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SLC, UT Hot Rod Pinstriping. Classic trucks. F100s. Mk3 VWs. Kustom paint. Metal Fab. Vintage Gas/Oil. UVU Street Rod. #projectmarauderm100 Similar users See full size profile picture

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Sometimes the biggest challenge is keeping things simple and working in tight spots because they don't want anything wild or extending past the emblem/handle. Also a challenge when they point out things in your previous work and say they don't want anything "flowy" or "swoopy" when s curves have become a staple in your work. Constant reminder to try new things and not get stuck doing things one way. #1shot #chevy #silverado #pinstriping #dagoproseries


The next addition on Ryans turbo diesel Caddy was a little cartoon turbo with a little poof of black smoke following it into some sponge and splatter graphics. #vw #volkswagen #caddy #itsawabbit #turbo #pinstriping at Riverton City Park


12:15 AM and not done yet. After cleaning pools and a day at the shop I went to wrap up this shop truck job from a few months ago. In the background you can see @courtysieb72 who came to the rescue with an X-Acto knife and hung out with me until I was done just after midnight then we went back to the lab so she could finish a few crowns. Not really sure how to put into words but when you're exhausted and keep going and going so you can move on to whatever is next on the list, it's a lot easier to get through the long days when you have someone and support one another through those experiences and endeavors.


Tonight's thoughts. The Bachelor's certificate isn't any fancier than the one year certificate or Associate's... so why go for 4 years when you can get an equally fancy paper for 2 semesters? Oh well, it's over now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ at UVU Automotive Technology Department


Moxy. More + Epoxy. More panels getting some epoxy primer at the end of work today. This thing might start looking like a truck soon just so I can take it apart for the hundredth time. #projectmarauderm100 at US Street Rods & Collision


Painting the black in these grooves was a pain, but now this one is about ready to go home. Figured out some new tricks for next time, if we ever do another Catalina ๐Ÿ˜‚ #pontiac #catalina #pinstriping #1shot #restoration #USStreetRods at US Street Rods & Collision


Got the 63 Vette engine bay painted this morning, the Catalina re-cleared and had just enough time to get my bed in epoxy primer before the long weekend. #projectmarauderm100 #akzonobel #metalfab #bump #bumpside #ford #f100 #merclone #USStreetRods


Blasty McNasty. #projectmarauderm100 #usstreetrods at US Street Rods & Collision


This is the first Beetle I've striped and I hope it's not the last because they have such awesome bodylines to follow and accent. The two tone Almond and Satin Black on Josh's bug also has to be one of my favorite paint schemes I've ever seen on one of these. You get tired of red and white on black after striping for awhile but some simple red and ivory to break up the two tone and then design work on marker lights and hood/trunk was just right for this car. Thanks for trusting me with your project man! #beetle #vw #volkswagen #farfrumgruvn #hotrod #pinstriping #1shot #dagoproseries #handpainted at Leisure Supply Midvale, UT


Striped a Beetle the other night for one of my buddy's over at the pool supply company. #vw #beetle #hotrod #pinstriping #1shot #dagoproseries #handpainted


It was absolute chaos for a Friday moving this thing, but the truck is no longer at school, so hopefully there will start to be some more regular progress on it again.


We are looking for a full time body man with a couple years experience at US Street Rods in Spanish Fork. We do some collision/insurance work but the bulk of our work is hot rods. We need someone that can weld, has their own tools and can work without being babysat. Pay starts between $20-25/hr pending experience. If you're interested or know someone that would be, share this or message me for more info. 8014917004 at US Street Rods & Collision


A few quick lines on Ryan's tailgate yesterday while he was working on my rocker. We cruised this thing all over and it is awesome! More stripes will be happening on this thing! #vw #volkswagen #rabbit #pickup #caddy #turbadeezl #itsawabbit #partshauler @mammothskum


Last summer we spent all sorts of crazy hours getting Ryans car primed, prepped, jambed and ready for Salzsee. There was no Salzsee this year but he spent a good chunk of his Saturday helping me get started in on the body for my car and did an amazing job. Now the biggest repair is taken care of we can fine tune some gaps and get this ugly little thing ready for paint. Thank you @mammothskum


Quick cream colored letters the other night on a first gen Bronco tailgate. Slowly catching up on this to do list #ford #bronco #1shot #handpainted #kafkakwills


Today the Ghia went back to its factory yellow. They're funny little cars with some weird curves and body lines but @joey705carlsonl is a great coach and yelled things at me while I sprayed so it didn't end up with runs in every little corner ๐Ÿ˜‚ two or three little sags we'll polish out and get this thing back on the road. #USStreetRods at US Street Rods & Collision


Happy 4th Anniversary @courtysieb72 thanks for putting up with me and the chaos that surrounds me :) this next year will be an even bigger adventure with no more school and buying a house, love you!


Wrapped up my last night working on this thing at UVU. Bittersweet. Got the bed walls beadrolled, fitted and the tailgate reinforced. A few loose ends to tie up but the bulk of the metal fab is done. Time to take it to work and get this thing blasted and in primer. #mercury #marauder #m100 #shlongbed #uvu #streetrod #ford #f100 #metalfab #neverendingproject #projectmarauderm100 at Utah Valley University Sparks Automotive Building

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