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— [parallel] i need to start posting the confessions y’all have sent omgjsjdoaj dt kayla | fc 7552


— [aesthetic] i love making these omg q. how would you describe your aesthetic? fc 7550 | dt tony stans


— [7 rings au] ariana delivered!! i knew i was gonna freak out the second i heard 7 rings and i sure as hell did. she’s too good i can’t HOW. she snapped so hard like i’m- im literally speechless sksjshsh ic MINE | dt des ily | fc 7548


— [iron man movies] i call this edit “tony being a total badass in every single movie” — ic marvelsccnes | fc 7542


✧・゚ [lumax x quote] i love my soft babies :) dt puremayfield | fc 7531


— [alternate universe] don’t do drugs, kids!! q. favorite kind of donut? a. boston creme mmm — dt alyssa | fc 7518


✧・゚ [mileven x quote] my edit for bug’s editing contest! i know editing mileven is unlike me but i’m still tryna spread positivity ab the ships :) dt bug | fc 7513


✧・゚ [comment!] made this to deal with my own tom depression lmao comment your results!! ic eggoswill | fc 7496


✧・゚ [alternative universe] i know mike is biSeXuAL but this is how the dialogue works so don’t comment ab it lmao — #qotd : burgers or hot dogs? #aotd : def burgers — ic drarryscenes | fc 7492


✧・゚ [parallel] look at peter following in his mentor’s footsteps *wipes tears* — #qotd : do you like lava lamps? #aotd : i mean yeah they’re cool — fc 7472 | dt softmilevens


✧・゚ [confession no. 1] so i’m doing confessions now so like feel free to dm me them or leave them on my tellonym and they will be posted anonymously! — qotd: do you like broadway? aotd: um YES it’s my whole life — ib strangershcenes | fc 7449


✧・゚ [alternate universe] this is something i would do to be honest fc 7436 | dt bug


✧・゚ [will’s nicknames] omg so storytime so i was making this edit a couple nights ago but basically first i made a marvel parallel bc i forgot that it’s a stranger things posting day so then i made a stranger things parallel and figured i would post the marvel one in my next row but then i was like shoot that would make my theme look weird if i didn’t follow up with another parallel in that column so then i made this but now i have an extra stranger things parallel n idk what i’m gonna do with it bc i cant post it in the row after the marvel parallel for the same reason so like.. guess y’all will be seeing that parallel in a few rows lmao ic sinkscenes | fc 7419


— [comment!] i’m sorry for this 😔 fc 7385 | dt kayla


✧・゚ [alternate universe] sorry for reposting, i changed the filter. i’ll post once more in a few hours :) — ic thebookofdrarry | fc 7382 | filter @plrrfltr







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