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Daytrip took it to 🔟 | NYC

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“Home” by @vincestaples produced by Take A Daytrip. Out Friday on the @spiderversemovie soundtrack 🙏🏽🕷


@nessly & @raury, thank you fr ❤️. The story behind our tag took years to even come together. The “HEY” came as an afterthought. Just a sound effect we put in our first song we ever produced together called “Cigarette Song” by Raury. Nearly every song moving forward we brought it back as our way of stamping every record we produced. Just a low key Easter egg we could throw across any genre of song. It took years of grinding out in the trenches before “Daytrip took it to 🔟” even came about. Nessly was one of the first rappers to really give us a chance. He’d throw ideas in his head at us, references, songs to reproduce, everything. Challenged us every step of the way. One session after reproducing a song with him he was so hype he kept saying “damn you guys always take it to 10.” Told him to say that shit on the mic and from there we’ve used it on everything. From there our lives completely changed. For everyone reading this that wants nothing but your dreams to come true keep going and keep working to get better and better. Eventually shit will fall into your lap by never giving up. Love to @complex for putting us on this list of incredible producers. To everyone who sings our tag like it’s part of the lyrics you guys keep us going fr❤️🔟


🇬🇧 🔌 +44 at London, United Kingdom


✈️ vs 🌎 at London, United Kingdom


#DummyBoy out now. Dummy ft. @trifedrew produced by us. #free6ix9ine 🌈🦄


🗽🔙🔛🔝 at New York, New York


11/23 #DUMMY


@88glamxo first single dropping midnight 8️⃣8️⃣ ❌ 🔟 at Los Angeles, California


Took it to ..




First time playing this one in our set 💀❗️ at KidSuper


We’re DJing @kidsuper’s birthday party tn and playing some new stuff we’re working on ⚠️ Pop out


Y’all went so crazy last night ⚠️ Might have to do some more parties. Where should the next one be??




#MOETxVIRGIL thanks for having us ⚠️ at New Museum


Can’t Complain at SoHo


Esquina ⭐️ @davidkatzinger at SoHo


Dropping soon 🤞🏽 @ybncordae x @denzelcurryph x Daytrip

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