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Still one of my favorite spots I found in Banff. It’s easy to get caught up in re-creating specific photos— but finding something all new is always so much better. #PlacesWorthProtecting #WHPmirrorimage at Banff National Park


Colorado has officially turned over fall to winter. The pines were looking extra crispy this morning with fresh coat of October snow. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Breckenridge, Colorado


Just before the sky turned orange in the Eastern Sierras. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Alabama Hills


A trail of diamonds 💎 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Jökulsarlón


After years and years of glaciation, we’re left with this masterpiece. I can’t seem to get enough of this park, out of everywhere I’ve visited in the US, this honestly might be my favorite. Back in Colorado for now, but we’ll see what’s next! 😉 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Yosemite National Park


It feels like the days of warmth and wildflowers are over, but I’m not mad about it. Catching one last bit of light during a backpacking trip around the full circumference of Mount St. Helens this summer. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Mt St Helens National Monument


I hear it’s been snowing a lot...Which means it’s about time to start dreaming up Headwall laps. #PlacesWorthProtecting #JHDreaming at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


Midnight views in the Lofoten Islands - Arctic places on my mind. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Crowds are thinner & the air is crisper, it’s the perfect time to be in Yosemite. 🍂 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Yosemite National Park


Colorado showing off its full palette of fall colors. 🍂 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Ridgway, Colorado


Drove here to take in the early morning view after a sunrise soak in one of the many hot springs around Mammoth. This area is seriously impressive. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Mammoth Lakes, California


We made new friends in the Alabama Hills, drove to Yosemite, and then experienced this completely epic sunrise together. I love traveling. #PlacesWorthProtecting at Yosemite National Park


Feels good to be cruising around the Sierras again. This has to be some of the most unique mountain light I’ve ever experienced, on the highest peak in continental US none the less! #PlacesWorthProtecting at Lone Pine, California


Happy Friday friends— go experience some inspiring places this weekend! I’m headed to @visitmammoth and @yosemitenps for round 2 this year! #PlacesWorthProtecting at Mount Robson Provincial Park BC


Golden hour that lasts all day.🍂 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Telluride, Colorado


Headed back to see this beauty over the weekend! 🙌🏼 #PlacesWorthProtecting at Yosemite National Park


GIVEAWAY! 1)Tag a friend who would like to have one of my prints on their wall! 2)Follow @StephenShelesky 3)Enter as many times as you’d like, 1 tag= 1 entry 4)Winner will receive one 16x24 print of their choice from my profile. In addition I will make a $25 donation to the National Park Foundation on the winners behalf. DM with any questions! Winner announced next week! #PlacesWorthProtecting at Glacier National Park


One last sunset in the San Juans... and fall colors are peaking! #PlacesWorthProtecting at Uncompahgre National Forest

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