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Taking life one wave at a time . Jeffreys Bay, South Africa I'm an optimist 🐢 Similar users See full size profile picture

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Thankful for all the downs and ups life serves. Imagine everything was just average, no beautiful no ugly, no hot no cold, no happy no sad. But luckily we get to experience them all, so whatever your experiencing now I guarantee won’t be for the rest of your life 🌞🌴💦 📷 @seanstermonsterr at Los Angeles, California


Super thankful to be able to record this trio tomorrow 🙌🙏💦 This was us Jammin at the @seayouarefree concert last week with Mr Mike D on Bass and @shevenmorris on drums. These cats are badass ⚡️🔥 Blessed wit da best, keen to see you operate in your studio bruddah @mrlinny 🙌🙏 thanks for this opportunity @seayouarefree @jasonferro @onelove1jack Ps. This #telecaster I’m jammin was @officialkeef that got passed down the line to Mr Ferro, that so kindly lent it to me this night🔥🙏💦 #thankfultankfull at Sea You Are Free


It’s lekker to be lekker when you lekker 📷 @alannamparra at Venice, California


Getting ready to blast da rose room this Friday 💃💦 pullin from 8pm - till - LATE pm @roseroomevents @deathofpolitics @felix_the_sax @shevenmorris @littledume @danesandborg @david.frankk @onelove1jack @electricnative @diamondsworld at The Rose Room


Maliboogie💦 📷: @seanstermonsterr at Malibu First Point


Been surfing my brains out with @kevinskvarna @veedster @cjnelson the past few days. So inspiring 🙌 This is a clip from the 1st @surf.relik this year, trestles should be ON 🔥 overhead plus💦


Heading back to Cali for the 2/2 @surf.relik - Contest will be @ Trestles - Waiting period 9-19 Sept only needing 2 days to run. Follow @surf.relik for event updates and live webcast details 📷 @stevenlippman - @ Malibu, First point at Malibu First Point


Dicing the pit 🌊 @sawyersurfboards @visslasurf @thestore_sa @maischfins 📷 @boogieslidenjive at Keggers


Naturally goofy footed with a goofy natural foot - surfing my 7’4 single fin which I call my injury board. I initially shaped it for fun cruisy Jbay, but since I been injured a fair bit this year It seems I only surf it when the body can’t handle surfing anything else and I can’t handle not surfing 🏄 🎵 @tonynankiff and I - songs called “hopeful i” Available live only 💃💦 🎥 @ernst_ohlhoff at Sawyer Surfboards, Jeffreys Bay


FACT: This cat’s name is Porp’s. Otherwise known as @deanrosss 🐬 Haven’t seen him in years. He was the first member in my first band, and he’ll be joining us tonight at @jbaycb with the second member of the first band @tonynankiff FEAT. guest act @luckypacket_lp on the SAXOPHONE 🎷 C’mon, it’s just haappening 🤩🤪👩‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀 📷 @boogieslidenjive at Jeffreys Bay Craft Brewery


Nasal passenger - Durban beachfront 📷: @mattuppinkmedia nailing the shot @sawyersurfboards @visslasurf @stickybumpswax @honeyshield @maischfins at Durban Beachfront


Thanks #TailSlide @hang_ten_hillbilly for the boat trip. Got a few, lost a few and tank full @tonynankiff


Daveeed has a fat ass. Ask him, he’ll tell you all about it @veedster - @michaeltakayama1


Thanks for all the love and birthday wishes! Haven’t been able to get back to everyone yet but if it don’t get ya’ it’ll get ya. Friday’s recording fundraiser went 100%🔥 and beyond. I can’t thank the Jbay/St Francis community enough for the endless support 📷: @stevenlippman 🌴 @surf.relik


All round stokie 🤪 Thanks for the image @mylesmcguinness @surf.relik at Malibu First Point


We had another epic July once again, playing music is like surfing at night 🔥 the fun never ends Thanks for the jams band - @tonynankiff - @bassace952 - @lordwolmer Thanks to corona WSL and Jbay winter fest 🎉 📷: @kodymcgregor

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