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editing account💫 - i post all my sso (and ao) edits here - follow my main account - @unregi0nal ✨🌌 ————-

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🌌🖤// Just the two of us, without the world It's so clear to see no lines, blurred Wish I could stay right here, not say a word You'll hold me in your arms undisturbed But it was all in my dreams The thought of you and me Could never be seen in reality ——- #starstableonly #starstableonlineonly #starstableonlineedit #starstablehorses #starstablegame #starstableonlineedit }


🌌🖤// —— Who said you have to complete all of your life’s dreams by a certain age? Well, whoever it was, they clearly had no sense of life. Sure some check everything off of their list by the time they said they would. That is very admirable. Go you. Reality is, life happens to people at different rates. Some people have experienced hardships that others couldn’t even imagine. And some are just lazy for a long period of time and then decide they want more. Others get married and have families before they even think about careers. And some of us just make bad decisions that follow us for a while. Whatever the case is, it’s okay. There're two things I know about life. One, it’s yours and yours only to live. And two, it’s not a race. Let me let the sprinters know what’s at the finish line of life -- death. Yup, you die. I said that to say, it’s okay if you’re not where you want to be. It’s okay if you’re not where you want to be next week or next year. ——-


🌌🖤// — If you’re looking for a reason to stay alive right now, this is it. I know life sucks sometimes. Hell, life might suck all the time right now. But this is only a small fraction of your life in all. You still have 60+ years left (give or take base on your current age) of happiness and good days. Think about all of the doggos you haven’t pet yet. The beaches you haven’t walked. The travels you haven’t gone through. The amazing TV series that hasn’t come out yet. The awesome books that hasn’t been released yet. The friends. The late night talks. The animals. The ice cream flavors. The sights. The smells. The movies. The important events in life. You haven’t experienced everything yet. And even though life might truly suck right now, you can’t let your monsters win when you haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet. If you give up now, that means that all of those other times when you’ve been suffering was all for nothing. Just a complete waste of time. Find your anchor(s). The thing(s) that keeps you grounded and alive. Could be a pet, family member, a friend or even just a goal you have yet to achieve. I want you to find your anchor and hold onto it. Remember why you’ve endured so much pain before. Why you’re still here. Life might truly suck right now it might feel like useless but guess what? This isn’t permanent. So please don’t give up just yet, okay? Don’t let your monsters win. Don’t let them have the last laugh. Kick the asses of everyone and everything that tries to get in your way. And always, ALWAYS remember that you are one badass motherfucker that won’t take no crap out of nobody. #thosedamfeelsrants


🌌🖤// When it feels like the world’s gone mad And there’s nothing you can do about it No there’s nothing you can do about it —— { #starstable #starstableonline #starstableedit #starstableonly #starstableonlineonly #starstableonlineedit #starstablehorses #starstablegame #starstableonlineedit }


🌌🖤// Cause I’m sick of losing soulmates So where do we begin? I can finally see, you’re as fucked up as me So how do we win? —— { #starstable #starstableonline #starstableedit #starstableonly #starstableonlineonly #starstableonlineedit #starstablehorses #starstablegame #starstableonlineedit }


🌌🖤// ——- I’m not the only kid Who grew up this way Surrounded by people who used to say That rhyme about sticks and stones As if broken bones Hurt more than the names we got called And we got called them all So we grew up believing no one Would ever fall in love with us. ——————- swipe for a throwback to my first edit 9 months ago?? holyshit im proud🤪🤪


🌌🖤// ——————- I never meant to start a fire I never meant to make you bleed I’ll be a better man today. ———————


🌌🖤// —- You shoot me down But I won’t fall ♥ ——————


—— 🌌🖤 // sHE’s brOKen because sHE beLIEveD.


——- 🌌🖤// “and suddenly we were strangers again”