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B-Cool | B-Swaggy | B-“G” | B-Sexy . . .Get you a guh that can do foe💅🏽 . Outfit: @goodamerican Photographer: @nyce9_11 #goodamerican #goodsquad


Feelin so bad in all this good..-B . . Outfit: @goodamerican Photographer: @nyce9_11 #goodamerican #goodsquad


By the time you’re sure about me, you’re too late.. -B #novababe 📷: @nyce9_11


Don’t get habituated and lose sight of the greatness in front of you | Things taken for granted get taken.. -B Bodysuit: @fashionnova Styled By: @sur__b Photographer: @nyce9_11


Sometimes I have the tendency to think of you religiously... B.B. 📷: @nyce9_11 Hair By: @hairareus Installed By: @samslayedit at Lagos, Nigeria


In relationships, we shouldn’t lose ourselves but become more of who we desire to be | Have him/her, love him/her but keep yourself too.. -B.B 💕


2018, it’s all about these four quadrants: Your Relationships Your Mentality Your Physicality Your Spirituality You’ll find that working on these quadrants have a direct impact on how you manage your financial and emotional investments. Always strive to max each quadrant, maxing it means each quadrant is at 25% for a total output of 100%. Is it possible? No, because we can never be perfect. However, striving for perfection is where the results lie; where we discover our best selves. -B (last photo, just me being creative | #EditorB lol 🤓) #NYE2018 at Detroit, Michigan


Last year, 2017, it was all about my say/do ratio. I just wanted to do more of what I said I was going to do because, that’s what separates the successful from the unsuccessful; and, while at it, laughing more at my mistakes. We’re only being redirected when we make them. Try it! -B #tbt #nolossesjustlessons


Make yourself a goal -B | I slipped towards the end of year, gotta get back to this 🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ #allnatural #slimgoods #SurvB


A tale of two Brittanys | #OgaB


Be both, naughty 😈 and nice🤗, at the right times..| Merry Christmas! -B at Detroit, Michigan


Caption (poetry): Swipe ⬅️ | #FBF2010

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