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Brewed in Atlanta and home to the headiest brews this side of the Rockies. Be 21+ to follow. Tours Wed/Thu 4:20-9, Fri 4:20-10, Sat 11:30-10, Sun 12-7

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Pucker up, Through The Brambles is comin' back atcha in new packaging but the same mouthwatering blackberry funkness. 12 months in our American oak foeder treated this baby right - can't wait for yall to try it again soon. at The Woodlands at SweetWater Brewery


@beerandbrewing's gave Grass Monkey a phat 94. Crack one open and peep what they had to say- hit that link in bio.


#netfishandchill⠀ ⠀ (pic @movingwaters, @bowsandbeer)⠀ ⠀ at SweetWater Brewing Company


Spring has sprung for the next couple days at least. might have to bust out the dark beers again this week, but for now a lil lemongrass wheat is all we need. at SweetWater Brewery


Heady St. Patrick's Day to yall #straightouttadublin


Grab your drinkin' buddy and get a head start on the weekend


If you want your beer unique, intense, and a lil funky, the Woodlands Circle membership's for you. The next bottle release is March 24th, join us and sign up at shop.sweetwaterbrew.com at SweetWater Brewery


@420fest is barely a month away - we gonna see you there? at SweetWater 420 Festival


With a "tingy tango of stone fruit and funk", Cambium is perfect for beer and wine lovers alike. Just ask @wineenthusiast. at The Woodlands at SweetWater Brewery


Our 21st Anniversary Oud Bruin is the first dark sour we've bottled, combining hints of brown sugar and cinnamon with the sour funk of acetic acid. Like all Woodlands Project brews, only a few hundred bottles made it out so snag one if you see it!


yooooooo check out this damn near world record pacu full of sunshine @hardtymesfishing snagged!


Hmm maybe the winner of this thing should get a lifetime supply of 420 too...

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