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being social on social media. all pics are mine. blah blah blah blah. 329 compliant. it does not go down in the dm’s. [email protected]

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triple og finishing up. i really like this one and probably going to hack some beans with her. she’s an all around pleasant plant to grow and smoke 🙂


before my dad passed away he made a bunch of beans. some labeled, some not. i usually pop a few of something every now and then. this one was labeled “sherpa”. the original beans were from the big island from some off grid rastas. he grew some and made his own beans from them. if any of you guys remember the waianae purple diesel that went around about 10 years ago, this reminds me of it. she faded a bit early, but we’ll fix that on the next run if she comes out good.


i really enjoyed this one, but next to her sister, she didn’t stand a chance amongst the pot snobs. duct tape #5


a pollen chucking shenanigan. scott’s og x casper og. i really like the colors on this lady. i gave my scott’s og to a friend to hold but he got pm that he can’t get rid of and white flies, so i’m not taking her back. the scotts has a nice fluorescent lime green like this but she makes chunky fat round golf balls instead.


triple og i’m keeping around for a bit. she’s all around an ez plant. doesn’t ask for much. could probably stick her in the corner with no love and she’ll still produce some nice chunky pungent flowers.


another pheno of local skunk heading for the finish line. she’s not as greasy as the shorter one, but more of a sticky/tacky texture. the smells are really starting to come out now. she smells like old school crip buds. not really sweet, kind of sour, sort of rubber, kind of chemically, maybe musty? idk what musty even smells like but it sounded like a right word. beans by @duke_diamond_va 💃🏽🕺🏽🚀


one of the double krushes that is totally different from all the others. she’s some kind of nasty stinky fuel that overrides the og smell. sometimes i don’t have the right words for the smells so we’ll just go with it smells crip. beans by @skunk_va #vadontplay


my favorite local skunk atm. shes at 54 days and is the shortest one and stacks tighter than all the others. she’s also the greasiest and smelliest one. beans by @duke_diamond_va #vadontplay


one of the local skunks by @duke_diamond_va. she’s fading up a bit early but it is all good. can’t quite put my finger on the smells yet. some are a bit sweet with a weird stank and some are just stank. i have a short pheno with a flatter top that’s greasy as heck and just smells foul in a good way. i’ll post that one later. peace and chicken grease ✌🏽


upon further inspection, im liking this bad bizatch the most. double krush #6. i kind of teeter between 2, 4, and 6. maybe tomorrow it’ll be #2. beans by @skunk_va 🕺🏽💃🏽🚀


“this shit right here, this shits called deaf”. you be like, “that don’t even sound attractive”. what the... you mean i’m gonna hit it and die? is that what... “no, not death, DEAF”. you hit this shit twice, you can’t hear shit!” -katt williams (censored, cause yah). double krush by @skunk_va #vadontplay


another local skunk at 39 days. i’m really liking this one. she’s the shortest of the bunch by about a foot and stacks a bit tighter. her trichomes are extremely wet and greasy. the smells coming off of her is something i can’t really put a finger on, but my initial thought was “wo, that’s nice”. i’m sure they’ll change as time goes on and hopefully i’ll be able to put them into words. beans by @duke_diamond_va #vadontplay 💃🏽🕺🏽🚀


one of the local skunks at 39 days into flower. i haven’t seen one of these sort of flat top flowers in a while. hopefully duke sees this and can chime in on where it’s coming from. two of them are doing this, but this ones a little more pronounced. beans by @duke_diamond_va #vadontplay


last pheno of double krush getting cleaned up. gonna take some close ups later. i really like the colors coming from them. kind of like a light silvery lime green. their textures and smells are nice also. i sampled a few phenos and it was an all around good high, flavors, and smells. i only take a couple hits when sampling things and i’m thinking if i indulged a little more, it would be a bit devastating as i keep my tolerance low. they do need more time to settle though, so i’m gonna let them sit for a bit before sampling again. i’m thinking the clone runs will bring out more of what they already present, which is pretty fabulous already. beans by @skunk_va


if you’re wondering where chiller went, he’s right here. got deleted twice, but he’s back! @808serialchiller


double krush #5. this ones giving me a little more feels than the others. i had her all natural looking, but figure i’d clean her up for the gram. #didnotwakeuplikethis. beans by @skunk_va @luckydogseedco


farmer trim job ftw. #luckydogseedco #doublekrush


holy hell we’ve come a long way. what a time to be alive! 💃🏽🕺🏽

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