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My Dominance is a need not a want. Taken My captions tell my story. Need advice? Hmu. Follow my other accounts: @structureandmemes @kinkscripts

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Try postponing your pleasure for hers. When you’re done follow my backup @structureandmemes Meme inspired by the book I’m currently reading She Comes First by Ian Kerner.


First, another great meme by @the_meredith I’ve been in plenty of situations where a person interested in me either lied about being into BDSM or lied about their level of experience because they assumed that I’d only be interested in a submissive with a wealth of knowledge/experience. For me, these situations just highlight the importance of being honest about not just who you are but your intentions as well. I believe that anyone who is willing to learn can be taught something new. Therefore, when I’m searching for a new partner I’m not concerned with their level of experience as long as they have a genuine willingness to learn and to grow. I believe a lot of Doms feel the same way I do. However, I also feel Doms need to remember this as well when they are asked how much experience they have. Just be real. If you have any stories about situations like this that you have been in please comment below. Once you’re done make sure you follow my backup @structureandmemes


Remember to follow these steps when coming out as kinky: 1. Figure out who you are going to tell. 2. Figure out when and where you will do it. 3. Figure out how much you're going to share about your kinks. Once you have finished remembering follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Shit you better slap me. Once you’re done commenting whether or not you would do this follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Because I said so. Now I gotta blast. In all seriousness though Doms make sure you explain the reasonings behind your decisions to the best of your ability. This allows your intentions to be understood so that you and your sub can be on the same page. Once you’re done practicing this follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Remember: C.U.M. Can relieve pain. Condom use doesn’t affect your ability to C.U.M. So wear one. C.U.M. gets better with age. Your self esteem can affect the quality of your C.U.M. So love yourself first. When you’re done showing your loved one how much you C.U.M. Check out my backup page @structureandmemes


Choke her tight but choke her right. Please do extensive research before getting kinky. After you have done your research for the day, make sure you follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Communication during sex is so important and not just for safety reasons. The fears of rejection and judgement can follow us quietly then make their presence known loudly in the most intimate of settings. Try pushing past those fears by opening up and telling your partner what you want, where you want it, and how you want it. Doing so can strengthen your relationship beyond the bedroom and bring you even closer together. Maybe you’ll even learn this new way of communicating turns the both of you on. When you’re done sharing your needs, check out my backup page @structureandmemes I post memes you won’t find on this account.


Invest in your partner’s sexual experience. Communicate with your partner about what satisfying foreplay entails. This should include how long it should last and which method of pleasuring should be included. Remember that everyone’s rate of arousal varies - especially between men and women. Once you explain then explore these differences you’ll set an excitingly new tone and tempo in your sexual relationship. Have you ever spoken with your partner about the type of foreplay that you’re into? When you’re done talking about foreplay make sure you and your partner also follow my backup account @structureandmemes


I remember how shook my best friend was when I told him that I am into BDSM. Had to show him this account because he didn’t believe me. 😂😂😂 Do your friends know that you’re kinky or do you keep it hidden? After you comment below check out my backup account @structureandmemes


This is my version of foreplay. Furthermore, I can’t wait for the book I ordered, Anal Pleasure and Health, to arrive in the mail because who doesn’t like reading about anal? While you’re here make sure to follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Here are a few of my favorite kinks: Hypnosis Impact play Sensory deprivation Comment a few of your favorite kinks and when you’re done make sure to check out my backup account @structureandmemes


Comment a fetish/kink and I will be ratting it on my story. Additionally, I will include a poll to see whether my followers like or dislike the kink/fetish. Thanks for all your continued love and support of my account it means the world to me! P.S. you can comment as many kinks/fetishes as you wish. Once you’re done comment follow my backup account @structureandmemes


Random thoughts: Brattiness isn’t one size fits all. You can be a brat and be submissive. Learn to anticipate your submisssive’s tendencies to bend the rules by giving clear instructions that cannot be misinterpreted. Eliminate loopholes. That extra effort can create much needed senses of safety and security. Brattiness as a fun and playful power exchange to push your Dom to stay one step ahead is definitely a turn on. Brattiness as a form of misbehaving for attention and punishments isn’t cute in my opinion. A brat’s intentions are everything to me. Bye.


This has me in tears but also reminds me of the importance of being in the right frame of mind while in a BDSM scene. Your frame of mind causes you to have a particular attitude towards something or someone. Therefore, take the necessary precautions to ensure that your frame of mind or mood is one that’s sensible and sane. If not, you’ll put yourself and more importantly your partner in danger. When you’re in a sensible frame of mind, make sure you follow my back up @structureandmemes


Keep sex from becoming a boring routine. Try something new the next time you have sex. Another way you can spice things up in your life is by following my backup page @structureandmemes


Before a scene, make sure you've negotiated with your partner about what’s about to go down and that they know your limits and safeword. If not, you’ll end up like this woman or worse. Make sure you follow my backup account @structureandmemes or I’ll tie you up and make you watch me play #Fortnite. Just kidding you might like that too much.


Chris Rock on marriage: “I was married for 16 years in the era of the cell phone, which means my 16 years is actually longer than my parents’ 40. In 16 years, I had more contact with my ex-wife than my parents had in 40 years. Okay? My father used to leave for work at 6:30 in the morning and come home at 8:30 at night. And during the day, he and my mother had absolutely no contact at all. None, okay? That’s what a relationship used to be. The kids could have been dead, but he wouldn’t have found out until he got home. “The kids are dead.” “What time did they die?” “Eight hours ago.” “Damn, I missed it.” And you know what else? They actually missed each other. They actually missed each other. You can’t miss nobody in 2017. Not really. You can say it, but you don’t really miss the motherfucker, because you’re with them all the time. They in your fuckin’ pocket. As soon as you leave, you get a fuckin’ text. You get a ping. You get a beep. You get a fuckin’ Facebook. You get an Instagram. You get a fuckin’ FaceTime. And then your woman says, “You act like you don’t wanna talk.” What the fuck are you talkin’ about? I know everything you did today and I know how people felt about it. I gave you five likes, bitch. I gave you three smiley faces and an eggplant.” When you’re done sending emojis to your significant other go follow my backup @structureandmemes #netflix #marriage #love #chrisrock

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