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Sometimes this is what self-care looks like. A visit to N.D. ❤️ at Seattle, Washington


I saw a post on FB this morning that was a bit upsetting to me. HOMELESSNESS IN SEATTLE It felt very one sided. YES I believe drug addiction and mental illness is a significant factor for our homeless population, HOWEVER I also see and hear other sides as well. Wake up Seattle!!!!! The homeless population is on the rise not just from people who are addicted to drugs! We have moved from tent cities, to tiny houses to literally everywhere. People cannot financially live here. We have so many “techies” moving here in the increase in the housing demand has contributed to the increase in the homeless population. Every year landlords are increasing renters rent to the extent that they cannot financially afford to live in a home, then they’re homeless, lose their job and yes I am sure that many of them turn to drugs to self medicate after feeling like they lost everything. The average apartment in Seattle goes for $2,000 a month. How can you afford that on minimum wage? You can’t!!!! To get into an apartment in Seattle that’s $1750 a month you have to provide proof of earning $5500 a month. So if you make minimum wage you would have to work more than 80 hours a week? See where I’m going here? It’s not just drugs contributing to the homeless population. You may say, we’ll move outside of Seattle. My question to you is with what financial means? at Seattle, Washington


My kiddo sent me this pic. I can’t believe it was 6 years ago! Such an awesome night with amazing women & kickass performance from @madonna!❤️ at Seattle, Washington


The focus for this week is living in imbalance creates dis-ease... ^ How do you speak to yourself and others? What is your energy and intention, when speaking to yourself and others? Is what you are saying loving? What are your thoughts and how do you feel after speaking? ^ How you think act and feel creates your personality or personal reality. Your thoughts fuel certain emotions and those emotions reinforce those same thoughts. The way you think and how you feel creates a certain way of being. How you think and feel creates YOUR state of being. ^ Think about a time in your life when you accepted what someone was saying about you and it eventually shaped the person you are today. ^ For me I was told from first grade on the I didn’t apply myself in school. Early on one of my teachers told me I was stupid and sadly they weren’t the last. I told myself I am not smart so why even bother. Why would I want to go to college if this is how I’m going to feel (stupid). By the way I wasn’t and I am not stupid, I have dyslexia so I think or process things differently. ^ So what “I am” statements do you tell yourself? In that moment of “I am” you are creating your future you are wiring your brain. ^ Living in imbalance creates dis-ease within. ^ We can break our habit by inspiring new thoughts and choices, create new experiences, emotions and thoughts. ^ CLICK the link in my bio to join my closed FB group to watch this weeks video. ^ Each week I provide you weekly focus tips and various modalities that are powerful and transformational! ^ I also have limited spots available for 6 and 12 week 1:1 coaching sessions. Claim yours NOW!!! ^ DM me with any questions!!! xo at Seattle, Washington


Grow through it, don't just go through it! ... Be present. Moment to moment be present. ... We've all been there. A moment we just want to get it over with. We know we don't like how we feel and we want it to be over with. ... Here's the thing. If we have that mindset and think ok here we go again I just want these feelings to go away and this thing to be over with, then we aren't really living. And honestly if we aren't living consciously we just "do" out of habit and subconsciously. ... Be present! Be mindful of the choices you are making and the life YOU are choosing to create! That's right!!! You are choosing to create your life. So in those times of "difficulty", "challenges", etc, see it as an opportunity to grow from it! You are an expanding being and by making a different choice and witnessing your feelings and choices to create the life you truly desire you will grow leaps and bounds. ... So grow through life, by being present! at Seattle, Washington


#neverforget 🙏🏻❤️. Take a moment to pause for those no longer with us and for those who are with us. at Seattle, Washington


Today is an important day in my life. . Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. I share this with you because suicide is preventable and help is out there. You are not alone! If you need to talk to someone reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They are non-judgmental, compassionate and helpful. Please reach out to them if you need to 1-800-273-8255 or . I can say from my own journey that you are not alone! October 29, 1991, when I was 16, I attempted suicide. It wasn't that I wanted to die, I just wanted the pain, shame, embarrassment, self judgement to stop. I was not equipped with the tools to navigate through the abuse, trauma, PTSD. I thought I was alone and that no one would understand what I was going through. I was wrong! People were there for me and most of those people are still there for me today. I discovered I'm not the only one who felt like they had a "dirty little secret". I don't like all of the experiences I have been through, but I can say I now choose how I move forward in my life. I have not felt like a victim for two decades now. I embrace the beautiful and the "ugly" experiences that have shaped me to be the extraordinary kick ass warrior that I am!!! I am grateful for my life everyday - yes even those days that are like ugh will I get through this, because looking back I know I'll get through it. I'm grateful to have friends who have stuck by me through the thick and thin. I'm grateful I have been blessed with two extraordinary children that have taught me so much about love and life. I'm grateful for my family (blood & friends) who have held me, supported me, and who have my back no matter what. I am grateful that I no longer live in fear about someone else's perception or judgement and share my journey freely if it helps one person recognize they are not alone. If you reach out to someone (therapist, doc, etc) and you don't connect or resonate with that person try and continue until you find someone that you do resonate with. That person for me was in 2000. Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman I will be forever grateful to you, our sessions, the tools you taught me and what you helped me recognize in at Seattle, Washington


You are amazing. . You are the creator of your life. . Exploring the unknown to live the life of your wildest dreams can feel exciting and scary. . Don’t hold yourself back! Dream BIG! . It is exciting to create change from within and co-create a life beyond what you thought your wildest dreams could be. . All it takes is one step in the right direction. . How are you showing up to live you most radical authentic life? . How are you cultivating deeper more meaningful relationships in your life? . How are you living intentionally and compassionately? . How do you consciously respond to your circumstances? . How do you honor and celebrate you? . I’m ready to awaken the power within! . I’m ready to show up! . I’m not holding back! . Who’s ready to join me on an awakening of self? . Consciously make the choice to show up in your life . Create the best version of yourself that you dream of and know you can be! . It’s your time! . Enrollment now open for Self-Love Awakening. Link in bio


Your vulnerability opens you up and allows a deeper connection with yourself and others. Opening to your vulnerability welcomes in the magic to happen. at Seattle, Washington


Become the best version of yourself. What do you visualize and feel when you hear that? Comment below! at Ravenna, Seattle


This past year I went through a lot of discovery in my business. I no longer say I’m a self-love, because I am much more than a self-love coach. Self-love is definitely part my coaching, but that’s it, it’s a part of it not all of it. Everything really does come from either a loving state or a fear state and it all starts with self-love. - With all of that said I can say there has been a consistent thread in common with the women I have conversations with. Whether it be clients, potential clients, or through other conversation something is missing… SELF-LOVE! - So after some deep reflection, contemplation and guidance I decided to create a course that I knew would serve so many women. This course came through me with such clarity. - The Self-Love Awakening Course is designed for women to create long lasting change in their life. - You'll learn to slow down by nurturing yourself through mind, body, soul connection. - The key to living your best life is awareness! - Through introspection you’ll discover your current blueprint and the essence within yourself to create a new love blueprint. - Learn to mindfully replace attack and judgement intentionally with compassion, by living presently. - Consciously bring awareness to how you respond and react. How you respond and react to others is totally in your control. - Propel yourself towards your ultimate vision by tuning into the energetic vibration of creating the life you desire. - Impact the quality of your life discovering how your thoughts, words and actions gain power and through awareness create new choices. - Reveal your vulnerability and allow your true self to shine, by connecting with your inner child and celebrating YOU. - Take back the power you have given away to life’s conditions and others, by effectively establish boundaries. Sometimes calmly and firmly and sometimes boldly. - Raise your vibration to fall madly and deeply in love with yourself. - Consciously discover how you enjoy to feel. Let’s get started co-creating the best version of yourself that you dream of and know you can be! - Self-Love Awakening 10 Week Course you receive>>>> A new module each week >> 10 live group coaching calls > at Seattle, Washington


I went for it and I’m still going for it. The unknown can be exciting and scary. Exciting to travel and co-create our path. Scary because we don’t always know how things are going to turn out. But I continue to show up for myself and to fulfill my desires to live a life beyond what o thought my wildest dreams could be. Now I dream and I dream big. I’m not holding myself back. I don’t know how those dreams will come fruition and that’s ok, because I know the Universe has got me and I’m in flow. I’m consciously living. - So dream. When you dream, dream big! Don’t hold yourself back!!!! - If I lived in my fear of the unknown I wouldn’t be working with clients who make incredible shifts in their lives and live a life beyond their wildest dreams! - If I lived in my fear of the unknown I wouldn’t have a kick ass course starting soon! - If I can be living a life beyond my wildest dreams SO CAN YOU!!!! - Your amazing and all it takes is one step in the right direction. You got this!!! at Seattle, Washington


What can you do this Tuesday to be thoughtful to others? . Smile and say hello to someone you don't know. At the grocery store if someone's in a hurry or they have a few items let them go ahead of you at the checkout. Reach out to a friend and schedule a coffee or tea date, even if it's virtual. Clear your evening schedule and do what your kids want to do. If your significant other usually does the cooking pack a picnic dinner or pick something up for a picnic at the park or the beach. If you see your elderly neighbor bringing their trash cans to the curb or back in, help them. Pay for someone's toll behind you. . You get the idea. . Have an incredible Thoughtful Tuesday! I can't wait to hear what you do today. xoxo at Santa Barbara, California


I am so beyond excited!!!!! . I have been waiting for this announcement for so long and it is finally here. . Through my journey of self-love I have worked with incredible teachers who taught me the most amazing tools and strategies. I’ve discovered my blueprint and created a new love blueprint. I discovered I had no boundaries and learned how to effectively have boundaries (sometimes calmly and firmly and sometimes boldly). I have grown from someone who didn’t believe in herself to someone who knows her worth and is living authentically. By igniting my worth my self confidence increased and I show up in my life. By living authentically my relationships aligned with my energy as well. . Through my journey my intention has always been for women to see and FEEL their value. For women to feel empowered and live authentically. I truly believe the way you value yourself is how others will value you as well. . So, I have created the most amazing 10 week course for you. Self-Love Awakening!!! . This group course is designed for women to create long lasting change in their life. You'll learn to slow down by nurturing yourself through mind, body, soul connection, which will increase your worthiness and self-love. Increasing your self-love cultivates deeper more meaningful relationships in your life. . To me self-love is living in harmony with your soul. It’s understanding, knowing and honoring yourself on a deeper level. . I know if you make the commitment and show up for yourself, a shift is inevitable. I look forward to you joining me on this beautiful adventure of calling in more love! . I am grateful and appreciate having witnessed women from my 1:1 and group coaching create epic lives. I know that this course will transform yours! . Link in Bio!


What does success mean to you? What does it look and feel like? . Success is perception. . To me success is you being truly happy. Living authentically and doing what you love. Continuing your own growth.( And yes finances will flow from there.) . What's your perception of being successful? . Have an awesome weekend and keep your eyes out tomorrow for something you won’t want to miss!!! xo at Seattle, Washington


I’d love to hear what your favorite hobbies are! . I’ve always loved being outdoors (skiing, biking, anything in the water) and I love photography! My kids used to call me sniper cam Mom! 📷 . What do you love that brings you joy and relaxation! . Share in the comments! at Seattle, Washington


Reflection... . When I was 18 I was an assistant manager of a retail and I worked with people about 10 years older than me. I was known as the baby manager. . One day I spoke up about how I felt. I didn't feel like there was that much of an age span. A friend looked at me and said, "Steph where were you 10 years ago? You were probably playing with dolls." She said, "I was like your age." BOOM! Total reality check. . This had me thinking from that point on and reflecting. We grow so much in 10 years or the opposite happens and we remain stagnant, which is usually out of fear. . I was thinking about this question this morning and wanted to ask you, where were you 10 years ago? . I thought about my own life. Parts of my life with my kids and such brought me so much joy and happiness. Other parts with my partnership did not bring me joy and happiness. In my reflection today I remember that time in my life wishing things would change in our relationship. Remembering the time we attended the Gottman Institute Workshop and hearing people remain in unhappy marriages for an average of 6 years. I wanted so badly for things to change that I continued to choose to stay in a partnership that wasn't loving. Really what it came down to was that I didn't love myself. . My life is very different now. I don't wait anymore, because I felt like I was living a slow death. Now, even when things get hard, I love the life I'm living. I have tools that support and ground me. I have incredible friends who inspire me. I see the opportunities for my kids that I wanted and still want for them. . Can you relate to any of this? If so keep your eyes out on Monday for a great share! . Have an awesome weekend! xo at Seattle, Washington


I was recently asked how to create boundaries without hurting or offending someone else. - It’s knowing that you don’t have control over how someone else receives the boundary you have established. It’s a transformation for you and the other person. The other person is going to have feelings about it and they may even kick it up a notch. - Drawing boundaries is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. It won’t happen immediately. It takes time to build that muscle. Think about walking. It takes time for a baby to push themselves up, roll over, crawl, pull themselves up, stand, take a step and when they fall we aren’t like ok your done you can’t walk. We encourage them through love. It’s the same with boundaries. One step at a time! xo at Seattle, Washington

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