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Young Superstar 🐐 I call myself Swaggy C. God 1st 😇 📺: CBS Gang 📍: CT ✈️ NJ ✈️ LA 📩: [email protected] 📦: PO BOX - 6886 Lees Summit, MO 64064

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Big Brother x Are You The One ☔️👫 Swayleigh Gang x Cluche Gang inna’ building 🤩 Y’all already know to recognize superstars when you see em! Peep me & Bayydayy on the left. Matchin’ jean jackets & the matchin’ melanin skin is so fire 💭🔥 Cluche is in this picture too so they gotta get introduced to the GAS STATION! It’s not fair for Clinton to be lightskinned trainer w/ dreads .. & he got a dope ass girl by his side 💧🌴 Dopest couple we know. Alongside Swayleigh ✈️👏🏾 #PopOutSZN #GangGang #Drippppp 🙏 at West Hollywood, California


Aww man, they done had me out there styling for REAL for REAL 💧🤩 The drip sauce is real. The drip sauce is contagious. So contagious, I had to bring it to the red carpet for this dope WeTV event 🤐☔️ And you got my lovely fiancé slayin’ in all red! The clutch, the necklace, the STYLE, the GANG is so real 💭 WeTV was such a gracious host to me & Bay during such a special event. Amazing people and owners. Shoutout to everyone we got to meet on the panel. Dope human beings 🙏 Made lots of new friends. Such a great experience 🤐 Many more to come. Swayleigh Gang is here to stay. Just a FYI. Stay tuned. 📸 @gettyimages at Los Angeles, California


Do you know the feeling? Being irritated because every single picture you take is so freaking FIRE? So freaking EPIC? Like this is such a tough job 😭🤩 It’s so hard to constantly deliver dope content but heeeey, Swayleigh Gang never fails 👏🏾✈️ SUPA’STARS way before we were on your TV screens. TV is interesting. VERY interesting man. Long future ahead of us. You ready to get started, baby? I’m REAAAAAADY (Spongebob voice) 🗣💭 Taking over the world one day at a time with my A1. Ain’t that what you’re supposed to do? 🌸💧 📸 @gettyimages at Los Angeles, California


My life is simple. Christopher kinda chills & stays to himself. Now you put a camera on Swaggy MF C and I JUST GO 🗣🎥 Watch me work because that’s when your entertainment begins 🤩🤷🏾‍♂️ Salute to WeTV for having me and Bayleigh as guests & saying you love us 🙏 It means a lot. RED CARPET MOOD 💫🌷 INTERVIEW KILLIN MOOD 📸 SWAGGY FREAKING C MOOD ✈️ #SwaggyC 💧 at WE tv


From the Lakers game straight to @etcanada the next day 🎥🤩 Appreciate y’all choppin’ it up with Swayleigh Gang. We look good. Kinda like couple goals. But y’all already knew that 👫💫 3 chains on, ring on, STYLE ON .. we’re rocking on a different level. Love y’all fans who keep us going too. Y’all don’t go unnoticed 🌷 Ya favorite couples, favorite couple. #GO #GangGang 📸 at CBS Television Studios


Lastly, my loooove. My A1. My right hand. And the person who now understands why I yell at my TV at the Lakers sometimes 🤣💭 Bayleigh Amethyst. Blessed to be with you. Blessed to be known as your companion. Blessed to see Lebron vs. Wade for the last time 🙏💫 AIGHT NOW TIME FOR THE GAS CHAMBER. The double bomber jacket, my layered necklaces, her Laker fanny pack, our faces .. like OMG ✈️🤐 We look AMAZING. Swayleigh Gang. Get a clue. We here to slay ☔️🌴 Regula’. #LakeShow at Lakers Fans


Literally my favorite person in this whole world man 🤐🤩 ROBYN KASS. The woman responsible for Swayleigh and responsible for Swaggy C being on everybody’s living room this summer 💜💫 She saw me and said NOOOOOPE. This guy belongs on TV so I’ma put him on 🗣 Now she’s like NOOOOPE anytime you’re in LA, you’re gonna sit courtside with me. She does waaay too much in my life & I’m eternally grateful for her 😩💭 Get you a Robyn in your life! I got mine 🙏 #KasstingGang at Lakers Pride


When the superstars meet a LEGEND 😩🤩 Like nah do y’all know who this is... @jeaniebuss. President of the Lakers 💜💛 She gon’ look at me and say that she’s so excited to meet me because she’s watched me like NOOOOO Jeanie ... Do you not know who you are! You’re the ICON! I’m the fan here 🤣💭 Been watching you since 2007. Anyways, thank you Jeanie for the courtside Laker tickets. You’re amazing and I can’t wait to see you next time 🌷💫 OFFICIALLY GANG GANG 🧸 #LakerNATION #SwaggyGANG #Swayleigh at Los Angeles Lakers


Swayleighhhhh 💭 The way I look at you, the way you look at me, so special. So intense 🤣😘 This love is something different. Melanin’ magic. Black love 💫🤩 The more you’re together with someone, the more you start to GLOW. Look alike. And love harder 🌷 Speaking of love, if you wanted to find one of your own, there’s actually an app for it 🗣💭 Try it. It ain’t them other apps. It’s dope. To all my followers out there, download @meet_blk instead of going to the bar to find love 🙏 Trust me, your Romeo ain’t in there! It may be on an app 🌷✌🏾 #BlackLove #ad at BLK


DAMN maaaan this is literally a whole magazine cover 🧸🤩 Superstars onna’ beach. Bayleigh’s body looks AMAZING, I don’t think y’all give my girl enough credit 🌷 Two weeks in Thailand was amazing. A lot happened. A lot got done. And a lot of pictures got slayed 🌴🏖 Relationship goals. As we board this connecting flight, we want to thank DreamHKT & PhuketCleanse for bringing us out 🙏💭 Next up, Los Angeles .... See you tomorrow LA. New location. Same vacation vibes. #LOADING . . 🗣🤐 at Thailand


5 days off from the Gram but I’m baaaack and nothing has changed 👀💫 Look at ME. That smile is contagious. The abs make you wanna work out. The scenery makes you wanna travel. 🏖✈️ Day 15 in Thailand and it’s the last one. Shirtless Swaggy tour is ending 😩 But that means I’m back in SWAGGY CLOTHES when I get off this flight, ya naaa’ mean 💭🤩 Win/WIN situation. Ya MCM don’t dress like me. Ya MCM don’t flex like me. Ya MCM don’t even make you laugh yet you be DYIN’ at my captions 🤣 Babe do better 🙏 It’s healthier. #SwagGang at Phuket, Thailand


Bay’s leg is at 90 degrees, the weather is about 90 degrees, and in Year 3056, my Family Tree of Swaggy generation’s will have about 90 degrees 👨🏾‍🎓📚 My play on words is ridiculous. If any of you rappers need a ghostwriter, hit my phone yo 😩💭 Swayleigh Gang. Tropical Island. Kissin’ pic. Day 11 in Thailand with the soon to be Mrs. 🌷 We got sumn cookin’ for you guys. Important news coming soon 🤩💫 ZOOM IN. Look at us. Zoom out. Look at the pic. FIRE. Effortless ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @Semagin_Phuket at Dream Beach Club

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