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✨Spend less time forcing what you want from life and more time FEELING what you want from it.. FEEL kindness to attract kindness, FEEL joy to attract joy, FEEL love to attract love. More feels, less force! _ 🌱my full plant based recovery story, coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, recipe blog/private blog + much more! ✨Contact me today, tell me your story!


✨Dreaming of summer van trips & short shorts... Anyone know what’s up with the 70 degree weather in the NE?! I mean, I’m not complaining but it definitely feels strange! From 30F to 70F !?


🌙 I can’t think of anyone who deserves to enjoy every bit of life and adventure this world has to offer than you @derb1171 .. here’s to new decisions and the most exciting time of our lives! _ It all started when we went plant based vegan over 3 years ago. It was so amazing from day 1 and changed us on levels words can’t even explain. I have never felt this inspired or passionate about life .. it is insane what one small step towards a healthier life can bring you. What I thought was a “diet change” was in fact the start of the most intense change of my life - our lives! .. I am both physically and mentally the healthiest I have ever been! _ Wanna go plant based? ✨Visit & contact me today! Let me teach you everything I know 🌱


🍌 BahhhHh NaNas!!!! 🍌The base of every smoothie I make AND the 1000s of banana whip ice creams I’ve consumed 🍦.. 🍌easy to digest (when eaten ripe), 🍌full of fiber, water, vitamins and most importantly the carbohydrates that fuel me all day long! 🍌Also, dirt cheap - especially when bought in bulk! .. I remember a time when I was afraid of fruit! I used to limit myself to just 1 piece a day (if that!) .. Hard for me to imagine life without an abundance of them now! _ Do you like bananas? and better yet, do you like banana whips?? 🍦🍌💕 _ Visit ✨ and read my full recovery story, client reviews, recipe blog and more on my programs/ebooks! 🌱Contact me today, tell me YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! . . . #veganfood #banana #bananasmoothie #smoothierecipes #smoothietime #plantbasedfoods #plantbasedvegan #plantbasedrecipe #recovery #foodie #motivation #weightloss #fitfam #healthydessert #healthysnacks #veganforlife at Ocean City, New Jersey


🌿Always find time for things that make you happy to be alive. #wanderlust #vanlife #veganforlife #getoutside _


🌿 A green smoothie a day ✨including one of these jam packed dark leafy green smoothies every morning helps my digestion + hydrates me + it’s DELICIOUS! What’s your favorite green smoothie combo? #vegan #plantbased #greensmoothie #weightloss #veganrecipes #digestion #healthyfood #motivation #healthyhabits _ ✨ my full recovery story, coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews + much more! 🌱Contact me today - let’s get you started!


✨New video is up on my YouTube: Stella The Light - a WHAT I EAT vlog! Full of lots of healthy, wholesome plant based foods/meals + an average day in my current home life! _ 🌱Plant Based Coaching Programs/Ebooks, client reviews, Recipe Blog, Personal Blog, my full recovery story + much more! ✨Contact me today, tell me YOUR story.. why do you wanna go #plantbased ? _ #easyveganmeals #whatieat #weightloss #veganrecipe #healthiswealth #fitnessmotivation #mentalhealthawareness #yogainspiration #crueltyfree


I like being plant based. I like not counting calories or portioning my food/carbs. I like eating pancakes 🥞, cookies 🍪 ice cream 🍧 and pizza 🍕 - made from whole plant foods instead of dead animals and processed chemical junk. _ I like feeling limber, lean, sexy and agile - like my body is capable of anything! I like having a flat tummy and not having 🔥 heart burn, indigestion, bloat and gas 💨 after I eat! I like eating foods that make me feel hyper, happy and energetic. And I like pooping!! 💩 at least 1-2x a day - because having poop sit in your guts & rot is NOT ok. _ I like helping the animals 🐻 - because I love them so much!! and I like lessening my impact on the 🌎environment. I love actually giving a shit about myself and doing something that makes ME feel good & stay fit - while also impacting the world! #govegan #fitchick #mentalhealth #plantbased #crueltyfree #healthjourney #intuitiveeating _______ ✨Click the link in my bio for more info & contact me today - I wanna hear your story - why do you wanna go plant based? + Recipes, meal plans, workouts, how to quides, my daily food/workout diary + much more!


✨What you do makes a difference .. and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. #bekind #staytrue #gratitude #goodkarma _ Wanna go #plantbased? Visit ✨ and read more on my 30 + 7 day programs, Ebooks, client reviews, my full recovery story + much more! ✨Contact me today! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌿Vegan/Plant Based Scones ~~ Not gonna lie, these turned out better than I even expected! ✨Recipe video is up on my YouTube channel: Stella The Light + on my recipe blog! .. give them a go and try playing with the add ins/toppings! _ ✨Valentine’s Day 50% off Sale ends soon! All coaching programs/ebooks ✨🌱 #veganrecipes #healthydessert #plantbasedwholefoods #whatveganseat #healthiswealth at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌿19 days til we are headed to Mexico to soak up some sunshine and of course, so Day can surf his little heart out. Does anyone else feel like the past 6 months happened in the blink of an eye? I feel like we planned this trip so long ago and somehow it has arrived! _ We actually planned it before we made the final decision to begin the journey towards building our home ... feels a bit 🧐strange to put things on pause for 2 weeks but I am seriously so stoked to get some sunshine ☀️ on my skin! _ Visit ✨For more info on my Coaching Programs / Ebooks! 💕Contact me today - tell me your goals, your struggles and let’s get you started! #vegan #plantbased #health #fitness #wanderlust #mexico at California


I never really understood how the body flows until going plant based. I was always fairly bloated - my face/belly - and even sometimes hands/wrists/ankles! My digestion was slow and I had several digestive issues that I chalked up to “that’s just how my body works” . _ When I started my strict dieting this only got worse - my body was basically toxic. I ate loads of acidic, hard to digest animal protein/dairy and was bloated, uncomfortable and just never felt right - I didn’t feel like ME. My moods were crazy, I was so dependent on caffeine, my weight fluctuated severely between my restrictive dieting and subsequent bingeing. _ I would start a diet that would last 2-4 weeks at most - binge out and give up for 2-4 weeks and then bounce right back into another restrictive diet.. over and over and over. It was abusive and frightening. _ Now, I just live! If you’re plant based you know this feeling - we eat in abundance, never count calories and are 100% in tune with our mental AND physical health. Digestion, energy, amazing food — it all just makes life so much easier. I started living this way 3 years ago and I will never live any other way! #Vegan #Weightloss #PlantBased #SelfLove _ Wanna go plant based? 🌱 Visit ✨contact me today, let’s get you started! Recipes, meals, grocery shopping, cooking, eating out healthy, meal prepping, workouts, intuitive eating, healing digestion, mental health are all covered! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle

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