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🍂🌲The more we travel in this van the more I realize what an amazing investment it was. Between staying in the van & being plant based vegans we spend maybe 1/4 of what we used to spend while traveling! + we no longer do the "lazy vaca" .. in fact we do the opposite. Soaking up as much adventure and activity as possible before heading back to our hometown life.. this is absolute bliss! _✨My full plant based recovery story, coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews + much more. 🍁Contact me today: tell me your story, goals, struggles and why YOU wanna go plant based! at Adirondack Mountains


“The right man will move mountains to be with you, not hide behind them.” - That quote is YOU to a T .. you rock my world! I love you! _ I remember when I first met you.. You picked me up in your truck and we drove.. that was our thing: Driving around for hours almost every night. When I found out you were fibbing about your age I couldn’t understand how a 16 year old could have himself so "together" like you did… You worked so hard and had such a mature mentality, such a calm attitude and never once said anything even remotely mean to me.. it was nothing I had ever experienced. Then I met your family and I understood - The compassion, love, hard work, respect - it all came from them. _ You have been the foundation for my growth, Damon. I met you at the end of an abusive relationship.. one that left me completely lost on what self love/confidence even was. I had no real passion or plan for what the hell I was gonna do in life.. and you just loved me! And I just didn’t get it .. why? how? for what?? I told myself you were just young.. that you didn’t know me yet and didn’t know what you were getting into… That you would realize how wacky I was and move along. _ But you didn’t. All you did was exactly what I needed .. you just listened and told me I was amazing and perfect even though I felt like the biggest loser possible. I felt ugly and ashamed and weird and confused .. I felt so lost and you were SO consistent, loving, genuine and true to me .. and you never stopped. Through it all .. every recovery, every downfall, every mental health issue, every family crisis .. You are my guy.. my love. _ You have made everything in my life BLISS .. and this is just the beginning. No idea or dream I have is ever irrational or unrealistic to you .. you’ve made it happen and then some! I love you derby ❤️ _ ✨ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


💧Trust the wait - embrace the uncertainty - enjoy the beauty of becoming. _✨My full plant based recovery story, coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews + much more. 🌻Contact me today: tell me your story, goals, struggles and why YOU wanna go plant based 🌱 at Boulder, Colorado


You've gotta NOURISH 🍍🍌🍉🍊🍒🥒🥕🌽🥑🍠🥔🥜 to FLOURISH 🔥🌹🌻🌹🌱 . _ ✨My full plant based recovery story, coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews + much more. ⭐️Contact me today: tell me your story, goals, struggles and why YOU wanna go plant based! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🍂Overwhelmed with the response to the photo I posted yesterday .. I wasn't sure if I was even going to share that situation but I am so glad I did because your words have seriously helped me to release that crazy frustration/anger/sadness I had been feeling! _ Kyanite from @holisticapothecaryambler ✨felt a bit drained today -- kyanite is good for aligning the chakras & transforms your spiritual energy (what's inside there but you can't make sense of sometimes) to manifest into active thought .. which eventually and hopefully turns to action. _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


I very recently found out the part of YouTube that allows you to see all recent comments on ALL of your videos (no idea why I didn't know about this) .. and I got caught up in reading comments left on a certain video that went "viral" ... 1. The comments were so disturbing/disgusting + I had NO idea they were even there! 2. The amount of men who commented saying: how ugly I was, how "beat" my face is, why didn't I have eyelashes or how can my boyfriend bare to look at my face ETC ETC ETC infuriated me! _ Okay, honestly at first it just hurt me. I went into my bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror .. "Am I ugly?" "What am I missing??" "Should I do something different??" .... This is my freaking FACE! _ Then it hit me - these grown men leaving these harsh comments live in a world where they think a woman's face naturally has thick lashes/colorful eyes/contoured cheeks. _ I don't wear make up 99.9% of the time.. no thick mascara or eyelash extensions, no concealers or powders, no big lip liner or penciled in thick brows, my cheekbones are not contoured and my cheeks aren't rosy with blushes and sparkles! _ Make up is COOL .. it is an art! Just like how I filter my photos or arrange my food for photos .. or someone paints or draws, writes poetry, does yoga, dances or any of other amazing artistic passions out there! _ It takes skill and time and commitment.. but you don't have to wear it 24/7 or AT ALL! and we shouldn't have to just to feel pretty... I guess I'm just annoyed - and sad. _ I've made my own poor decisions based off society's wants and cravings -- and they haunt me to this day!! I'm changing and growing and learning - about life, myself, what I want to feel: comfortable, confident, care free, vibrant and healthy! Not wearing make up brings me closer to the person I want to be.. so F every person who thinks I need it to be suitable in the world! _ Here is to uneven skin tones, dark circles, pimples, naked eyes and beautiful faces -- I am striving to feel confident - no matter what my hair/face/clothing looks like. _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night? I did a pretty intense (for me) 🌕Full Moon Cleanse✨, went up to bed and was rocked for 1-2 hours.. I woke up around midnight .. couldn't fall back asleep until literally 3am! 🌀The moon always seems to really effect me! _ Woke up this morning with puffy eyes + sore muscles from 2 intense days of yoga/Pilates .. taking it easy today ✨ it is gorgeous outside, so I will lay in the sunshine for a while! Too bad this gorgeous/warm weather is ruining the fall foliage in the NE! _ Wanna go plant based? Let me teach you everything I know! visit and contact me today!⚡️30% off sale ends tonight! ✨ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


#STOKED for sale on my site ⭐️⭐️ _ 🌿 read my full plant based recovery story, some reviews on my coaching programs/ebooks & contact me today ✨tell me YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌿I AM MINE. A mantra I repeat to myself daily 💛 ⚡️ _ Poor mental health has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember .. the undefined, unknown odd feeling inside of me that emerged around ages 8-10 .. I never understood it and honestly never took the time to understand it. It was just THERE .. anxiety (developing into OCD) .. the two playing off of each other - feeding each other up until around 3 years ago.. when I decided I was taking back my life, for good. _ I now understand: ✨I am mine✨ I am the boss, the leader, the creator of my entire life. I choose everything .. the way I react to every situation thrown my way - that guy honking his horn at me in traffic, the argument I get into with someone I love, when I drop my stupid iPhone and crack the screen, when someone doesn’t do something “my way” . . . _ I get to choose the food I eat, the clothes I wear, what I do for a living, who I spend my time with, who I love .. I choose how I want my hair cut and whether I want to use curse words or not.. I get to choose how I want to smell everyday and whether I ignore a phone call or pick up and chat. EVERYTHING is our choice. _ I try my best to choose: health, compassion, a calm attitude, kindness, generosity, self love, body confidence .. How lucky are we to get to choose all of this? _ I am mine and you are yours.. and next time you are thrown a tough situation or a tough choice in life — smile and relax, because guess what - YOU CAN! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


This summer was AMAZING in more ways than I can even explain! Now comes beautiful fall weather & of course ❄️ winter! Which tends to be my least favorite - but seasonal depression is ✨finally✨ a thing of the past for me! I finally feel vibrant, healthy, excited and ready for adventure no matter what the weather outside is! _ Forever 🦋grateful to be "beach ready" all year round. No more up and down weight gain/loss, no counting or weighing my food OR body, no extreme restriction or bingeing and NO over the top workouts - just ME being ME ✨all year round! Eating abundant food, feeling abundant energy and finally just enjoying my body, my mind, my life and the world 🌎 around me. _ Wanna go plant based? STELLATHELIGHT.COM FLASH SALE! ⚡️read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, YouTube videos + much more!! Contact me today ❤️ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


We love the idea of eating from the 🌏 Earth vs eating prepackaged items .. it seems natural, wholesome and feels RIGHT!💡So why don't we treat exercise the same way? Since when did staying active mean 1-2 hours of artificial lighting, 4 walls, blaring music and machines that aid in movement? _ 🌿Get back to your roots: 👄 Eat "Earth to Mouth" & 🤸🏼‍♀️ "Move with Nature" ... take it back to when gyms and pre packaged foods didn't exist. We ate what we grew from the ground -- our "exercise" was LIFE: 🍃foraging and farming, building our homes, raising our children. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I spent years in the gym, following the diets and all I got was an inflamed body, poor digestion, distorted body image, up/down weight gain and a LOT of mental health issues. _ I love my yoga mat, rebounder, lulu lemon yoga pants, workout classes offered at my local gym, social media, my "Internet" career and the amazing vegan snacks available in my grocery store these days 🤤 BUT .. I love how closely I have crept towards minimalism, nature, earth to mouth eating .. and I can't wait to venture deeper and deeper as time goes on! _ Wanna go plant based? 🌿Visit and read my full plant based recovery story, some reviews on my coaching programs/ebooks & contact me today ✨tell me YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


I love you, Lola ❤️so glad I have you and your unconditional love. _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle

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