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PLEASE READ THIS ... 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔. This post was reposted using @the.instasave.app #theinstasaveapp ・・・ "After saying goodbye to Manny yesterday and experiencing every form of heartbreak, sadness, pain and grief, I became extremely angry. The hate I was feeling was so strong inside of me. I’m tired of picking up the pieces of others careless acts towards fawns. I’m tired of holding them as they take their last breath because of someone else’s negligence. We live in a world where we have access to everything!!! You can literally google anything. There was no reason for Manny to be living the way he was for 2 months!!! It truly disgusts me and it happens every year. People take fawns because they’re cute and when they get to big or sickly that’s when they “magically” find a phone number for help. I have heard every excuse and I’m tired of it. The innocent fawn shouldn’t have to pay with his life for your few days of fun... If you find a fawn or any wildlife you think needs help DO NOT TOUCH it until you talk to the proper person for information. Google Wildlife Rehabilitation in your city and state right now and keep those numbers handy. Keep your local police department/animal control numbers handy. SPCA phone numbers, Your State fish and game phone number... PLEASE stop acting with your heart and start using your head. Wildlife cannot be treated like domestic pets or farm animals. Please don’t feed them what they wouldn’t get in the wild or what is specifically made for them. Fawns need the proper nutrition and minerals for their digestive system to function, they are a ruminant animal, meaning they have a 4 chamber stomach. They have special needs. Please share this information for Manny... Don’t let him be forgotten 💔❤️ #manny #bestnonpayingjobever"


Lilly is the best! Loyalty to the absent..waiting for my mom ... angels do exist.


Amazing people..they just drove almost 5 hours , all the way from Hannover -Germany to meet and get all the photos signed by me. I am blessed and flattered 😘


It’s been a long time without you my friend 😘. @pattybrard at Amsterdam, Netherlands


My beautiful butterfly visiting me high up in the sky . I wonder why.. 🦋 at Monaco


It doesn’t hurt to make prayers.. and you can do it anywhere.. 🙏🍀😘


Angel eyes.. she seems to look right though you.. Lilly love!!!❤️

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