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Finally, some good old fashion photo coverage! Head over to now for photos from the 2018 AFFest Japan, hosted by @autofashion_usa. There’s a lot of variety and a little bit of something for everyone in this new post. Check it out now, link in bio!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #affestjapan #racingpadockmiyoshi #aimgain #tacticalart #exceedjapan at Intex Osaka


USJDM fusion with @phaze2_kazu’s K-powered Ferio from January’s AF VIP Fest in Osaka, Japan... Coverage coming soon (finally)... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #affestjapan #civic #ferio #tacticalart #kswap #notkotaibushi at Intex Osaka


What a time to be alive! About 18 cases of these showed up at my door today and the UPS guy did not look very happy delivering them, lol... For those asking if you can still order, sorry, you cannot. What’s printed is printed and trying to keep these limited. I did print extras for myself though but I don’t imagine I would let them go unless it was for the right price.... 😬 #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #whenwewerekings at Starbucks


Some pretty cool stuff from Speed Forme Osaka posted up on today, go check it out if you’re into Fairlady Zs or cool car shit in general... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #speedforme


Books arrive tomorrow from the publishing company and then I gotta go through them, sign and package and then they go out to everyone who reserved one. Exciting times!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #whenwewerekings


In accordance with #nationalnappingday, here’s another project @yutaakaishi will never finish.... 😪 #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #battlecraft


Don’t let yesterday’s TE 3/7 Day distract you from the fact that EVERYDAY should be TE37 Day... 🤷🏻‍♂️ #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #carmakeacross #te37


This is Speed Forme, Osaka, Japan... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #speedforme #s30z


Photos from our visit to ASLAN from January, live now for viewing on! Crazy weight reduction, K-swaps, big wheels, and all, check it out!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #aslan


Everybody out here raving about the new Gazoo Racing Supra Concept and I’m over here trying my hardest to get these photos from my Japan trip up on the site. These shots from ASLAN are crazy so stay tuned because I’m gonna try my hardest to toss them up today. While that’s going on, please continue to read the opinions of millions who are ranting about the Supra but will never actually bother owning one, lol. Here’s an Integra. Everyone can afford one of these.... 🙃 #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #aslan


So, literally a week before all this craziness happened with Tiffanie’s accident and all, I had just received the physical proof of the CHRNCLS: Vol. 1 book and got to see it for myself for the first time. I went over the changes and moved some stuff around, altered some text, you know, just to make everything look as how I really envisioned the final product to be. People were still asking to order because they either missed out the first time or didn’t even know about it. Well, I am finally making the second pre-order available tomorrow (Thursday Mar. 1, 12 AM EST) for everyone that has been asking. Sorry for the delay but that is just how things have gone down this February. With things getting back on track, I will now have this Pre-Order available for the rest of this week, or whenever it all sells out again before that time, and then the book will go into the publishing phase on MONDAY. The publisher says it’ll take 2-3 weeks depending on final quantity and then I will begin shipping them out to all who ordered. Like I said previously, only the initial first batch will be individually-numbered and signed personally, to give incentive for those who really made maximum effort in reserving those and believing in this entire process. The second batch will be exactly the same book so do not worry about that at all. Anyways, the link will be in my bio and you can place your preorder when the clock strikes midnight (Eastern Standard Time) tonight on March 1. Thank you all once again, and if you swipe you’ll get a look at the back cover of the book, I don’t know if I ever showed any of you guys what it looks like yet. Super proud of this book and how it came out. I can’t wait to show you the rest!!... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #whenwewerekings


Finally getting back into the swing of things here at the office whenever I get some free time. Tiffanie is getting better and stronger by the day for all those who are wondering. She is really overwhelmed by all the love and support from everyone. I’ll update you guys whenever I can and will get the content flow started on the site again this week. Orders are always going out and the book stuff is all but finalized, just really waiting for PayPal to unfuck me since they didn’t seem too keen on the huge amount of orders coming through via preorder, but none of you guys need to worry about that, it is being handled. Everything else is good man, shit, a lot to do but it’s being done. Have a great week and here’s a photo of Kei Miura’s Pandem EG6 Civic from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon event, which now, with all that has happened since, seems like it happened ages ago... #thechronicles #stickydiljoe #pandem #rocketbunny #trakyoto #civic #eg6 at 幕張メッセ (Makuhari Messe)

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