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A pretty delicious dinner with the help of some fridge staples on hand. I halved (lengthwise) and roasted sweet potatoes with just avo oil, salt and pepper. 400’ for 15 min. on each side. Lacquered them with the green harissa (search blog recipe archives) I keep on hand (so worth it! also great with eggs, stirred into whole, plain yogurt as a dip, marinade for all proteins etc.). Topped that with some avocado, pickled onions, cilantro sprouts, pepitas and a bit of sheeps feta. Queso fresco perhaps makes more sense, but I rarely have that. I may not be great at meal planning, but a few backbone sauces and dressings save my lack of a plan EVERY time 👌🏼


I brought this salad over to my grandma’s today (Greekish things, dressing in my stories). I went to visit for her 89th birthday. She loves visitors. After all this life lived, all she wants is quality time. She said her lunch is usually microwaved iceberg lettuce with a slice of gouda inside, “I get my fiber!” she says. Her nightcap is 50/50 vodka and whole milk, “like a White Russian” she says. She is charming and unguarded and unapologetic in all things, as only one who proudly microwaves iceberg or mixes their booze with milk can be. Can’t shake the feeling of how grateful I feel to be surrounded by really wonderful and interesting family and friends. To experience such a breadth of relationships. There has been terrible news and tragedy this week, unfortunately this will always be true, but what BEAUTY there is in this life. Look for it. Call it out. Soak it up. Sermon over 🙏🏼 Happy Sunday, pals 🖤


I prep a weeks worth of meals for another family on mondays, so the thought of making dinner for my own, usually sounds terrible. However, I gussied up a few store-bought bits, added some herbs and grilled eggplant and poof! I made dinner for the sixth time today 👯‍♀️ (lentils, bruschetta, mint, parsley, feta, pine nuts and grilled eggplant)


Loaf Cake! I added some roasted rhubarb to the pistachio orange loaf from @sweetlaurelbakery ❤️ All coconut flour and maple sweetened. Recipe on the blog.


“A belief that “bigger and better” leads to more happiness results, paradoxically, in less of it. We work really hard because we want more. We obtain more, and the shine soon wears off. So we work harder, in pursuit of even more, and become less happy as a result. The beat goes on.” -an article on www.becomingminimalist.com/science-happiness/ as pointed to from @thefauxmartha - It’s birthday week, which invites reflection on my end. Sitting with that quote this week and so grateful for this life, just as it is.


Finally got my hands on some rhubarb! I chopped it up and sautéed it in a nub if ghee, added a squeeze of orange juice, fresh ginger, little sugar and a handful of chopped strawberries and warmed everything up to ‘til just soft. That jammy goodness will keep in the fridge this week for yogurt, waffles, etc. 👍🏽


New post : Ancho Chile Mushroom Tacos. Super quick and easy so you can make double and invite people over to eat them with you 🖤Recipe on the blog. - “You and I were raised in a modern world that taught us how to work hard and be productive and show up on time and give it our best...we learned lots of very valuable skills, but we weren’t taught how to be here, how to be fully present in the moment, how to not be distracted or stressed or worried or anxious, but just be here, and nowhere else - wide awake to the infinite depth and dimension of this exact moment”. -Rob Bell


Day 2. #skworkshop


There’s just something about a bed that you don’t have to make ✨ at Kimpton Palladian Hotel


Connection. I met @ashrod in my first years in the food blogosphere. I liked how she wrote. I sent her (a very talented baker and cook) a mediocre (at best) loaf of banana bread in the mail. We exchanged thoughtful emails, which felt a welcomed respite from the internet where everything needed to be happy and beautiful. So, tonight I find myself cozied around her coffee table, eating delicious remnants from the @notwithoutsaltshop and laughing and listening and cleaning up dishes and pushing her dog away from my cake. This weirdo internet world can feel all kinds of confusing, but there are pockets of magic and serendipity too ✨


aaannndddd I want to eat this forever. A delicious lunch from @cannellevanille, inspo from @we_are_food latest book. A perfectly spiced coconut broth, zaatar roasted carrots, pickled fennel, lime, microgreens, toasted almonds 🙌🏼 Thank you @imperfectproduce 🖤 #skworkshop


Making pretty spring things ✨ @cannellevanille #skworkshop

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