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Kauai, Hawaii >> Los Angeles, California ✨singin & actin ✨ HEY! Lets make a difference! Click the link to donate to my ACS #ResercHERS page! Similar users See full size profile picture

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Speechless, you say? Cuz I am. An opportunity to fundraiser money to save THOUSANDS of lives & empower THOUSANDS of women? AND the option to be a part of this historical change all while wearing some awesome clothes? Yeah. Count me in. Check out @izzybeclothing new #warrior apparel that supports the #ResearcHERS movement! Or if you just wanna help research get that much closer to finding a cure, make a small donation through the link in my bio ❤️👩‍⚕️ #acs #womenfightingcancer Photo by the amazing⚡️⚡️ @leeclower ⚡️ ⚡️。Also, check out these incredible girl ambassadors tagged in the photos for more information✨


Do you not get this excited when you see brightly colored lights? 💡 Photo// @bringoutthegold


Dracarys Photo// @quality.adventures #got at King's Landing, Westeros


Kept debating on whether or not to post this cuz #messyqualitymonday (lol get it) but I just said, “Go Big or Go Home”. But does that work if I am home already¿ no? Aw sh- #hujicam at Kauai


Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms and female figures out there today. This year especially has made me realize just how amazing moms are, and I couldn’t be luckier with mine. Not one second of my lifetime have you ever put yourself before me or Siena’s needs and wants. I have no idea where I would be w/out your constant whole-hearted support. Thank you for being the kindest, loving, selfless, hard-working goofball of a mama anyone could ever ask for ❤️ 143 ✨ From all my heart, Syd


This is a raw cover I did of my very talented friend @imjustjuj ‘s song that came out w/ called “Hollywood” & it’s amazing. It hits home a little because I, amongst many other people in and out of the entertainment industry, can relate to it so deeply in our own ways. #sydelizebeth #instacover #vocal #singer #hollywood #juj i hope you like it ✨, I don’t do it justice you should listen to her sing it 🖤 at Granada Hills, California


Meet the new cast of 90210 at Partywith


Appreciation post for my incredibly talented musical go-to & I guess you could say my best friend also. #hujicam #huji #music #liveperformance #gig at Ha Coffee Bar


Anyone wanna tell me how I always end up sponsoring food in my pictures? 🍎 @snapple #ohsnapple


Mood when I realize I actually have two more hours of sleep 😌😴 #ineedtostopgoingtobedat2am at Studio City, California


Ahh Waitwaitwait for me! too, I wanna post these “not after-party” photoshoot pics too!


#thelastsummer @netflix premiere! The movie was awesome, met some new friends, & I guess you could say I had the best date ❤️😈👯‍♀️ at TCL Chinese Theatres


Rise n’ Shine 🌞 People need to learn to smile more.


Shades & shadows shot by//@anthonyfascionephotography at Toronto, Ontario


I really love this small world of ours, don’t you?...& I’m also very excited that I’m getting closer and closer to seeing this view againnnn...and all the Toyota Tacoma’s everywhere at Polihale State Park


TWO PART Late night lazy cover of Lay Me Down by my guy Sammmyyy @samsmith ....Jk I don’t know him, wish I did though. #vocal #voice #cover #song #singer #samsmithcover #samsmith #laymedown #femalsinger #soulsinger #instacover #sydelizebeth at Los Angeles, California


ITS A PHASE MOM. this time i want my short hair back..again. Maybe going blonde too? Idk at Toronto, Ontario


Happy Easter from these little eggs to you! Hope you’re having the best day w/ your familyyy 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💕🐣🥚🍬🐰✨ // Also, happyyyy season eight episode TWO to my G.O.T homies today 😈 at Kauai County, Hawaii

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