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PRESS PLAY ▶️ : since 2012 @tahliaspeaksmedia has been producing and curating original digital content. Whether it be through blogging, hosting, production, photography, TV, music, film...etc, my dream has always been to create independently. That’s why I am extremely excited about the direction we’re headed in 2019! We look forward to bringing you more fresh, original content with @tahliaspeaksmedia x @tahliatv and more! I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. Thanks to all that have supported me over the years and also to those that are riding with me now. I appreciate you! 🙏🏽❤️ *SWIPE* 🎥 @chasingmydreamz81


a mouthful...


PRESS PLAY ▶️: @migos (@offsetyrn x @yrntakeoff x @quavohuncho ) at @hot963’s #SANTASLAM2018 on Dec. 9th! 🎥 @tahliaspeaksmedia P.S. PLEASEEEE y’all gotta watch til the end, when @yrntakeoff hits that #zezechallenge ! 🕺🏾 He was so “low-key lit”...if that’s even a phrase. 😩😂 🙏🏽 at America/Indiana/Indianapolis


Last night was my first time ever shooting a concert for @tahliaspeaksmedia ! 📸 Here are a few of my fav shots from SANTA SLAM 2018 featuring @migos @blocboy_jb @jennmorel @bazzi @brycevine & @lilduval . Be sure to head over to @tahliaspeaksmedia to view ALL of the pics and tag the celebs in the comments! 🙏🏽❤️ P.S. @yrntakeoff is a WHOLE MOOD! I expect a meme soon... 😩😍😂 #TAHLIASPEAKSMEDIA 💡 at America/Indiana/Indianapolis


PRESS PLAY ▶️: MOOD AF 😩 - but I DO have time to share some highlights from @hot963 ‘s SANTA SLAM! Check out my story and head over to @tahliaspeaksmedia for pics of all your favs, from @migos @bazzi @blocboy_jb @lilduval AND MORE! I’ll share some of my fav moments too! @tahliaspeaksmedia 💡


Always great to work and play with friends...💪🏽📸🎄 at America/Indiana/Indianapolis


Back to work 📸 #SantaSlam2018 @tahliaspeaksmedia at Indianapolis, Indiana


‘Tis the season! 🎅🏽🎄


Thinking of a master plan💡


love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are 💎


🗣please and thank you.


Who’s ready? 🎄🎅🏽


That one time... #tbt @abbythefox 🦊❤️




My original plan was to release @kupaaofficial on 11/11 of this year. However after the overwhelming response at our premiere, we’ve decided to submit the film to a number of film festivals before we release it to the public. Before we do, @tahliaspeaksmedia will host another private screening (date & location TBD) to give potential investors, small businesses, and young entrepreneurs a chance to see this film and to play a part in its official press run in 2019. ✨✨✨ #staytuned at Kūpa'a


Missing these braids and it’s about time to put this natural hair up for winter...😩 Should I do blonde or black braids this time? 🤔 Take the poll in my InstaStory! **ladies I’m talking to y’all cause the dudes never vote 🙄**🤞🏽 Braids: @dolled_by_dani 📸: @demvse at THE STORE


Growth is a beautiful, uncomfortable process that we must honor if we expect to level up and walk in our purpose. Growth is constant. But when you fight it, you will notice that you’re miserable and unsatisfied. Growth requires us to dig deep and sit in the dark parts of ourselves that need healing in order to REALLY tap into our true potential. We create our realities and have the capability of doing and becoming whatever our soul desires. But first, you must DO the INNER work. What good is it to be the best at what you do or have all the money and connections in the world but you’re miserable and unhealthy on the inside? Celebs and multimillionaires commit suicide all the time. What does that tell us? To be rich and successful isn’t all about money, it’s about using your gifts to spread love, inspire, and encourage others to do the same. INNER WORK + OUTER WORK = MAXIMUM RESULTS. Let’s do it together...🙏🏽✨ **please share this with someone who needs it**


Winter. Is. Coming. ❄️ • • • 🧢🧣: @bljc_2565 📸 : @takenby_k.o at Downtown Indianapolis

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