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Not even gonna talk about our DRIP or OUR STYLE .. Bayleigh brought me into her world last night! Had the privilege to sit and watch a new Miss USA be crowned last night live. I was asking a million questions on what’s going on. MUCH RESPECT to these women 💐👑 It’s a whole intense sport. Having confidence, the ability to talk, walk, etc. Not everybody can do it! I wish I was Bayleigh’s fiancé when she competed 2 years ago and won Miss Missouri and made top 10 for Miss USA 😫🤩 But better late than never! I appreciate you for bringing me into your world and knowing a different side of you. It meant a lot to me. I love you Bayleigh Amethyst. Congrats to Miss North Carolina! @chesliekryst #MissUSA #SwayleighGang #Cold #DripSZN #OurStylistIsCrazyFire #ShiftSZN 🔥🔥💧💧 at Miss USA 2019 Live


All white affair to the all red affair 🤩💕 Never got a chance to post this but this is definitely a magazine cover. Red is the color I proposed to her in and Bay knows damn well I would have a red wedding if I had to choose 💐 All red, all white, doesn’t matter. Whatever our stylist puts us in we can make it work. This weekend was crazy. We had a lot of LOOKS and I’m just here to dump it out on Instagram one by one 👑🙏🏾 I love you babe! #Swayleigh #SwaggyC #DripSZN #AllRedAffair #GANG #MyBaby #GlowAllOut2019 #EngagedLife #SAUCE #CoupleGoals💧 at Town Center Plaza


This is how you successfully pull off and all-white outfit with your fiancé 🤩👑 Swayleigh Gang inna’ building. We came to show up & show out! I stepped into her world. Walked in a fashion show with her & she straight up demolished it. I was backstage admiring her thru the curtains, forgetting my turn 🤣💫 You are amazing babe. Very proud to be your other half. #GLOWALLOUT2020. at Town Center Plaza


Nights out w/ my baby go a lil sumn like this 💫 Red Blazer w/ the open shirt & my fiancé in all blue. Walk up inna’ party like KING & QUEEN 👑 The Swaggy family. I love my black queen. She’s a princess. A GAWDESS of sorts. I’m just the royal counterpart. A walkin’ masterpiece in progress 💍 I love you Bayleigh Amethyst! #KingVibes #YoungLegend #SwaggyGang #SwaggyC #Drip #DripppOnAnotherLevel #YouKnowDaVibesss 👫 at King & Queen


Young Papi. Champagne. They know the face and they know the name 🌹♨️ Dressing up in the suite. Nights out in NYC. Property of Bayleigh Williams. 👑💫 Swaggy C Vlog current status: Feelin’ good. #MOOD 💧 at Times Square, New York City


The great thing about the poll I asked my fans on my IG story about whether to attend the Yankees/Royals game front row or courtside for the 76ers/Nets game is that the Yankees game started hours ago & the Brooklyn game still has an hour before tip-off 🤩💫 Ya boy gotta slide to both. It’s LIKE that. But for this game .. let’s go Yankees ♨️ For later, lets go D’Angelo Russ 🦇 Oh and this Yankees jersey definitely says Swaggy C onna’ back. #MOOD #WildOutSZN #Swaggy #DrippppGawd💧 at Yankee Stadium - Legends Suites


Ohhhhh, I’m back in my hometown, the Tri-State area and I feel good ♨️🤩 They brought me out here and had a limo waiting for me after my lil one hour nap in the hotel room suite! Tired from traveling all day but Swaggy is HOME. New York City. Connecticut. Jersey, what’s poppin 🦇💫 Haven’t been home for real in a year. Feels good to be here. Red Bomber Jacket, Braids in my hair .. a different $waggy. I left regular a year ago and came back different. Respect Game. Hope I see some old friends while I’m here. #SwaggyC #Homecoming #WildOutSZN 🌹 at Times Square, New York City


As I head to NYC alone for the weekend, my fiancé decided to give me some braids as a going away present 🌹💫 It’s time. A different Swaggy is on the surface. Thanks baby 💕 Y’all rock with them or nah??? I’m boarding my flight now so I’m looking forward to all your responses 🤩♨️ #SwaggyC #Spring2019 #WildOutSZN💧 at Kansas City International Airport


The goal was to send Bayleigh a cute video while she was working out to make her smile. What actually happened was... I almost tore my ACL and I completely broke one of our plates in half. I thought she would be mad but she told me to post it on Instagram. I’m never singing High School Musical again... 😢 PLEASE DON’T LAUGH I almost died and yes this is me when I’m home alone 🤣😫 at High School Musicαl ツ


Girls expectations when they meet a man 🤷🏾‍♂️ Y’all see how I treat Bayleigh. The kind of King I am. You think I had all of this when we first met? Nope 🤞🏾 Had maybe half. And she saw the potential. Y’all be wanting a made man & instead of building w/ someone and wonder why you’re single 💀 “I want a man like Swaggy” then give someone a chance ladies 😳 #StopCurving2019 👑 at Just Saying


Bayleigh posted a sexy picture today & made the caption about me. The little things make the biggest difference in a relationship 💕 I’m bout to give y’all the keys to a successful relationship America. I’ma do WHATEVER I gotta do 🙇🏾‍♂️ It’s really simple. Raise the bar. Expect the best. Don’t just settle 🤷🏾‍♂️ #MOOD at Waiting for You


Oooohh happy St. Patty’s day from the Swayleigh Gang to you 🙇🏾‍♂️🤩 Bay over here clearing my skin ALL THE WAY up man it’s wild, melanin’ on a thou 😌 Thank you @garyvee, @justinnovello, @rachelbrichter & @drinkrumpleminze for sending Bay & I the matching shirts yesterday! 😌🙏🏾 We’re rocking them all day. Swaggy C Vlog, current status - heading to Miami for 2 weeks w/out Bay. And no not for spring break. Our work is traveling so that’s what I gotta do 🤣😫 It’s gonna be TORTURE! I’ma miss my fiancé. Enjoy your Sunday guys. Checkin’ out #GANG #SwaggyC #SwayleighGang #SaintPatricksDay #StPattysDay #MelaninOnAThou #Traveling #Travel 🔥🔥 at Kansas City International Airport

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