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Ever wonder why when your gut health is off your entire mental state depletes? .. ✨80% of your serotonin is made in your gut! .. So your digestion has one of the biggest impacts on your overall happiness and well being! _ If you have gas, bloating, low energy, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, poor sleeping habits, are unable to lose weight and are just generally “not doing ok” it most likely has to do with what you’re eating! _ I came to this lifestyle with some serious gut issues due to heavy meat/dairy consumption. Everyday by lunchtime my belly was a balloon🤰🏼and I felt like a whale 🐳.. this depleted my confidence and overall happiness. I was aggravated and moody 😡 and wanted to just curl up in a ball and sleep (which is what I mostly did!). _ Going 🌿plant based changed my gut health within the first solid week! Everything shot through the roof - my energy, confidence, hunger cues, happiness and motivation! Since day 1 I have loved this lifestyle and 3 years later I am still seeing and feeling the most intense results of my life! _ Wanna go plant based? 🌱Visit and read my full recovery story, client reviews and more on my programs/ebooks! ✨Contact me today and tell me YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌿Today was so wonderful and full of so much passion centered entirely around this plant based lifestyle! _ I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event held by @frankandwhit - the cruelty free/environmentally friendly skincare company I constantly post about! .. all proceeds (over $2000) went to the 🐶🐱 SPCA! These events are held every 1-2 months so if you are in the Philly area, follow their account and sign up for the next one! _ We practiced yoga, we ate amazing food, we got to watch an awesome holiday recipe demo by @frommybowl and I was surrounded by a room full of people who think just like me! _ I am so used to most people NOT understanding why I live the way I do - people who think I’m missing out on “bacon and cheese!” .. so being in a room full of like minded folks was such a bad ass feeling! _ Use code: STELLA on your @frankandwhit purchase and receive 20% off + 15% of your purchase will be donated to the SPCA! _ at Franklin & Whitman


❄️ It’s snowing!! I used to complain a whole lot about winter .. now I have a hard time choosing which season is my favorite! _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


“Don’t let the muggles get you down.” ... sometimes when I’m not feeling my best, I pretend I am a witch from HP and that you muggles and your silly problems don’t effect me - because I am magical and belong at Hogwarts.. my letter is coming any day✨ _ and now you probably think I’m a lunatic 🙂 here is a picture of me staring at the ocean. _ ✨my full recovery story, client reviews, coaching programs/ebooks + much more. ⚡️Contact me today.. Tell me your story - why do you wanna go plant based? at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


💫Let’s not try to figure everything out at once. Let’s just hang out and live. _ ✨Read my full recovery story, a few of my client reviews & contact me today! 🌱Tell me your story - why do you wanna go plant based? at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌟I started my new blog today (which includes the easy recipe for this CHEESY POTATO SOUP 🤤) .. hoping this blog manifests into a wonderful community! It is pretty intimate! _ Not only will it include new recipes, what I eat, my workouts, new websites/social media pages I find etc.. but also personal struggles I’m going through (or happy moments!) and lots and lots of mental health “stuff” relating to all kinds of struggles I’ve personally dealt with or am currently dealing with. _ 💫the blog can be found on my website and for now, it is open to all of my clients/ebook purchasers - the password is included on the “what’s inside” page of my ebook: Earth To Mouth! If you’re having an issue finding it, just email me! _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


*PRE ORDER* .. these two Ts (swipe left) are up for pre order on my website! This will be your last chance to get either of them - I won’t be selling them again! You have until December 20th to pre order! _ How does that work? ✨You order your Tees now - choose your size and whether you want them cropped or cut sleeves/neck (or left as is - shown in the last photo) .. I put the order in for the Tees to be printed December 20th and then I ship them to you in January! _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


💫NEW what I eat + daily exercise video is up on my YouTube: Stella The Light ✨ @derb1171 does a goofy, adorable voice over through the whole video! _ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


You will see in the world 🌎 what you carry in your heart. So, be good and kind.. compassionate and genuine. ✨Love yourself, love others and enjoy.. enjoy adventure, enjoy good food, enjoy good health and enjoy the abundance of absolute goodness that is all around you. _ ✨ my full recovery story + 🌱NEW plant based coaching programs/ebooks! 🌟Last chance to get the discounted price! 🌟 at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🌲This movement, lifestyle, “diet” or whatever you wanna call plant based veganism changed my life from struggle to bliss .. it was like the stars aligned and everything good flooded to me & even the bad stuff didn’t seem so bad anymore.. going vegan will forever be the best decision I have ever made. And I say that with 150% honesty. _ 💫The outpouring of love and support I’ve gotten the past 24 hours from my new ebook/program release has rocked my world.. I can’t thank everyone enough. _ The Ebooks/Programs will be set at sale price for another 24 hours! + I have two Ts up for pre order (the green ‘plant based’ and also the ‘Vegan Mama’) until December 20th! This will be the last time I print them - so snag them now if you want em! ✨More details on my site: ⭐️STELLATHELIGHT.COM⭐️ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


❄️HAPPY DECEMBER❄️ so stoked to have these E-Books/Programs officially up for sale! ✨Head over to!! .. these books include everything you need to go 🌱PLANT BASED! ⭐️SALE PRICE WILL LAST FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS!⭐️ _ Wanna go plant based? ✨Visit STELLATHELIGHT.COM - read my full plant based recovery story and hit the contact me button on my site! ✨Tell me your struggles, goals and wants ... YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! _ All previous ebook/program clients: these ebooks are a revamp of the old ebooks - they are the same basis but include tons of added and updated info, photos, new recipes, design, layouts and sections! Email me with a few verifications of purchase - whatever you might have: email, order #, address etc! and I’ll give you a hefty discount code towards the new ebooks! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🍂 Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? _ 💫 Contact me today 🦋 at Catskill, New York

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