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Building my empire CA ~ FL 22 • sc:princess_taylaa 💪🏽 @1upnutrition | TAYLAR20 "Be fearless and do whatever sets your heart on fire" 🔥

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Going out for once to celebrate this stud’s birthday 🖤🎉 #swolemate #iloveyou at Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Happy birthday to this chipotle eating, go kart racing, game of thrones watching, hard working, ice cream lovin, stupid amounts of chick-fil-a, vampire diaries binging, quesadilla makin, Harry Potter nerd, never does cardio, beast of a boyfriend of mine 💪🏽❤️ I don’t know what I’d do without you. I remember you getting your license & buying your first car (I miss that little green Hyundai tiberon with no a/c) 7 years ago today. I was so glad because I always had to drive you everywhere 😂 & look where we are now! I love you babe❤️


Can you tell I love the @1upnutrition chocolate peanut butter protein? 😂💪🏽 I always take a scoop immediately after my workout to optimize my workout, recover my muscles & promote lean muscle growth (no, protein powder doesn’t make you gain weight unless it’s a mass builder) I also put it in my oats in the morning 😋 I used to workout, do a ton of cardio, barely eat and I definitely was not getting enough protein in. Once I upped my protein intake & food altogether, my metabolism soared and I’ve been stronger, healthier and more fit than ever! Don’t be afraid to eat, just nourish your body with clean foods. @1upnutrition has the best, high quality protein, I’ve been taking 1-2 scoops everyday for almost a year and a half and still am obsessed! Use my code TAYLAR20 to save you on that mulaaa 💸❤️ and message me with any questions!


I haven’t been feeling my best lately, but you still make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world & are always there for me at my best and worst times. Thank you for making me strong 💪🏽💙


Just wanted to say hi ✨


Feeling lazy on this rainy Saturday but got a bomb shoulder sesh in anyway 🙌🏼


Save this & try out these lil beauty’s on your next booty day 🍑🍑🔥🔥 #bootygains #nopainnogain #yikes Good thing I had my @1upnutrition sports amino acids to hydrate and keep me amped up through my workout. You can use Taylar20 to save you some monies 💸💸❤️ try this and the Chocolate marshmallow protein bars they are to die for 😩🤤 #1upnutrition #becomebetter


after sciatica (lower back) pain, neck pain from getting rear ended in a car accident, a bachelorette party, a conference, working a lot & lots of torturous days off of the gym, I’ve finally been killing it for a week straight 💪🏽 although I felt guilty about taking time off, I feel like I’ve been able to reset & refocus. I’ve been more sore than I’ve been in months & I feel so good and motivated now 😈 my point is, life happens, and you can’t beat yourself up about it, use it to your advantage to recharge & then go kill it 🖤


six and a half years later and I still can’t get enough of you🔥❤️ at Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with (barely any) makeup on 😛 #alwaysneedmybrowsdone #lazysaturdays #lfstores #lfthebrand


You take my breathe away 💕(literally bc he knocked the wind out of me) @vanquick_fit #handshakegoals #couplesgoals #relationshipgoals #fitcouple #fitnesscouple #swolemate #beachlife at Fort Lauderdale Beach


using this Monday to reset and refocus on my goals. Don’t hate Monday’s, use them as a restart ☝🏼 #mondaymotivation #tunnelvision


self love club


Not strong for a girl, just strong 💪🏽 it was a struggle getting to the gym today (if you saw my story you know lol), but definitely glad I did. Push through, get it done, & you’ll be glad you did. No one has ever regretted a workout amirightttt?? #flexhabit


She said yes so we said Key West 🌴🥂💍 so happy to celebrate @nicoledarez this past weekend and be able to make so many great mems. Sorry for all the photos, this is the last post 😂 #keywest #girlstrip #bacheloretteparty #goodvibes at Key West, Florida


Flower power twinning for our last day in the keys 🌺 at Southern Most Part of the US "Key West"


pop the bubbly she’s getting a hubby 🥂🍾 at Key West, Florida


We made it down here in one piece (kinda), but after getting hit on the freeway it can only be uphill from here! So happy to be celebrating your bachelorette party this weekend 🥂💘 at Key West, Florida

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