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It’s hard to see it in the sun, but I was testing some more bits to fit on the car, this time a front splitter! I’m really looking forward to getting it on the car. I still feel like I might need some splitters along the rest of the way of the side skirt. #NissanSilvia #PS13 #S13 #Silvia #WorkMeisterS1 #Yokohama #AD08r #DMAX


My favourite kind of mods are the ones that parts are used that were never meant for your car. I’ve always wanted these little side skirt spat things but could never work out what they were called. Randomly a close friend had a set in his unit and offered me them up for my car. I had to chop them up to fit (which is never fun with carbon fibre), but I am so happy with how they have come up! Unfortunately i’ve still never figured out what they are called! 😝 #Nissan #Silvia #PS13 #S13 #SBody #SChassis #NissanSilvia #Dusty


Zombie Lovers! I’m happy to let you all know that the Buzz Killer black t-shirts are now back in stock! I’ve doubled the quantity on this one, so hopefully they won’t sell out quite as fast for you! 💖 #Zombie #GirlMechanic #BuzzGun #PinUp #PinUpZombie


The owner of this #ToyotaStarlet said that if I can get 100 Likes on this image, he will let me attempt my first ever #burnout and film it for you all to see. Can I get 100 Likes, PLEASE? #Toyota #Starlet #KP61 @porter.kian 😬


My centre exhaust section had formed some holes and was blowing bad, so it felt like a good time to buy a #RaceTube! Big love to @automek for fitting it today, I’m really happy with the sound! If you’re not wanting to go crazy loud, then this #Sportex race tube is perfect! Sounds pretty much standard at low revs, then really roars out when you give it some beans! Thank you to @tworksautomotive for snapping this rad shot of me last week at #Knockhill in the #FN2! I’m hoping to get some more track time soon 💖 #Honda #Civic #HondaFN2 #CivicTypeR #TypeR #KnockhillRacingCircuit


Last night I polished off #ResidentEvil7, so I think it’s time I hit #NeedForSpeedPayBack hard and finally get a game with you guys and girls! I’m going to head on tonight and try and progress on the story and learn some moves, then I think this week we should 100% have a night! Also, can you see where yesterday’s livery idea was inspired from? This was the original idea from, @projectxinfamous. I think suits the #BRZ better than the #PS13. If you don’t already have me on #XboxLive, then add Status Error G. #NeedForSpeed #PayBack #Subaru #SubaruBRZ #ToyotaGT86 #GT86 #Toyota


The one that got away! This was there or around the plan I originally had for the #PS13. I absolutely LOVED this and still do, but I felt that I would regret it at some point down the line and also the fact I was quoted more than paint to have it done. I’ve pretty much decided on the colour I am going, and it wont be either of the ones I posted last night! Those were simply a bit of fun and I agree that they don’t look great. I want to say a big thanks to Tom at @projectxinfamous for making the render! Love it or hate it, you have to agree this would have looked sick rocking on the streets! #Nissan #Silvia #NissanSilvia #S13 #WorkWheels #RocketBunny #NeedForSpeed


I done some of the quickest and possibly the worst edits in #photoshop history today.. I had quite a few people suggesting I done the body colour in the pink or blue, but i’m not quite sure how I feel! What do you think? The entire wheels are going white regardless, my mind is set on that one! #NissanSilvia #Nissan #Silvia #PS13 #S13 #SChassis #Sbody #WorkWheels #RocketBunny #326Power


I’m still not 100% decided on a car colour yet, but I think whatever I do, she will be plastered across the back! Also, the wheels will be all white (including the dish). I hope you’re having an incredible weekend! #Nissan #PS13 #NissanSilvia #Silvia #S13 #SBody #SChassis #WorkWheels #326Power #RocketBunny


The #FN2 done me so proud on Wednesday at #Knockhill! I have honestly never had so much fun in a car! The only thing that let me down was the brakes, which I was expecting. I’m not going to go mad with the mods, but I am looking to have some bits and bobs done to make it a bit better on track. I’m actually trying to arrange a pre 1999, Japanese only track night (keep an eye on my social media). I’ll hopefully be back on track with the @tartantarmac guys on the 2nd of May. Thank you to @thefunkrenegade for the cool shot! #Honda #Civic #CivicTypeR #TypeR #KnockhillRacingCircuit #Track #Race


How would you feel if I was to release a limited edition t-shirt that entitled you to a vote on which colour my car should be? If you could choose the fate of my car, what colour would it be? I can see it end badly for me, but i’m always game for a bit of fun! #BoatyMcBoatFace #NissanSilvia #PS13 #S13 #SBody #SChasis #326Power #RocketBunny #Wickes


I know a lot of you have been waiting on the sun strips coming back into stock, and I keep giving a date and it doesn’t happen. WELL, They are 100% supposed to arrive with me tomorrow! If you have put your name on the “notify me” list then i’ll contact you as soon as they are in. I probably won’t do an email shot as I imagine these will have gone by time I had the chance! Big love to @chris_purves for rocking the Leighties strip on his sick #Mitsubishi #L200 #pickup! 💖


Better weather just kicked in, y0! Fingers crossed the snow is finally away this time and warmer weather is on the horizon! I’ve managed to get the #PS13 out a few times this week now and it’s been fun! I need to up my #socialmedia game this week, I feel like i’ve been lacking some posts! #NissanSilvia #Nissan #S13 #SChassis #SBody #Dmax #326Power #WorkWheels


This coming Wednesday at, #Knockhill, I’m going to do something that I said I would never do in an #FN2. I’ll be joining some friends for a 3 hour track session and I am so so excited! I’ve always told myself my #TypeR is a great daily driver, but I didn’t imagine it would be much fun on a track, so I thought I would try and prove myself wrong. I really hope that I can, but i’m sure i’ll have a good time regardless! I just hope the weather holds out 🌪☀️🌪 #Honda #Civic #CivicTypeR #KnockhillRacingCircuit #PleaseDontCrash #Marushin #HelmetSelfie


Come aboard my #spaceship! I can only apologise for how quiet i’ve been over the past few days. Between the new launch, the shop open day and the #Easter holiday, it’s been some of the most insanely busy days i’ve ever had! I managed to quickly clean my #FN2 out though as we are about to embark on a new adventure very soon, so stay tuned for that! I’ve got a sweet little interior mod on it’s way too, which i’m really excited about! I hope you all had an incredible holiday weekend and thank you so so much for the support! I genuinely mean it when I say I love every one of you! #HondaCivic #TypeR #CivicTypeR #BroadwayMirror


I stopped collecting #Hotwheels a few years back when I left the #RC track. However when I spotted this little #HondaCityTurbo2 I just HAD to grab it! Such an incredible looking little model and sits well in my #Honda showroom! Maybe it’s time I start collecting again!? ☺️. #HondaCity #Yourenotsupposedtoopenthem #Turbo2 #Turbo #Model


I genuinely thought the sun strips would have been back in this week, but it looks like the #easter weekend has got in the way. Fingers crossed they will be with me early next week and I can get them up for sale #ASAP! A big thank you for all the sales of the new stuff so far this weekend, and to the people that stopped by the shop for the open day! I still have the #Laeighties sun strips in stock, so click the shop link and head over to the website! 📸 - #Mazda #MX5 #Eunos #Miata


Have you checked out the new #BuzzKiller range over at the website!? I launched it all at 7:30pm and the banners alone sold out almost instantly. Everything else is in stock, however selling out FAST! A huge thank you to everyone that grabbed something from the new collection! #Zombie #BuzzGun #Blood #Wheels #JDM

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