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Travel writer exploring the world with a baby in tow. Aussie living in Helsinki ⛄️ Contributor to @culturetrip @AWOLaus @ahotellife

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It is cold and grey again, the perfect weather for a post-work sauna. Because what could be more relaxing than getting butt naked and confining yourself in a small, sweltering room with sweaty, naked strangers while you invade each other’s personal space? 🧖🏽‍♀️ #finnishlife at Allas Sea Pool


Finns love silence and personal space. So much so that people will often take the next elevator just to avoid sharing it with someone else. So it is no surprise to find this building in the centre of the city - a “church” dedicated to silence 🙉 at Church of Silence, Helsinki


Sunset, moonrise & clear skies 🌙 at Helsinki


Our new year resolution is to do at least one outdoor activity per week, no matter how bad the weather is here in Finland. This weekend we swapped ice swimming for cross country skiing. 1 hour, 6 face plants (all mine) and 48 sore muscles I didn’t know I had. As Andy tells me... I’m as graceful as a swan with a clipped wing ⛷💃🏽 #winterolympianinthemaking at Helsinki


Walking to work in the Arctic Circle at Finnair Oy


Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Case in point - the dirty snow shovelled off the street is my amusement park ⛄️ at Helsinki


“Snow is so ugly” said no one ever. at Helsinki


One week in and loving our new home ⛄️ at Helsinki


Our new pool vs. our old pool. Our first foray into ice swimming on my stories 🥶 at Allas Sea Pool


Yesterday we moved to Helsinki, Finland! Big thanks to Andy and Winnie for trading in Sydney’s sand and sunshine for Finland’s frigidness and frost so I can chase my dream job! If you’re ever in the mood for sauna and cinnamon buns let me know, we would love to welcome visitors. at Helsinki


Last week I stayed in my favourite @airbnb yet, Nethoba. Built in 1900 and renovated in 2018, 25 minutes from Hobart but feels a million miles away. Set on it’s very own headland with 20 acres of bushland and views of the waves rolling into Clifton Beach. The link to the listing is in my bio and photos in my highlights. #AirbnbPhoto


The beach all to ourselves, crystal clear water, cool breeze and no humidity. Victoria might be my new favourite summer destination. at Diamond Bay


My little adventure buddy turns 6 months old today. The poor little peanut is as sick as a dog (and totally unimpressed with the expensive American health care system), but so excited to be home soon. at Joshua Tree National Park


Adventure Baby, not leaving a stone unturned. at Joshua Tree National Park


If secluded beaches, snorkelling, eating freshly caught fish and sleeping in your own seaside bungalow sound like your jam, then you will love @lizardisland. My review of this private island paradise on the Great Barrier Reef is now on @ahotellife. Link in bio 🐠 at Lizard Island Resort


Back on home soil which means Dorks on Tour has come to an end (for now). Thanks to these two Portuguese tarts for making the past couple months so much fun.


This photo sums up our incredible month in Lisbon pretty well - tiles (blurred to the left), steep streets with a helluva lot of stairs and Winnie being ambivalent, yet again. Only thing missing is @andyfarq and 875 pastel de natas. Now, another long flight with a baby who has recently found her voice and is not afraid to use it 😬. at Lisbon, Portugal


Golden hour in Lisbon💫 If you plan on travelling with your mini human (which I encourage everyone to do!), I highly recommend booking somewhere with a view. I spend so much more time at home these days, but with a view like this from our @airbnb, I’m more than happy to. #bigbabymoon #feelfinnair at Lisbon, Portugal

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