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Südtirol Altoadige 💯% passione

Solo foto del nostro Altoadige Sudtirol. Se volete vedere le vostre 📸 pubblicate 🏆seguiteci con #sudtiroldascoprire 🏆🏆🏆RICERCHIAMO SPONSOR 😊 @lucius22

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Orgosolo, il paese sardo del mio cuor. Nessun luogo fu mai più pieno di gioie, gioie per gli occhi ma soprattutto per l’anima. Un posto semplice ma profondo, disordinato ma coerente. Grazie Sardegna.


P H O T O  O F  T H E  D A Y @dhimas.satriaa Lokasi |  Indonesia Dipilih Oleh | Tim Kurator Gunakan Terus Tagar #ICU_Indonesia #ICU_Indonesia_ ⠀ ICU_Indonesia akan terus menjadi Wadah dimana setiap orang menjadi Teman dan Fotografi adalah penghubung ke perjalanan yang tak Terbayangkan. Kami bangga menjadi bagian dari @IG_Cameras_United #IG_Cameras_United ______________ Bagian Dari ICU_Indonesia : @ICU_Jakarta #ICU_Jakarta @ICU_Jabar #ICU_Jabar @ICU_Jatim #ICU_Jatim @ICU_Jateng #ICU_Jateng Afiliasi ICU_Indonesia : @World_beautifulshots @All_Perfect_Shots @Ksf_landscape ______________ #Indonesia #landscape #landscapephotography


A day I like to keep at the top of my feed. 5/24/16


This morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise.💕 Did you happen to catch it? Photo by: @thecreativetraveller #MyJasper #VentureBeyond



What I am realizing is that life is not something to be rushed. I’ve always known the value of experiences but in the last little while somehow that has been lost. Maybe it’s because of all the solo travel I do, but know I’ve got to stop trying to rush into normality. There is nothing wrong with normal, but I know I want more. Experiences rarely show their true value until they are a memory. I am not done exploring this big beautiful world and finding my purpose, compassion, wisdom, courage and vitality amongst it all. ✨



Esgrafiat a una casa de Jornets, Sencelles, Mallorca. Imatge que acompanyarà l'article MANIPULAR, escrit en motiu de l'exposició PER DURAR, on es recull la feina desenvolupada per més de cent dones durant les tres primeres setmanes de març del 2018, en la restauració d'arrebossats tradicionals al poblat de Tangassogo, ubicat al sud de Burkina Faso. És un projecte impulsat per l'arquitecte @albertfaus i el ceramista @toni_cumella . Comissari de l'exposició: @carlos.quintans ... Gràcies als tres per convidar-mos-hi a participar! ... Sgraffito on a house in Jornets, Sencelles, Mallorca. Image that will illustrate the article TO MANIPULATE, written on the occasion of the exhibition FOR LASTING. It's the compilation of the work that during the first three weeks of March 2018, more than a hundred women have participated in the restauration of traditional plasters in the town of Tangassogo, located south of Burkina Faso. It's a project promoted by the architect @albertfaus and the ceramist @toni_cumella . Exhibition curator: @carlos.quintans Thanks for inviting us to be part of the catalogue!


Happy Bday Tory!! I’m not sure how you do it but you continue to amaze me every day! I’m so thankful that I get to know you and live life with you in such a meaningful way! I still can’t believe that it’s me who gets to know you more and explore the depths of your heart! You challenge me daily by the way you treat others and put others first! I’m so in love with you and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings! Love you so much! @torysavannah


On top in the middle of the display of my Galaxy Note 10+ usually you see a little black hole, the front camera visible as a little black punchhole. NOT YET! Because my NEW WALLPAPER created by myself. #InfinityOWallpaper #GalaxyNote10+ #SamsungDeutschland #SamsungSnapshooter #withgalaxy #teamgalaxy