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The T&C Holiday Issue is Here! It contains one of the best headlines I think I have ever written. Read it and guess which one. While you are at it: We dedicate this December Town & Country to all our favorite dear gluttons, grinches, and snobs. Which my friend, are you? (I’m Glutton/Snob. On the cusp) at Town & Country Magazine


Say Happy Birthday Prince Charles. 🦊🦊🦊🦊


The Town & Country Philanthropy Series arrived in Chicago this morning where the always inspiring and thought provoking @iamwesmoore opened the day: “We are not the product of our environments,” the veteran, Rhodes scholar, best selling author, and CEO of @robinhoodnyc told the packed house, “we are the product of our expectations.” Imran Khan co-founder of @embarcchicago echoed the idea that we cannot be what we cannot see as he electrified the crowd in his keynote speech with his vision and passion for Embarc, a program he founded while teaching in one of the toughest schools in Chicago. And then, as he told us all: “Bam! Future! Ours!” A very proud day for all of us at T&C, a magazine that has been committed to philanthropy for almost two centuries. Yes, centuries. @townandcountrymag @jenniferjoy24 #tandcphilanthropy #chicago at Merchandise Mart


David Yurman and James de Givenchy sold the @92ndstreety out last night. I got urgent requests for tickets this week like it was some kind of Jewelry Hamilton. And in some ways it was: these two jewelers are revolutionaries. I am so glad everyone there got to hear me talk to them about stone hunting and hoarding, zircon and spinels, creativity and commerce. The last question from the audience was about their jewelry heros (Yurman paid homage to Stefan Hemmerle, de Givenchy to Belperron). My answer, after last night, should be clear: I have two. My winter jewelry lecture dates are February 19 and April 10. Hope to see you all there and thank you again to @jonathancwahl @davidyurman @taffinjewelry @christiesinc and @townandcountrymag! #madeinnewyork @nycjewelryweek at 92nd Street Y


David Yurman, James de Givenchy, and a crazed fan took the stage at the @92ndstreety tonight to talk spinels and peridots, jewelry legends and disasters, commerce and the creativity gene. What a night. Thank you all for being there! #madeinnewyork @taffinjewelry @davidyurman @christiesinc @townandcountrymag at 92nd Street Y


Tonight I interview David Yurman and James de Givenchy at the @92ndstreety, part of my ongoing jewelry series and also the first event of the first ever New York Jewelry Week. How to prepare for these two modern masters? A deep dive into history at the new jewelry show at the Met. Spent extra time in the gallery that examines how Hellenistic Kings used jewelry as self promotion. Who us?? We are sold out tonight but winter lecture dates will be announced this evening and I can’t wait to see so many of you there! @davidyurman @yurman.david @taffin #jewelryweek at 92nd Street Y


I don’t want to tell you what to do...but whatever you do, take a walk in the park this weekend. It is, as my friend @whippetsnyc says, PEAK!!! And maybe you’ll see the duck. at Central Park


Jewelry rabbit hole: GIRANDOLES! @thelsd in the look that earned her the title of T&C Jewelry Champion of the Year. #tandcjewelryawards 2018 @modaoperandi at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Jewelry rabbit hole: GIRANDOLES! Were these earrings the most popular lot in the @sothebysjewels exhibition of the upcoming Bourbon Parma and Marie Antoinette family sale? Unscientific evidence and an informal survey of every jewelry girl I know points to the affirmative. Mention the sale upcoming in Geneva on November 15 and there will be a gasp, a hand over a mouth, and then a shriek: “Those GIRANDOLES!” Watch ears all around you in the weeks to come. Maybe even mine. 😳😳@townandcountrymag #jewelry #marieantoinette at Sotheby's


The jewelry rabbit hole is back! And excuse me but did someone say GIRANDOLES? The style, introduced in the 17th century and highly popular for a few after that, is defined by three to five dangling pear-shaped elements suspended from a central design motif. The term has been whispered-loudly-throughout New York ever since the @sothebysjewels preview of the jewels of Marie Antoinette and the Bourbon Parma family. Bring up the topic and the general response is: “Those girandoles!” So keep your eyes all ears after they are sold in Geneva on November 15. Here, another jewelry girl wears some of her favorites. @townandcountrymag #thequeen #marieantoinette @frankbeverett #jewelry #earrings


Toured @thesalonny with T&C Contributing Editor and Case Studies columnist @davidnettosays. Have you seen his lamps with @jennifernocon at the @lizobriengallery booth? Do. @townandcountrymag #thesalonny at Park Avenue Armory


So I had a long talk about diamonds with my friend @therealadamsays the style czar of @oprahmagazine and king of the red carpet. You can eavesdrop on it all in the December issues of @townandcountrymag and @oprahmagazine and in a special series of videos coming soon. I think you will want to hear what we had to say! What a special collaboration between two jewelry devoted magazines, editors, and friends. @townandcountrymag @oprahmagazine #realisrare #realisadiamond @realisadiamond #oprah #verytandc at Hearst

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