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YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS NOW LIVE 😝 Link in bio to view my full East African highlights compilation. Check out 01:30 to see the look of absolute horror on my face as my drone uncontrollably flies away 😂😂 (I ended up crash landing it, it was thankfully ok!) . . So, can women travel solo in Africa? I hope this video proves they not only totally can, but also, can simultaneously be their own drone pilot, photographer and go pro videographer😜 #girlpower . . All East African articles are now live on 🤓 @tucantravel at Tanzania


Guess whose launching a YouTube channel tomorrow, watch this space for the link!! 😝🎥🙋🏽‍♀️ . My first video will be a compilation of my highlights of East Africa with @tucantravel 🦁 You can expect dramatic landscape @djimavicpro drone shots, @goprouk action vids from on the road and of course - close ups of the safari animals we encountered 😍 . While I’ve done freelance videography in the past this will be the first time I post the results on my own account 🙈 With three years worth of videos across 80 countries I thought it was about time I shared some footage directly with SAI 😋 at Múlafossur


Upside of having not much rain during our time in Faroe was that we got to do all the hikes on our itinerary. Downside - Fossa Waterfall was a third of its normal size 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Check out the location tag to see it in its prime. Where I am standing is usually crashing with water! 💦😆 at Fossá, Faroe Islands


Sea caves, puffins and precarious cliffs 😳🇫🇴⛰✨ . Travel photography hack! I love having a silhouette in my photos to emphasise the scale of the landscapes I am capturing. It also ensures your picture is differentiated from an everyday Google image (hence my ever-present @suitcaseandi hat 🎩 😂). A little trick I do when I know I’m traveling to a destination where my photos will have a muted palette is bring along something to contrast with the background. All my hiking gear is black (like most of my wardrobe lol) so I chucked a red scarf around me so that I would not blend into the foreground. Win-win situation cause it was also freezing cold up there 😂❄️ . I’m curious! What are some simple travel photography tricks and tips you use 😄? at Faroe Islands


3.5 years after starting @suitcaseandi - Faroe marked my 80th country 😱🇫🇴 Thank for your comments, advice, suggestions, encouragement and becoming part of this travel community, let’s see if we can make it 100 in 2020 😜 at Trøllanes


The weather in Faroe is crazy volatile. Due to gale force winds, it goes from sunny to pelting rain in a matter of seconds. We had these rays of light for less than 5 minutes. Boy does unpredictability make you appreciate the sunshine SO much more 😂☀️🙌🏽 at Funningur


A floating lake above the ocean? Only in Faroe Islands 😳🇫🇴 Trælanípa or “Slave Mountain” is the 150m perpendicular cliff face that separates the lake from the crashing ocean. Legend has it, the name derives from the Vikings Age where slaves were pushed off when they got too old to work. Leave yourself a good 3 hours return for this hike - while it’s not difficult it’s really muddy and you will probably want to spend some time up the top!! ⛰ at Trælanípan - The Slave Rock


As a kid who absolutely revelled in series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Deltora Quest, Eragon and Narnia - Faroe Islands was a dream combination of these mysterious fairytale worlds 🐉🇫🇴✨ . Located just 15 minutes from the airport, Mulafossur waterfall is the dramatic centrepiece of the village of Gusadular. Home to a mere 12 people, part of its charm is how remote and undiscovered it feels - there are no crowds, no railings, just you, some sea birds and a handful of sheep 🐑💦 ⛰ at Múlafossur


WOW. Located in the remote North Atlantic Ocean, the 18 volcanic islands of Faroe are home to some of the most unrivalled natural beauty I have ever encountered. Jagged coastlines, striking rock formations, impossible peaks, crashing waterfalls and of course... a puffin paradise 🐧! This week I will be sharing some of my favourite photos from @visitfaroeislands so far 😍🇫🇴✨ at Drangarnir


After witnessing the nail-biting hunt, we watched as the cheetah stood vigilantly on guard. The chase had left him completely exhausted, but there was no time to rest. A hyena had been spotted nearby and while traditionally a scavenger, would easily overpower a lone cheetah in hope of a meal. He hurriedly ate the wildebeest, ready to sprint off at any moment. . . After what looked like a deliberate pose for the cameras, the lion approached our vehicle. He walked past us along the dirt track, unfazed by the several 4x4’s behind him. . . A baby will take a year to master the art of trunk-drinking whereas an adult can siphon up to 10 gallons of water a minute. We watched as the youngster splattered water everywhere unsuccessfully before getting frustrated and running headfirst between her sisters legs for attention. . . Three photos and three snippets of my time on safari in Kenya 🦁🐘🐆 at Masai Mara National Park, Kenya


The Lion King fans! The geothermal region of Hell’s Gate National Park served as the inspiration for many iconic scenes in The Lion King - including this gorge, which you may recognise from the heart-breaking stampede scene #RIPMufasa😭 Link in bio for my latest article! It has all the info on how to visit Hells Gate and the best things to see and do in the region! @tucantravel at Hell's Gate National Park, Riftvalley, Kenya


One last post from my week back in @queensland and a sneak peak at some of the drone footage I have been collecting over the past month! This weekend I am going to be getting stuck into my East Africa footage for my first ever YouTube video (🙈!) so can’t wait to share that with you - it has been many hours of online tutorials in the making 😂 @visitnsw @australia . Link in bio for the latest article from my trip with @tucantravel to East Africa - tomorrow I will be getting back to sharing some of my favourite safari pictures! 🦁🦓🦒 at Byron Bay

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