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Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cups ✨ We took baked oatmeal and plopped it in muffin tins to make it kid/work/grab-n-go friendly. We could swap in berries, maybe pumpkin? some chocolate chips! Recipe on the blog 👉🏼


Sunday waffles. Today with almond butter, maple, goat yogurt, and peaches 🍑


The in between moments. Hope your week has stopped you at some point, intentionally or not, to stand back and look into your beautifully imperfect life ❤️


I have been craving those pistachio falafels from the blog. I don’t digest beans very well anymore, but I’ll handle the bean belly for a dinner like this. A few notes in stories or check the blog archives. And while I’m capable of making it myself, I’m still using that Trader Joe’s zhoug quite regularly. Marinade, salad dressing, mixed with yogurt as a sauce etc etc. ❤️


I have tried to get a gluten free zucchini bread to turn out at least a dozen times - always too wet and heavy or this or that. Then the ONE TIME I DON’T MEASURE A SINGLE THING 🏆😐


the only treats happening this week are ones that do not require an oven ☀️ No bake, date and seed butter “cookies” on the blog. A nod to @minimalistbaker and another favorite date ball recipe from the archives.


Feeling sappy Sunday feels. I tend to worry a lot; unfortunately I run glass-half-empty a lot of the time. So when I have a weekend where I see so acutely that my cup runeth over - to see all the goodness, even in the growing pains and rough stuff, it’s a good kind of overwhelmed. My perspective, recalibrated. Tell me something that made you smile this weekend and I’ll pick someone at random to send both SK cookbooks to. The sauce here being the citrus tahini miso from #skbowlandspoon and you need that recipe. Happy Sunday, friends ✨ # # # # # # CLOSED!!! @ranyabarrett you won from random.org - dm me your address! Thank you!


#sponsored Enjoying a summer happy hour in the backyard with @walmart #WinemakersSelection, now at @walmart. Made a rough bruschetta, opened a bottle of red and cold rose and chatted with friends while our kids jumped on each other in the trampoline <3 This new collection of ten brands of wine are authentic to their region and budget-friendly, making this whole backyard situation something I could implement more often. #drinkresponsibly


This one has sweet nectarines, cherries and blueberries under a granola like topping with quinoa flakes, maple, coconut oil, almonds etc. So perfect with plain yogurt this morning 🙌🏼 It’s from our bowl + spoon cookbook and saved as ‘flourless crisp’ up in my story favorites.


A super cute (and quick!) watermelon and cucumber appetizer recipe is up on the blog. It features a handful of items from the new @31bits kitchen line. All the neutrals and marble and linens forever and ever.


A few notes on pizza dough, up on the blog. Make it today, leave it to hang out in the fridge for a few days, and you’re ready to go for the weekend 🍕


with grilled corn, baby tomatoes, jalapeños and goat gouda.

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