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Gunna miss this thing.


Back when I first got my built sr s13 running after I blew it up and spent two years getting it back together due to working 70 hours a week. Crosby and I went on a cruise. Good times.


Beautiful morning in Long Beach. Time to head back to orlando.


Made it to Formila Drift Long Beach! Stoked to see @forrestwang808 back out and stylin as hard as ever.


Had so much fun this weekend at @racepbir @usdriftcircuit event. Full road course drifting. Doing 110mph entries and not lifting on the straits between corners just full sending it. So fun! Lol stoked to have the homies @riceandbeansshenanigans back out on track!


I mounted up a bunch of fresh rubber for @racepbir @usdriftcircuit this weekend! Stoked on these new @konigwheelsusa dekagrams for the z!


Tire sprayer system complete! Even 3D printed covers to keep the smoke out.


For a missile car. I'm pretty happy with the z interior. Just need some door panels. @dndperformanceinterior


Surprising how easy it was to fit the ford 8.8 diff in the Miata rear subframe with the Monster Miata swap parts!


Just ordered $900 worth of tires for this! Pbir full track is so much fun (it's now full track and skid pad both days) can't wait to take the z out and send it as hard as I can! I will be there atleast Saturday so if you're in the area come hangout and watch some sick roadcourse drifting. @thatracingchannel @racepbir @usdriftcircuit


So accurate. Lol I think I'm "the ideal car" (Miata when finished/vette) and "the missile" (350z)


Karting. Food. Top golf. For @albertobigboost birthday /mine and @matttheginge birthday. Lol

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