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Utterly disappointed with my performance in the @vln_de today. I started the race, but made mistake and unable to pass the car to my teammate. I let the team @ws_racing and teammate down. Truly sorry to everyone and I hope I can return strong mentally.


Please follow @teamworkhuff Instagram account. This delicates to our @tcr_uk_series program. A joint venture of @rob_huff_ and @teamwork_motorsport. #volkswagenmotorsport #tcrseries #vwgolfgti #tcr


Have some opportunities to race some different cars and championships in different part of the world this year. Want to thank all the people, friends, teammates, teams and team members who pull all these together. I am not the best driver and may not always bring the best results, but I will try to bring the best attitude and energy to a race week. @24hdubai @tcr_uk_series @24hnbr @chinagtchampionship @teamwork_motorsport @phantomproracing @n24hcn


Impressive craftsmanship demonstrated by Hong Kong local painter, @konehelmetdesign 香港本土師傅的鬼斧神工 #piantjob #helmetdesign #helmetpaint


Amazing thing about our bodies is even after a week of racing with not much exercising, we can still do moves we once could. A lot of time, we are equipped with enough strength, we don’t need “new strength”, just need to try, explore the required skills and maximize ourselves. So don’t be afraid to try and fail.


Fantastic team job by @phantomproracing at the @chinagtchampionship GT4 Race2 today. @hexiaole & I in #6, and Chris Chia & @alexj_fontana in #5 snatched another win and 3rd. Yan&Yang #3 scored another P3 in Am-Am class. #AMG #GT4 #chinagt #gt #sepang #liquidmoly #mercedes


@chinagtchampionship GT4 race 1 completed. Strong start and flawless driver change execution put the @phantomproracing #5 to victory. Congrats to Chris Chia and @alexj_fontana. @hexiaole and I brought #6 back in P2. Yan&Yang also scored a P2 for #3 in the Am-Am class. Hats off to the team and more to come tmrw. #AMG #GT4 #sepang #


Exciting qualifying sessions today at the @chinagtchampionship. Teammates @alexj_fontana , Chris Chia, @hexiaole & myself put the @phantomproracing AMG GT4 Pro-Am car #4&5 in P2 & P3 in race 1. Pole and P3 in race 2. Car #3 Piloted by Yan & Yang also places themselves in P2, P3 in the Am-Am Class. #amg #gt4 #chinagt #gt #sepang


@chinagtchampionship round one in @sepangcircuit. Qualifying sessions tmrw. @phantomproracing is ready, but we expect some fierce and intense competitions. Teammates @hexiaole and @alexj_fontana have been giving us valuable tips. #chinagt #amg #gt4 #amggt4


Let’s plank for 5mins ⏱


Some back exercise with the bars outdoor when the weather is good. Have a nice weekend. @timt0


Four kinds of push-up 🙌🏽💎, ✋🏽 🤚🏽, ✋🏽 🤚🏽, ✋🏽🏹🤚🏽


Saw something new today. Made training a little bit more fun.


Completed 3 days testing in this @amggt4 at @sepangcircuit prior the @chinagtchampionship. Still have a lot of learn about this car to really drive it well. Everyone is working hard in this new team-@phantomproracing. Also consider this as a warm up with teammate @hexiaole to our @vln_de and @24hnbr journey. #amg #amggtr #amggt4 #sepang


When the hands turn pretty, it’s a warning that you’ve been slacking off.


🐷豬年順利,身體健康🐷 #恭喜發財 Happy Lunar New Year to my friends all over the world. It’s the year of the Pig/Boar. #CNY #


265lbs - heavy for me


I shrank myself again and put next to some toys. This time I brought my teammate @alpha.foxtrot with me. @tinyq_hk @teamwork_motorsport

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