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The fog may be rolling in, but it only adds to the mystique of traveling Switzerland by train. Photo by @thetechcreative #stayandwander


Adding to the symmetry of one of Tokyo’s most colorful buildings. Photo by #stayandwander


Flying high above the turquoise waters of what appears to be paradise. Thailand has so many places to explore, but lets start here perhaps. Photo by @joshuafooo #stayandwander


Some people travel to Bali for the beach, some for the tree climbing. Photo by @emmett_sparling #stayandwander


Just about the perfect spot to park for the night in Lofoten. Photo by @fabianheigel #stayandwander


Taking a deep breath of sea air and exploring the night time streets of Manarola. Photo by @jonihedinger #stayandwander


If you’re planning on traveling to the Czech Republic, maybe bring a hammock. This looks like a great spot for an afternoon nap. Photo by @formgestalter #stayandwander


When visiting Iceland, be prepared to make many unscheduled stops. It takes a while to get anywhere, when everywhere you look is beautiful. Photo by @jackharding #stayandwander


The perfect seat to watch the sun set over the Dead Sea. Photo by @aaronbhall


Staring out at bold symbols of the American West in awe. Photo by @andrea_dinino #stayandwander


Scenes in Greenland that will transport the mind back through history. Photo by @nickbondarev #stayandwander


Picture perfect cabin moments in Russia; feeling the magic of being in the right place at the right time. Photo by @tomrus #stayandwander

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