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😌Carefully walking through my garden or checking that I didn’t just step in Lola’s 💩? ... planted 🌱zucchini, cucumber, a watermelon 🍉 , sweet basil, chocolate 🍫 mint and lavender about 4 weeks ago and these have quadrupled in size! @derb1171 takes a picture of them every Monday! I am really hoping the watermelon turns out good.. have any of you ever planted a watermelon? Did it turn out ok? Fingers crossed! _ Wanna go plant based? Visit ✨ at Pennsylvania


And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And that is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day it is up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what is important.” . _ at Mountain Dale, New York


✨🍨PeanutBUTTER banana cReam piE Whip with warm ✨caramelized✨ bananas on tOp! 🌿 Being plant based is just so bland 😉 ice cream for breakfast, UGH! 😀What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? _ ✨Full 10 minute recipe up on my site: 🌿50% OFF all Coaching Programs/Ebooks for the next 24 hours! 🧡Don’t miss out! at Banana Ice Cream


🌿I’m having a big A$$ Start Of Summer Sale: 🔻50% off all plant based coaching programs/ebooks (click the link in my bio for more details!) Speaking of 🍑 - take a look at these two pictures & read more about them + my plant based journey below! _ Most of you have seen my before/after from when I gained around 40 lbs in a matter of just a few months from binging out (swipe to see) ✨The picture on the left was not from this time but instead from the midst of my drug addiction - I was at the jersey shore with 2 of the people I used drugs with regularly.. one of which has since passed away from a drug overdose 💔 I was barely eating, had zero physical activity and life was just a big blur. I can remember one thing vividly from this day: vomiting in the bathroom of a tattoo place on the boardwalk 😓 UGH.. I eventually got off hard drugs after 2 stays in rehab - but came home and continued to binge drink + ate a LOT of junk! This was when reality hit. _ On the right: no drugs, no junk, no animal products, no portioning my food, no counting my calories, no protein bars or meal replacement shakes, no weighing my body or measuring my waist or hips, no forced workouts or heavy cardio. 🌱Just abundant whole plant foods in the form of things like ice cream, pancakes, smoothies, pizza, burgers, fries and so much more! 🍨🍔🥞🍟🥗🍕🍇🍎🍌🍓✨I stay fit by doing things that make me happy: going for a jog, walking my dog, hiking when I can, daily yoga, Pilates, stretching - or if my body is craving it, simply resting. This has led my body to tighten up, lean out and simply: relax! 🌿Going plant based almost 4 years ago was the best decision of my life .. it has been the easiest lifestyle I have ever chosen and everyday life gets a little better and my purpose becomes a little more clear: I am here to nourish myself so I can live the happiest, healthiest life possible! _ Wanna go plant based? ✨Contact me today! ⭐️ at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle


✨Breathe and release anything that does not serve you. _ Letting go of certain aspects of our old lives is hard.. We grow attached to certain things we have and the thought of losing them is actually pretty scary. 🌿But when your heart, intuition and inner self are telling you that what you are holding onto is only holding you back, it is time to let go. Let it scare you a little .. let it rock your world.. because nothing good ever comes from holding onto things that no longer serve us or our purpose in life. _ Wanna go plant based? ✨Visit & contact me today.. tell me your current struggles, goals and why you wanna go plant based 🌱 at Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania


My face when I go to make 🍌banana ice cream and I realize I have no frozen bananas.... ... ... ... 🙃🌟 having a good cycle of ripening fruit going is something that I’ve gotten pretty good at.. but catch me with no ripe or frozen bananas and I’m devastated! _ 🍦banana whip has been pretty much a daily meal for me since going plant based ⭐️Eating ice cream for breakfast or dinner never gets old! ❣️What is your favorite flavor/toppings for your whip? Lately I love making ‘coffee’ ☕️flavored (with dandy + vanilla) and adding warm, caramelized bananas on top + some walnuts! _ Wanna go plant based and eat ice cream all day long? 😂⭐️Visit and read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, recipe blog + more! 🌿Contact me today, tell me YOUR story/goals/struggles. ✨Why do you wanna go plant based? at Plant-Based Living


“Are you really going to eat all of that!?” 😐 Any other plant based vegans get this one? _ Swipe left and you’ll understand! 💫This right here is maybe 250-300 calories.. I think on the cutting board itself is 3 or 4 navel oranges - this would be a snack on a plant based diet or part maybe part 1 of breakfast! _ Before going plant based I had dieted for years - name a diet and I most likely tried it! ✨I wanted to feel happy/healthy/agile and look lean, toned and vibrant.. instead I felt groggy, binged at least once a week and would gain/lose weight in such an odd and unpredictable pattern.. and I eventually formed an eating disorder called bulimia. _ I discovered Plant Based Veganism while in the depths of my ED .. at my most hopeless point.. I threw my whole self into the lifestyle as a ‘last ditch effort’ ... almost 4 years later and I still cannot believe I did it! I got everything I ever wanted and MORE .. I eat intuitively and as much as I want, I don’t count calories and I never measure or weigh my body. I feel energy like I did when I was 7 .. my body/face is no longer puffy, inflamed and bloated. My digestion flows like a dream 💩 and overall, I feel more alive, healthy and at home in my body than I did when I was 16! _ Wanna go plant based? 🌿Visit and read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, recipe blog + more! 🌿Contact me today, tell me YOUR story/goals/struggles. ✨Why do you wanna go plant based? at Upstate New York


☁️Don’t ever be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new.. it is so worth it. When I found plant based veganism I had two choices: I could stay in my miserable restrictive/low energy lifestyle out of fear of the unknown OR I could take the leap and see if I felt as happy and healthy as the folks I was reading about did.. ✨if I hadn’t taken this leap, I don’t know who I would be today! _ Just know this: You’re allowed to change your mind! You’re allowed to rewire your entire way of thinking and start over whenever you want to — there is no wrong time to go after exactly what you want in life.. feed your dreams // starve your fears ⚡️go for it! _ Wanna go plant based? 💫Visit at Catskill, New York


🌿🌻I always feel my best surrounded by nature! We are trying to get the most out of Pa/the NE before we are out in August.. lots going on this summer! ✨ Do you guys plan on beaching it or hiking in the mountains? I think I’m gonna try get in BOTH! + lots of family time! _ Wanna go plant based? 💫Visit and read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, recipe blog + more! 🌿Contact me today, tell me YOUR story/goals/struggles. ✨Why do you wanna go plant based? at Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania


Vintage floors & Flares 😋 Be kind to the earth & buy more vintage!! 💫💕 do you guys ever thrift or buy used clothing? _ at Mountain Dale, New York


🧘🏼‍♀️My patience has been tested today.. several times 😝 .. and for the first time in my entire adult life, I managed to make myself feel better / not worse. ✨I used one of my favorite tactics: ‘switching my mindset’ .. every time a bad thought entered my mind, I simply switched it with a good one and repeated it a few times. I also managed to make sure I filled my day with lots of feel goods: I made a to do list, prepped chili and threw it in the crock pot, popped on some @drwaynedyer and went for a jog ... and now I’m spending my evening with 2 of the most special, kind and energy giving humans I know! 🦋🌈💫.. what a difference a few years of consistent self love, whole foods living + mental health work have done for me. ln the past, today would have wrecked me.. today I am strong, capable and willing to push past the bad vibes. 🌿My mantra: I am mine and I am in control! _ Wanna go plant based and gain back control of your mind AND body? 🌱Visit read my full recovery story, more on my coaching programs/ebooks, client reviews, recipe blog + more! 🌿Contact me today, tell me YOUR story/goals/struggles. ✨Why do you wanna go plant based? at Peace of Mind


⚡️✨Time to get real, raw and open about ✖️abusive relationships✖️and how important it is to feel safe in your relationships.. I just posted a YouTube video on my experiences + a “healthy relationship” ✔️check list you can go through yourself. _ Have you ever been abused? Mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally? Leave your stories/advice in the comments below. ✨🌿The best way to bring awareness to this is to tell our stories with pride - you never know who you might inspire! _ ⚡️My full recovery story, plant based coaching programs/ebooks, recipe blog + much more! at Preventing Abusive Relationships

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