two little people along. Thanks in advance!


It was a good day. at Disneyland


Fill ‘er up. Making the @sk_cookingclub breakfast tacos again this morning.


2018. You were a year of shifts and pivots. Reinventing and redefining and recalibrating habits and patterns and careers. Grateful for your support here, the blog and sk cooking club. Best wishes and fresh starts or perhaps continued success to all of you ❤️ @matthewmorganweddings


May be the best batch yet. The seedy maple granola from #skbowlandspoon cookbook but this round with cashew pieces added in. (If you don’t have the book, the granola #5 from @mollyorangette is the best on the internet. It’s flexible and perfectly crispy and not overly sweet and includes NO dried fruit 🙅🏽‍♀️👏🏼)


We have been very into the cauliflower-walnut “chorizo” from @pinchofyum. I use mango slices because I’m too lazy to make the pineapple salsa and halve the chipotle so the kids will eat it. Give it a whirl. It’s nice to have a bean-free vegetarian taco 🌮


I really did try to get myself in the right headspace for this to be enjoyable for all, but cooking with kids is just not that fun (for me). They fought, peanut butter is smushed in the floor seams, the littlest was screaming from timeout, I got asked a million times when they could eat one, and curran has chocolate on his eyelids. An acquaintance from high school messaged me a few weeks back and said “I hope your life is as good as it looks on instagram” and I keep thinking about that. I didn’t read it as cynical; I don’t feel like I fill this space of mine with bullshit, but these squares are tiny pieces of big stories. There are complicated and imperfect people behind them, always. Misaligned expectations aside, we made the crispy peanut butter balls from @jessiemaysnyder’s new cookie ebook and they are SO GOOD. It was not the romantic Christmas cookie making of my dreams, but at least there is chocolate and peanut butter.


Working on my menu for the first week of January with @sk_cookingclub. A little lighter on the cinnamon rolls and heavier on the salads and bowls. This green tahini sauce is creamy and bright and belongs on all the things. Today, with greens, quinoa, coriander roasted cauli and toasted pistachios. I’ll leave these notes here: GREEN TAHINI SAUCE - 1 garlic clove + half a jalapeño + juice of a whole lemon + 2 Tbsp cider vinegar + 1 Tbsp olive oil + 1/4 c water + 1/3 c tahini + handful of parsley + handful of cilantro + 1/2 tsp salt and pepper and blend it all up.


Free Shipping! Get the last of the @katherinemoes ceramics collab on the ‘shop’ page of the site.

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