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Dustin Williams 📸 LEGENDS 伝説!!

I like trying all sorts of different tires. It’s fun to see which ones last longest, best price. Grip levels. Etc. what are you favorite budget tires and why? How many laps do you get on what kind of track with what car?


Okay one more because this one I’m actually touching Matt’s door with my tire. Rad shot by @richardmasonhughes


Always so much fun driving with @matttheginge and @adam_lz I feel so lucky to have great friends who are amazing drivers in matching cars that I can count on to shred with every event. It doesn’t get much better. at Palm Beach International Raceway


I finally got a lift!! This @bendpak Grand Prix lift is so nice. I’m so incredibly grateful to finally have a lift of my own in general, let alone one this nice. We test it out and finish up the big angle kit on the Miata in today’s video dropping at 5:30 EST!


Going to @racepbir this weekend! @usdriftcircuit event should be a blast. Go kart track and full road course! @matttheginge is going so I’ll have a tandem buddy and it’ll be his first time drifting a road course/kart track! See you guys there!


Driftvette giveaway! We’re giving away the C5 corvette Daily Drifter. All the mods, with all the creature comforts! Ready to go shred a drift event with included matching drift spares, or daily drive it the choice is yours! Every $5 spent on the site gets you you an entry! Strangesweepstakes.com


Just some pictures from gridlife.


Sick shot from @shiftinggears_media I will clean this car up when the miatas done. We don’t crash enough now to justify its condition.


I can’t believe I almost didn’t get this car. I didn’t want Fed to be mad about me having another car, but I just did it and figured I would find a place for it if I had to, ironically fed ended up moving out anyway, and I have had so much fun with this thing. I’ve gotten so much seat time, and progressed a lot as a driver with just a simple 350z with a tune, pbm angle, and rad @bcracingna coilovers. 📸 @korbyn_ketchledge


Tandeming down the esses in 4th gear with @patgoodin in virtually stock VQ cars was the gnarliest thing ever. So much fun!


@gridlifeofficial never disappoints. Always such an amazing event. It’s ran like a well oiled machine, but with a solid dose of shenanigans. Huge thanks to all the people who make gridlife possible. I had so much fun. Day one video will be up this afternoon! 📸 @mrmustacheman


Out here at @gridlifeofficial having a blast. Got the car all sorted. I hope. Gunna go send it some more with my whole 250whp. Lol

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