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nobody: us: yes, we’re in orlando. no, we’re not going to disney world. or the beach. but we found a big tire and sweet kiddos. at Fun Spot America


i would like to thank crossfit for preparing me for this intense jump rope competition at Orlando, Florida


this was honestly the most fun i’ve had with fitness in a while, so here’s to hanging onto those happy workout vibes a month later 🙌🏽 at The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival


i’m just here to say that grace athens is my absolute favorite and also team smol dawgs has human knot SKILLZ at Tallulah Falls, Georgia


that moment when you have to make sure you’re still alive and the worm didn’t actually destroy you 😝 at Bayfront Park Miami


wodapalozza day one: done ✌🏼 at Miami, Florida


wow. passion 2019, you were more than i could have ever expected. and being reunited with these girls was even sweeter and life-giving than i remembered!! at Atlanta, Georgia


all the heart eyes 😍 for Ruby and Isle’s first week


big city play date with this crew ❤️ at Uptown Charlotte


this place man. i’m super thankful for this place. i’m a different person bc of this place. when i first came to grace athens i loved the fact that it was a nomadic church. that it embodied the idea that a church is a spiritual family much more than it is a place. throughout the past year “home” has been a complicated theme for me, but i can confidently say i found a home at grace where i’m convinced it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by God’s presence. as this church family transitions to a more permanent physical home, i’m scared. i’m scared to lose that tangible reminder that i belong to a community not a building. but i trust and hope and dream. i know that no matter where we go, the people are going to be same, the vision and mission are going to be the same, and our God is going to be the same. so here’s to dreaming big for the future bc our God is the king of every season. p.s. go listen to king of every season (like right now) bc @lionsdenworship crushed it at Grace Athens


thankful for friends who are always down to take the long way home at Saint Simons Island, Georgia


“WAIT, I see a small child!!” — a compilation of dysfunctional wedding photos Sara Caitlyn and Andrew, congrats!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful weekend 🍾 @scdeal @gotigers863 at First Presbyterian Church (Charlotte, North Carolina)


yay for my kind of weather, yay for the dawgs, and yay for Lindsay visiting my favorite town!! at Athens, Georgia


hakuna matata #sofrat #sorryjane at Saint Simons Island, Georgia


big happy birthday to CrossFit Liberate!! we’re happy this place exists!! at Athens, Georgia


behind the scenes of our little mountain adventure... at Arabia Mountain


when you can’t decide if you’re granola or big city so you hike a mountain and go to atlanta all in one night #college #rocks #getit?? at Arabia Mountain


funny story. so emma and i decided to hike yonah and watch the sunset. it was beauuuuutiful and so freakin worth it. i mean wow. we get to live here. how crazy amazing. buuuut we had to hike (ok, run) 2.2 miles back down in the dark and we were hecka scared of bears. somehow we made it and literally 10 feet away from the parking lot this doggo came out of the bushes. and it was like ok congrats we made it this far but THIS IS THE END this is how we go. turns out he was a good boy though so two thumbs up for yonah👍🏼👍🏼 at Mount Yonah Trail

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