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For whatever time it took, seconds, minutes, hours, days... I’m so thankful for each of you wishing me a happy birthday. To my followers, majority of you don’t know me personally; but, still saw fit to give me your love and well wishes—I’m so grateful. You guys define what it means to spread more love. Special thanks to my friends for surprising me with their presence at my birthday dinner. Even more special thanks to my babe Kachi for organizing this beautiful evening—you deserve red lobster 👅😈. I don’t need materials to validate love, I’m more blessed by the existence of beautiful people reassuring, there’s a God above. Again, many thanks to all of you. Love B.B.💕


It’s my Birthday, I can be bad if I wan to | 4.23 | ♉️♉️♉️


Sunbabe 🌞 #ad  #anywear @rvca_womens


All that you’re doing for attention is the reason you don’t have mine -B #swerve


All men should be F E M I N I S T S #internationalwomensday #novababe


Make the adjustment you need for inner peace. It’s difficult, I know, but you need it to grow -B #novababe


While I’m brushing my teeth and having so much fun, I never let the water run 💜


When the milk is sweet, I’m overdosing on vitamin D -B at Udu


Who else had to learn the effects of sleeping in makeup, not using sunscreen, and the impacts of poor dieting on the skin??? 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⬅️ She, me, her lol!!!! I would like to thank @simonourianmd1 for not only the expertise he exemplified when treating my skin type; but for also, an amazing experience complimented by an amazing staff. For any of your dermatology or cosmetic needs, be good to yourself, invest in the best! Go see, Dr. Simon. at Epione


Just because they’ve hurt you doesn’t mean they aren’t the one -B | Happy Vday #oldie #BB


Though my mind can forgive it My heart can’t forget it Gotta give you the feels that I feel So I can forget it Not a threat to u, just advising u To be careful with your negligence Not the type to act cool With some shit u wouldn’t be having -B #BPoetry #gottaletemknow at Los Angeles, California


All I ask is when I get to where I’m going, don’t have your hand out when it was closed in my becoming -B #shootwithmeinthegym #nofilter

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