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A HUGE thank you to @driftworks for the super fast delivery of my #HSDMonoPro #Coilovers! I’m looking forward to hopefully fitting them tomorrow night and finally getting the front end of the #MR2 doooown. Don’t worry, the wonky lights and exhaust are on the list.. all in good time! 💛 #Toyota #ToyotaMR2 #SW20 #Ferrari #F355 #HSDCoilovers #Driftworks


#DriftmastersGP / #Japfest at #MondelloPark was siiiiick! The caliber of show cars that turned up was just mind blowing! I don’t think i’ve ever witnessed such a busy car show or event in my life! This #S15 really stood out for me, I loved the style and THAT window tint, where do you even buy that stuff!? I need it in my life, now! Thank you to everyone that took the time to say hey, it was great to meet you all! 💚 #Nissan #Silvia


It’s been a great day here at the @irishdriftchampionship finals! I seen so many incredible cars and met so many amazing people! Unfortunately my internet reception is non existent at the track so I can’t do any stories! I’m looking forward to #Japfest tomorrow and seeing all the show cars! Give @peden249 a follow and see the progress on his awesome #S13, you’ll want to see the doors! #Nissan #Silvia #180sx #200sx #240sx


Looking forward to seeing this thing tear it up at #MondelloPark this weekend, @jamesdeane130! I had a good walk around the paddock today and things are looking TASTY! It’s going to be a great weekend, just please don’t rain, Ireland! #Mazda #RX7 #FD3s


Big love to the guys at @automek for giving the car a good looking over today. Turns out it’s a pretty solid #MR2 under all that fibreglass! The rear coilovers are as low as they will go and the fronts are shot, so no point in adjusting them! I’m on the hunt for some new coilovers if anyone has any for sale? For a laugh the guys done an alignment for the car using #F355 settings.. feels so much nicer to drive and the wheel is straight! I started to remove the #Ferrari badges and made my own little samples for the wings. I’ve had total marmite feedback on this car, but surprisingly the majority have been behind me! Next up is to remove more badges, sort the rear lights and do a total overhaul on the interior! I’m honestly having so so much fun with this car, it really does give me the biggest smile! I hope to see some of you lot in #Ireland this weekend at #Mondellopark! #Toyota #WhereAreYourCalipers


I can’t believe it’s that time of year again already, the @irishdriftchampionship finals are THIS weekend and i’ll be heading over to catch the action! It’s looking like a great show and I can’t wait to see all of my #Irish friends! If you’re going to be there and see me, make sure you say hello! Let’s hope the weather holds out! 🚗 - @peden249 #S13 #180SX #200SX #240SX #Nissan #Silvia #SBody #SChassis


When I started doing Status Error full time 5 years ago, I always promised myself that one day I would buy something really really special... Unfortunately that day is yet to come, however I did buy this #F355 #MR2 replica with a #V6. Now, you're probably asking yourself why.. why Gianni? Why would anyone even do that? Well, I'm kind of asking myself the same thing BUT with the biggest grin I think I've ever had on my face. Sure, this is a kick in the teeth to #Ferrari and I absolutely know I'll suffer a backlash, BUT, I think I have some cool plans to justify this one. You will be happy to know that ALL Ferrari badges, stamps etc etc will be removed. I'm in no way going to try and pass this off as a Ferrari (apart from the fact it looks like a Ferrari..). To me this is just a Japanese car, with some Italian looks and will soon have a lot of Japanese styling... Which I guess is kind of weird now I have written it down. If you're a fan of my brand, Status Error, then you may remember my "Blue Skies" design. Well all along that has been based on an MR2 (believe it or not) and when I sketched it up, I knew from that point I wanted to do something similar. Even I'm not stupid enough to buy a real F355 and ruin it, so why not just have some fun with something that looks like one (with some slightly wonky panels). As when anyone gets a new car, just be happy that they are happy. I have the slightest bit of faith that I could actually maybe make this kinda cool. #Toyota #SW20 #Camry #ToyotaCamry


So, you may be wondering why there hasn’t been many posts about the #BRZ lately.. well I have a great reason for that, it’s GONE! Truth be told I swapped the #PS13 for it and although I tried my best to bond with it, it just wasn’t the car for me. I’ve had loads of people asking about it and tagging me in sale / inspiration images of them, so I felt best to let you guys know. For now I am projectless, however I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve! One being the most controversial projects i’ll have ever done. On a side note, I have thee biggest order of new designs, restocks AND hoodies / zippers due in soon! It’s going to be AWESOME! #Subaru #Nissan #Silvia #S13 #Toyota #GT86


Good news for the people who pre-ordered the #FloorMats, they arrived today with me and will start shipping out tomorrow! Keep an eye on your emails for the shipping and tracking information! I ordered a little extra on top, so if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a set then keep an eye on the website next week for them going live, this includes ALL designs. #Mazda #MX5 #90s #80s #Arcade #Bowling #SNK #NeoGeo #Capcom #RX7 #FC3s #FD3s #Nissan #S13 #PS13 #S14 #S15 #180sx #200sx #240sx #R32 #Skyline #GTR


In my shop I like to dot little things around the place for people to look at. These are two of my favourite cars that I have on display! My ace, but a little beaten #Tomica #Toyota #Trueno #AE86 and the #Itasha #Vertex #Mazda #RX7 #FD3s! I’m by no means a collector, but if I see something I like then i’ll try my best to get one! Who collects toy cars?


After selling out almost instantly last time, I have finally restocked the new logo #snapback hats! Priced at £19.99 and ready to ship! Any questions at all then just drop me a message any time! #Nissan #Mazda #Toyota #Subaru #JDM


Check out @sam__shears’s awesome #Nissan #S13 rocking the Laeighties Simple sun strip. I absolutely LOVE white wheels on a dark colour, it looks great! You can grab this sun strip and all of my others over at the website! A full restock is due this week, so anything I don’t have will be here soon! Thank you for the support! #Silvia #S14 #S15 #180sx #200sx #240sx SBody #SChassis


Universal Car Mats Pre-Order Is LIVE! From now until Sunday night (23:59pm), you can purchase all of the above floor mats at the website. The order will be placed on Monday at the supplier and they will be with me within 7-10 days (possibly sooner). Any questions then please just drop me a message!


Unfortunately i’m having a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow (no horror stories please), so the shop will be closed until Monday. This is the same for online orders, nothing will now ship until then either. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and don’t forget that the pre-orders go live tomorrow morning for ALL universal floor mats! Have you checked out the new jet tags? Head over to the website and pick one up now! Big love to @minusroot for the cool images! #Mazda #Nissan #Toyota #Subaru #JetTag #JDM #S13 #S14 #S15


Who remembers the good old days of #arcades!? This Friday I will be opening the pre-orders on my range of universal floor mats until Sunday night (23:59pm). I’ve decided to pay homage to all of the cool arcades and bowling alleys we have lost over the years by adding these arcade carpet tributes. I’ve already created the product page, so head over and fill out the “Notify Me” box and I will email you as soon as the pre-orders open! #SNK #NEOGEO #ATARI #MVS #METALSLUG #STREETFIGHTER #CAPCOM #Nissan #Toyota #S13 #S14 #S15 #Bowling #Retro #90s


Still one of the best selling designs across the clothing and workshop banner range, the Real Three Two design is fully stocked and ready to go! #Nissan #Skyline #GTR #GTR32 #Godzilla #JDM


Well, #JAE was a blast! Thank you to everyone that came and said hello and snagged a #jettag, it was incredible to meet every single one of you! There were so many incredible cars, but these two were up there as being my favourite! I never got to meet the owners, so if you see this, hats off to you both! #Honda #Civic #Integra #TypeR #DC2 #EFCivic


Have you checked out the new jet tags? I launched these last night at the website and people are LOVING them! Head over to the site to see them or take a look at my latest story and swipe up! #Nissan #Toyota #Pulsar #GTIR #Nismo #JDM #JetTag

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