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Kauai, Hawaii >> Los Angeles, California Livin’ the Peter Pan life 💫🍃🌻🌞✨🌈 #musicmonday Similar users See full size profile picture

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Remember that random little grass photo shoot we had? @em.thain 🌱🌱🌱 at Koke'e State Park


Breathing in snowflakes ❄️ at Yosemite National Park


“Someone like you” should keep on listening cuz I made a cover by Adele ;)... #musicmonday


A friend requested I do a cover of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse and I remembered I have a live performance cuz this song is too fun not to sing 🎶😼 #musicmonday Also, I rly miss these people featured in my very last minute band... @yoshi_iha @leprofmusic @audreyywarner #music #vocal #voice #singer #cover #valerie #amywinehouse #live #viralvideos at Ha Coffee Bar


Do you ever just think... holy moly, I’m blessed. at Kauai


I’m official 🔞! Im so not ready for adulthood but I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have had so much birthday love over the past weekend as well as today. Thank you all so so much, My heart was filled with so much joy ❤️💕 ✨ at Cheesecake Factory


My voice is currently nonexistent so please enjoy this past cover of “Jealous” by Labrinth ✨✨ #musicmonday


Congrats to everyone for keeping this surprise early birthday a secret LOL! I’m so SO thankful for all of the amazing people (pictured & not pictured) in my life! Thank you all for coming ❤️🤩✨ Ps. @sienaagudong thank you for being the best. @lola_kt @juliamassaro it means the world you guys took a break from college to see me 💖


It can’t be...You’re birthday!?...HAPPY LEGAL AGE to right half of this Ethan sandwich. lol. Thank you for being so wholeheartedly you. I’m still proud to say we’re two of ten of the best witnesses in the 2018 national mock trial competition (second picture & I’m bragging...oh well) I hope you’re killin’ it in college. I miss and love you and I hope we can remake this picture soon...❤️✨ (what is @yoshi_iha face?)


Try on a new perspective 🕶✨


Happy Halloweeeeen 🧡☪️🖤 🎃👻😈☠️ throw back to 14’ @photos4_days


In between watching Netflix and doing other productive things, I like to youtube karaoke and sing to myself. And sometimes film it too 🤷‍♀️. “Liability” by Lorde (P.s. I love this song & I hope you like the cover)


I adore these people too much! 🧡💥 We love those Cheap Thrills they’re The Greatest ;)


I see the sun shine in your eyes 🌞✨ at The Sunshine Shack


It’s been a minute since my last cover...super cheesy with background karaoke but oh well 🤷‍♀️ Adele’s version of “Lovesong” originally by The Cure 🖤✨


You could say they’re keepers 💁‍♀️ #hhn 🎃 at Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood


Always in a mood™️


You should see me in crown...I look 2-3 inches taller 👸👑 at Netflix, Inc

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