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Runner's predicted finishing times at the #BerlinMarathon varied as much as the runners themselves. We're excited to be at such an international event on a year when history might be made. If you're running Berlin, check out our Instagram story for information on how you can take part in our #predictathon. If you're not in Berlin, follow our Story anyway so you don't miss a moment of this great race weekend. at Berlin, Germany


“I honestly thought for a long time that running would never be for me, that I would never be able to become a runner because I used to always see [advertising] pictures or videos, all these campaigns that these brands put out, and the woman is always smiling. She never looked like me, and she just didn’t look like she was ever struggling, and so I thought I'm never going to get there. For me, I would say 80% of my runs are either really, really hard or not fun but 20% of them are golden, where everything clicks and you can go forever… that feeling overpowers every single bad run tenfold. It makes everything worth it to be able to see that nothing is impossible if you can stick with it.” – @kellykkroberts #AthletesUnfiltered


“You know finding friends when you are 35 is a lot harder than finding friends when you are 10. When you are 10 you go to the playground and everybody is a kid right , when you are 35 we all have fears and judgments and experience that say no don't trust that person or no you don’t know who that person is, but I feel like there is something about fitness that brings us back to that place where we were as kids where we don't judge and we don't have all of these fears we are just out there in the moment and for me that’s a big part of it.” - @themattpowers #AthletesUnfiltered


“Sometimes you are going to crash and burn in the most beautiful way possible. It's about taking that and saying, "This isn't embarrassing. I tried; what can I do differently next time? Let's keep going." - @kellykkroberts #AthletesUnfiltered


“I don’t care! I just don’t care! I run… I’ve spent so many times in places where I’ve been restricted, if I feel like running every day and just running my body into the ground then I'm just going to do it and if I'm tired and I need a break and I want to have an extra glass of wine at night, I'm going to do that!” - @theultrarunnergirl #AthletesUnfiltered


You know you’re a mountain biker when you roll up to something terrifying and spend a few minutes talking yourself into it. Just don’t pretend that you don’t like it… if you wanted easy, you’d be a roadie. #AthletesUnfiltered


“There isn’t one thing that I say, it’s more like, “Go for it! You’ve got this. Don’t over-think and just stay off the brakes.” Half the time brakes cause all the issues. That would be the gist of it, just clear your mind of all this weird questioning that you have. You’ve seen how it’s done or you’ve gone through all the steps in your head, so now it’s just time to do it. So, you just go through and do it. Or don’t.” -@pauldotsenko #AthletesUnfiltered


“Running has taught me to redefine success and failure because it is not about the outcome, it's not about the time, it’s not about the personal record - it's not even about making it to the finish line. It is about having the courage to show up.” - @kellykkroberts #AthletesUnfiltered


“Just trying to push a little harder, ripping out the next corner a little faster. Sometimes you lay it over, you know, hit the ground. You’ve gotta be okay, say like, “Shit! Let’s go back, hit that, faster each time we come down here.” - Sean #AthletesUnfiltered


Anyone with the courage to get out there and go for it is an athlete – and every athlete respects an honest effort. #AthletesUnfiltered


"Sometimes you have to press pause and sometimes you have to give yourself time, sometimes you have to be patient, sometimes it takes a couple of tries before something sticks, but it's not about waiting for the right time to get started because that doesn't exist. It's knowing that today is the day. " - @kellykkroberts #AthletesUnfiltered


“You don't have to do a mile, or two miles, to classify yourself as a runner. Just start off, run down the road, to the end of the block, or something, you know. And don't worry about what kind of clothes you're wearing. Just go for a run, it is that simple.” – @harkirankkalsi #AthletesUnfiltered

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