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So I was suppose to train arms tonight buttttt.... my love came home early and completely surprised me!!! We’re on our way to devour a large buff chicken pizza from our favorite place. I couldn’t be happier I missed him so much ❤️ Anyways here’s an arm workout from last weekend for you to try this weekend! 1. Cross body hammer curl 4x10 2. Incline curl 4x12 3. Db tricep extension 4x12 4. Reverse ez bar curl 4x12 5. Skull crushers 4x12 6. Crucifix curls 4x12 7. Cable push downs 4x12 - I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! Xo ❤️ #biceps #bicepsandtriceps #armsworkout #workoutoftheday #bodybuilding #gymtime #workoutoftheday #bootybuilding


Hey guysssss 👋🏼 I swear I didn’t disappear !!! I’ve just been focusing more on my workouts these past couple of weeks. Tonight I went to the gym with my love’s parents since he’s still away and we killed some shoulders at a gym I’ve never been to before! It was a nice change! I always like to switch things up. Sometimes the same old routine can get boring! Here’s the workout we did tonight: 1. Cable face pulls 3x15 2. Smith single arm press 3x15 with a three second negative 3. Rear delt fly machine 3x12 Superset 4&5: 4.Single arm lat raise 3x10 5. Single arm front raise 3x10 - My shoulders are on fireeeee! Tag a friend and give some of these a try 😛 - Drinking my @1upnutrition bcaas for hydration and muscle recovery! Use my code “SHANNON” at checkout for 20% off. - Shoutout to the best for recording me and pushing me through this workout! @sargeatarms @arlenesargent love you guys❤️💪🏻 #shoulders #shouldersworkout #bouldershoulders #workoutoftheday #workouts #fitness #workoutvideo #gymtime #armsworkout #bodybuilding #bootybuilding


Hiiiiiii loves 💕 Taking a mini break from recording my workouts (but still killin it) I was trying to find the love I had for the sport before I started recording myself everyday and having to stress if I had good enough content to post for the public eye (cause let’s face it, some people are brutal AF) It became so consuming I found myself not giving my workouts my “all” anymore. My bf is gone for a couple weeks and the last thing I wanted to do was break out my tripod again. My workouts have been so good since I stopped stressing! I’ll be back though I promise!! Just needed to clear my head a bit hope you understand! 💕 Hope you are all having an awesome week! Xo -Shannon 💕


Today is one of those days where I’m finding every excuse in the book not to get to the gym.. but at the end of the day I’m honestly just “tired” from a long day of work. I rested all weekend so I realized this was just me trying to talk myself out of going because I’d much rather just catch up on some of my paperwork and cuddle up with my pup. Buttttt instead I’m pushing myself and going to crush some legs 😝 - I’m probably not going to record much these next couple of weeks. I found myself stressing during my workouts way too much to try and get some good content for you guys. Also my mans aka my personal photographer (thanks bae) is also 1200 miles away 😢 - But don’t worry I’ll have some up soon enough! Hope you guys have an awesome week 💕 - Outfit: top @buffbunny_collection Leggings @lululemon


After being with someone basically every day for the past 9 months, I think it’s safe to say that me saying “I’ll miss you” will be an understatement. Be safe and see you in two weeks babe. I love you more than you’ll ever know. 💚


BOULDER SHOULDERS! 💪🏻 - Try out these 4 exercises next time you train those delts! 1️⃣ Overhead press 4x10 2️⃣ Front raises to side raise 4x10 (this one is a lot harder than it looks.. I promise when you get to rep 5 your shoulders will be on 🔥) 3️⃣ Upright rows 4x10 (make sure your not coming up too high with the bar, and doing not go too heavy) 4️⃣ Bent over rear delt fly 4x10 - Let me know if you try these! Tag a friend! Happy Friday y’all 💙 #bouldershoulders #shouldersworkout #upperbodyworkout #armsworkout #delts #deltsday #shoulderexercises #deltsfordays #workouttime #workoutvideos #gymgirls


LEG WORKOUT! 🙌🏻 A lot of you guys requested for me to post the workout I had in my story last night, so I basically did the same workout today to post for you guys! - 1. Single leg deadlift 3x12 2. Close stance squats 4x12 3. Wide stance squats 4x12 4. Sissy squats with plate 4x12 5. Romanian deadlifts 4x12 6. Seated calf raise 4x15 It’s a good one I promise!! You won’t be able to walk out of the gym 😝 - If you saw my story today I got my @1upnutrition supplements and omg this new island mango flavor is I highly recommend it! If you need that extra kick for the gym this pre workout will do that for you 🙌🏻 Discount code: ‘SHANNON’ for 20% off! #lowerbodyworkout #legday #squatbooty #legs #legworkout #bootybuilder #legdayworkout #gymglutes #gymgirls #bootyworkout #leggains @gainzvillle @squats @squatvideos


BACK WORKOUT! 💪🏻 - One of my fav days to train! Here’s some solid exercises you should incorporate into your next back workout routine! - 1️⃣ Bent over DB row 4x12 2️⃣ Wide grip pull ups 4x10 3️⃣ Smith single arm row 4x12 4️⃣ Close grip V-bar lat pulldown 4x12 - Today is a rest day for me, what did you train? 🤔 - TAG your workout buddy in the comments! #backattack #workoutoftheday #backworkouts #gymtime #trainhard #workoutvideo #gymmotivation #backday


ARM WORKOUT 💪🏻 - My arms felt like noodles after this arm workout! *Please understand my workout videos are demonstration videos. I post my warm up sets.. you’ll never see me post my heaviest weight in a video because I’m not trying to show off.. I’m just trying to help others* Somehow you still always get that one person telling me to go heavier tho.. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ - *Warmed up with barbell curls 3x20* 1. Preacher db curl 5x12 2. Alternating db curl 5x12 3. Cable push downs 5x12 4. Cable kick backs 5x12 - Before Zak and I started training, I found myself always neglecting biceps. Now I do them all the time 😂 Ladies, don’t skip out on those guns! 💪🏻 - SAVE & TAG A FRIEND! #armsworkout #armworkout #biceps #triceps #workoutvideo #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #lululemon #gymvideos #arms #bicepsworkout #bicepsandtriceps #tricepsworkout #workoutoftheday #squats


So many of you messaged me asking where my leggings were from and I haven’t gotten a chance to answer! They are @lululemon reveal precision leggings. They are honestly the most comfy material ever and super stretchy. Might even like them better than aligns? 😱 And top is @gymsharkwomen @gymshark Anywayssss I know a lot of you compliment my gym attire (thank u sm I love those comments!) if you couldn’t tell I’ve always been into fashion! I actually started to pursue a fashion degree a couple years ago (until I got kicked out of the campus 😅..) I might start posting more outfit pictures outside of my gym clothes.. on the rare occasion that I’m not in scrubs or leggings.. I actually do have a nice dress up wardrobe too! If you wanna see that - comment belowww! 😊 - I hope you guys are having a kickass Tuesday 💕💕 I’ll be posting my arm workout from last night later on! - #lululemon #gymoutfit #gymclothes #fitnesswear #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #leggings #leggingsarepants #fitnessclothing #fashion #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #gymattire


ABS! 3️⃣ AB exercises using 1️⃣ machine!! Head to the Smith machine next time you train abs and give these a try if you want your core on 🔥! - TAG a friend to train abs with! #fitnessjourney #abs #absworkout #coreworkout #coreexercises #fitnessgirl #workoutoftheday #absfordays #abworkout #fitness #workouttime #goals #absgoals


BOULDER SHOULDERS WORKOUT 🔥 - Was today a rest day for you or a working day? Usually on Sunday’s I rest but I was feeling great after my shift today so we decided to smash a quick shoulders/calves/abs workout (posting abs workout soon! 👀) Plus my babe is leaving in a week for annual training so we want to work out as much as we can until then 😖 - Drinking my @1upnutrition sport aminos in the island fusion flavor. Love this energy drink with aminos for the gym! Code: SHANNON saves you 20% - Outfit: @buffbunny_collection @buffbunny Crop top 💛 and @lululemon Leggings - #bouldershoulders #shouldersworkout #fitnessvideos #delts #deltsworkout #buffbunnycollection #buffbunny #gymvideos #workoutroutine #gymtime

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