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🌈✨🌞Good Morning my beautiful friends! I am feeling extra sore from filming these intuitive HIIT style workouts this past week... so I’m taking it nice & slow this morning with lots of super gentle, elongating flows. _ I can’t remember the last time I was this consistent in ‘working out’ .. It’s coming so easily with these 💦HIITs .. my body is responding so well! 🙌🏽 I can feel my muscles tightening up and it’s only been a week! Can’t wait to share this 14 day ✨Group Workout✨ with you! A Preview/Early Bird Sign Up will be coming up this week if you’re interested! _ ✨LAST CHANCE!✨ just under 12 hours left for the 50% off FLASH SALE!🌿 valid on all coaching programs/ebooks! at Haleiwa, Hawaii


Blueberry CoCo Oatmeal Cookies! 🍃Plant Based // refined oil/sugar/flour FREE & under 5 ingredients! 🍪Full recipe is up on under my blogs tab! _ ✨50% OFF flash sale✨ 24 hours left 🌈🌿 all Plant Based Transition/Coaching Programs & Ebooks!s at Sunset Beach, Hawaii


⭐️FLASH SALE⭐️ 50% off all plant based coaching programs / ebooks for the next 48 hour! ( 🌻Plant Based is my happiness, my health, my joy and bliss! Still in awe every single day with this lifestyle - unlimited whole plant foods = unlimited life, love, happiness + a toned & tight body. _ I had been feeding mental and physical disease for years.. first with drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, not eating for days and then bingeing on garbage.. and then I entered the dieting industry: consuming insane amounts of acidic animal protein/dairy that wrecked my digestion, chemical ridden diet foods and almost NO carbohydrates. Counting, weighing, portioning, limiting and fearing my food was my mentality. And of course the heavy gym workouts and cardio DAILY .. the ones that left me completely depleted! _ So - when I came upon plant based veganism, intuitive eating, sustainable workouts etc I thought 😅 this can’t even be real! -- but I envied the women and men I saw who were eating in abundance, unlimited carbs, had tight bodies, insane energy and a light✨ beaming from them that damn near blinded me! I wanted all of that! _ Almost 4 years later and I am still in the best shape of my entire life - both mentally and physically. I don't count calories or limit them -- I don't over work my body -- I consume no animals or their by-products -- my body has never been this tight or lean without even trying! _ I went from an obsessively calculated 1200-1600 calories max per day, a forced 1-2 hours a day in the gym - full of heavy lifting and heavy cardio to now double the calories, doing a few "workouts" I absolutely LOVE (my yoga practice, hiking, walking my dog, some HIITs & at home workouts), having the energy of a 7 year old and flowing digestion! My life will never be the same - so grateful! _ 🌱 Wanna go plant based? STELLATHELIGHT.COM Health Coaching/Plant Based Transition Programs/Ebooks. ⚡️Contact me today -- tell me YOUR story. Why do you wanna go plant based? at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


“Love your body and teach your mind to respect it.” .. ✨Body positivity: I have a big butt! 👎🏽Body negativity: I have a big butt. Somewhere along the way in life, I formed a very strange relationship with having a bigger rear end .. why? 🤪I honestly have no idea! _ How in the world could the size of my hiney have such an in impact on how I felt about myself? So silly when you actually think about all the things we think are “wrong” with us due to their size/shape… too big, too small, too wide, too short, too thin, too thick .. blah blah blah. 🤬 I’m over it! _ Today, I decide to love every inch of my body. What is most important is not what size or shape my glutes are! .. what matters is that I am fueling my body to thrive🌿, staying active in ways that I love, catering to my mental health and smothering myself with as much 🧡love🧡 as I can.. so I can try to spread that love all over the place! 🍃🧡🌈 #LoveYourBody _ ✨my full recovery story, programs, ebooks, recipe/personal blog + more 🤲🏽 at Butterfly


Ever wonder why when your gut health is off your entire mental state depletes? .. ✨80% of your serotonin is made in your gut! .. So your digestion has one of the biggest impacts on your overall happiness and well being! _ If you have gas, bloating, low energy, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, poor sleeping habits, are unable to lose weight and are just generally “not doing ok” it most likely has to do with what you’re eating! _ I came to this lifestyle with some serious gut issues due to heavy meat/dairy consumption. Everyday by lunchtime my belly was a balloon🤰🏼and I felt like a whale 🐳.. this depleted my confidence and overall happiness. I was aggravated and moody 😡 and wanted to just curl up in a ball and sleep (which is what I mostly did!). _ Going 🌿plant based changed my gut health within the first solid week! Everything shot through the roof - my energy, confidence, hunger cues, happiness and motivation! Since day 1 I have loved this lifestyle and 3 years later I am still seeing and feeling the most intense results of my life! _ Wanna go plant based? 🌱Visit and read my full recovery story, client reviews and more on my programs/ebooks! ✨Contact me today and tell me YOUR story and why you wanna go plant based! at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


🍌Love you always bananas😋 🌈Just posted a new “What I Ate Today” youtube video // Day in the life here on ✨OAHU! _ Wanna go plant based? Visit 🍃 & contact me today! at Oahu Life


Post-Hike ✨BiG ACAi BoWLS!😋 These make my tummy happy, take about 5 min to blend up & are a definite staple for me on this lifestyle! ⚡️Do you prefer sweet or savory meals? _ 😵Meals like this would have scared the crap out of me during my heavy restriction/dieting .. The calorie counting, the carb limiting, the timed meals and portions .. this delicious meal wouldn’t fly!! A salad with fat free dairy dressing or some veg and a piece of chicken was my go to “lunch” 😩And I wondered why I was always feeling SO low and binged out all the time! _ 🌈Feed your body the rainbow in abundance and your body will thrive in return! 🧡 Forever grateful for this plant based vegan lifestyle! _ Wanna go plant based? ✨ at Hawaii


I just posted a Podcast style video up on my YouTube all about 💫BUDGET TRAVEL💫 all about how I started saving my money years ago, how I started to budget about 2 years ago, how I specifically saved/budgeted for long term traveling + my biggest tips for travel budgeting and saving $$ and a FREE pdf budget sheet I made that is laid out in simple terms so you can start budgeting monthly! _ Wanna go 🌿Plant Based? Visit ✨ & contact me today! at Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


What was scariest but best decision you’ve ever made? 😵Swipe left to see me a few days before leaving for Oahu ... I was an absolute MESS. I looked at myself in the mirror this day and realized: I was worried sick.. mostly over leaving my family // the safety of home. Was I making the right decision? Would I “succeed”? .. What the hell am I doing deciding to travel long term like this!? ... and here I am.. another amazing decision in the books.. always going after what I know my heart is telling me is right.. even if it scares the hell out of me! 🌿Going plant based vegan, starting my business, getting my implants taken out and now deciding to travel long term! 🔥Set fire to your dreams and never let that flame go out! _ Wanna go plant based plant based? 🌿 at Hawaii


🌲💦 Spent a few hours just laying on this secluded beach listening to 2 whole podcasts in a row! .. one from @richroll and another from @cohesive_home .. what are your favorite podcasts? _ Wanna go plant based? 🌿 visit ✨ - read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews and much more! 🌿Contact me today, tell me YOUR story! Why do you wanna go plant based? at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


👣The toughest days are the ones when depression/anxiety leave us feeling like we can’t move from our beds.. and the thought of getting out of bed is debilitating in itself .. and those days suck! 💫I just posted a new blog post on & the Mental Health Section includes 5 very uncommon/different tips for making those days easier to cope with. _ Also included in the post: ⚡️What I Eat during a busy day here + how my fitness has changed since moving to Hawaii • A sneak peek/details about my ⭐️NEW⭐️ Group HIIT Workout coming out next month • and a Tumblr Q/A about which workouts I do for a flat tummy, does yoga make you skinny, did my tattoo change after my weight loss, how to heal from adrenal fatigue, vegan snacks/easy work meals + more! at Hawaii


All the small things you do for yourself add up. Thinking positive thoughts, making sure you are eating the most nutrient dense foods, hydrating, 💤sleeping enough, checking on your mental health frequently, doing things to make your body feel good 💃🏼.. these are all tiny things that cater to the healing of your mind and body.. tiny things that bring 🦋YOU back to YOU. ✨What is one thing you do for yourself everyday that you know is helping to heal you? 🙉And what about the opposite? _ For me: I make sure to always give myself a walk or time in 🍃nature - It is one of my biggest mental health reliefs! 📵One thing I don’t cater to enough: making sure I start my mornings slow. I am keen on grabbing my 📱cell phone and turning it on the instant I wake up.. a bright screen in my face 30 seconds after I open my eyes for the day 😵 not cool! Working on changing that one for sure! 🌿Leave yours in the comments below! at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

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