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🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE PART 3/3🚨 - @duck.dawson - 7th in my age category V40 in a time of 1:35:22 for the HM.  Ran my second half faster than the first half, race stats showed I passed 671 people and only 3 passed me - @bebbingtonruns - Did the Lisbon Half in 1:45. First overseas HM! - @tim_who_runs - 3000m - 3rd in 10:07 - completely surprised! XC debut - I was the first finisher for my club team and finished 21st overall - 4.7 miles in 28:54. I felt really strong during both races, so am already feeling the benefits of the TPR plan, having only joined a month ago. I’m excited about what I can achieve next, following the advice from coach Lloyd! - @jenny_teamfaz_fitness - Chester Marathon 4:13:04 - 33 minute marathon PB - so happy! - @matthewruns_ - Another PB with TPR. Knocked 2 mins and 13 seconds of my PB at Grittleton 10k with a finish time of 38:50. - @lizzie_harding_ 4 weeks with TPR and knocked 7 mins off my HM PB!! Completed GER in 1:47:33 - Super pleased, loved every step (words I never thought I would say!), can’t wait for the next one! - @hannah_plowman87 - It was a 5k in the dark organised by the National Trust. I REALLY enjoyed it! Before joining TPR I would have panicked and produced a list of excuses. Instead I just said great, thanks let’s go! Also I knocked 15 seconds off my Parkrun PB in the process! - @hannbeam - PB at Munich Marathon which took place on 14th October. 3:31:36, shaving 9 minutes and 24 seconds off my last marathon time which I ran back in April this year, only 6 months ago! Hands down I could not have done it without TPR, and I seriously can't thank you enough! - Have a great Friday and the rest of the weekend 😃. Tomorrow I’ll be going live on Instagram at 7pm UK time for a Q&A session so fire away with your questions! Back to coaching 😏 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE PART 2🚨 - @kirstin826 - Royal Parks Half 2:01:09 a PB 😊 I joined Team Project Run in late spring having just run Manchester. I explained to Lloyd that I was training to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats in September and needed help maintaining my running fitness through the summer. Four weeks after the ride, having done everything he told me to, I ran the Royal Parks Half. I promised him I’d do my best and yesterday my best was a PB. I couldn’t message him quickly enough to tell him and getting a reply straight back from him telling me how proud he was of me was the best message ever. That message means everything to me - @l_salt83 - Saintfield 10k - 57:42, the weather was shocking and that running with hills and cows isn't always easy! Here's to a flat 10k next week! - @me_and_my_running - Royal Parks HM, was pleasantly surprised with my time 1:37.59, not far off my PB and it felt easy - @swcatbrown - Completed my first marathon, achieved a half marathon PB by 2 minutes and got my good for age time for the London Marathon! So happy, my absolute dream time! - @cljenkins76 - Great Eastern Run Half-marathon PB by over 6 mins of 1:38:19, 7th woman FV40 - Haven't stopped smiling for 2 days! - @emmategsruns - Lakeland trails 14km challenge - took a tumble and still finished with a smile on my face - @alice_swimbikerun - Finished Royal Parks Half on Sunday in 1hr 59.21. Not a PB but pleased to get a sub 2hr! - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE PART 1🚨 - The team have smashed it so hard this past week that there isn’t enough room in the text box to get them all in so there are three parts to this update 🙈💪🏼 - @rameshruns - Oxford half PB in 1:46 (3 mins shaved off from my last race 3 months ago) - @jo.runs.n.stuff Royal Parks Half Marathon in 1:38:11, 3 min faster than the Richmond Half 4 weeks ago and only 35s off my alltime PB! Thanks Lloyd and the whole TPR team 💖 - @slimmingsimon - My first big result as a Team Project Run member. I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon and finished in 02:16:00 - a massive 26 minute PB! Can’t wait to see what I can achieve next - @ruth_runs - PB - second in 4 weeks - 1:48 at Birmingham Half!! - @vicki.t_x - Very very happy to report my results on completing the Yorkshire marathon yesterday in 3 hours and 24 minutes. A PB of 7 minutes 😀 - @jules_runs - Chester marathon last Sunday. 3:52:50. Got my sub 4 on marathon number 5 thanks to training properly for once! This felt really good all the way round. Thank you so much! - @pdivecha93 - No PB for me for me at the royal parks half but an overall achievement of finishing despite a sore toe and very heavy rain - @beckyhaseldine - 10minute course PB and 3 minute half marathon PB - WOOOO!! Royal Parks Half Marathon - @james_passingham - Event - Leicester Marathon  Date - 14/10/2018 Time Achieved: 3.37.18 Notes: A huge 55 minute PB on my second marathon this weekend (first was in April 2018) Massive thank you to Lloyd & TPR for the coaching and guidance to get there! Buzzing 🏅 - @robbo_running - Swindon parkrun in 21.08 - @hruns13.1 - Great Eastern Half in Peterborough in 1:32:11. Just 80 seconds away from a PB and my second fastest half! Over the moon - it's been a struggle to get speed back after a cruciate ligament injury at Christmas. Trust the process 😁 - @wishrunner10 - Kept really quiet about the Great Eastern Half Marathon as I wasn’t sure I had recovered enough since Berlin but thanks to the plan Lloyd gave me I had more than enough gaining a new PB 1:25:49 absolutely elated - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


Check out our top tips for a taper to race day! 💪🏼 - #FORZATPR #teamprojectrun #TPRfamily - #Repost @mileswithhayley with @get_repost ・・・ Tapering for a marathon can be harder than the training itself so here are some top tips from @teamprojectrun : 1. Don’t panic if you feel flat 2. Do strides after your easy runs to keep some zip in your legs 3. Don’t make any drastic changes, keep it simple 4. Enjoy it, the hard work is done . . @teamprojectrun is a worldwide coaching company that will help you reach your running goals with an addition of improving your understanding of the mental, physical and social benefits running can bring you. Join the community by expressing your interest now ☝🏼 at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @weesmileyrunner metric marathon 2:27:00 - @wishrunner10 30 second course PB at the first cross country race of the season 31:07 for 5 miles I was never going to give up on that sprint finish - @healthy_me_runs Unbelievably proud of my 5km pb at the weekend. I could never have done it without TPR. I got 22min 28 secs knocking off 1 min 6 seconds from my previous Pb and since starting with TPR it’s gone down by 1min 30. Thank you! - @all_things_run.derful Bournemouth half marathon! New half Pb of 2:05:39. That’s 2 mins 12 secs knocked off my best half time. 29 mins 24 secs knocked off my pb for this race!! Loved it!! - @cljenkins76 Awesome first cross country run of the season. First lady for my club and 13th lady overall in a time of 35:40 for 5 miles. - @shortgirlrunner Chicago Marathon, 5 minute PB from 3 weeks ago on Berlin. I can’t believe this keeps happening! I won’t stop smiling about this for a long time yet! - @beckylm83 first half marathon yesterday in 1:57:27 - @the_marathon_dan Chicago Marathon 03:32:33 Not the time I was going for but still an incredible experience and the support of TPR got me to that finish line! - @strollingsoph Tamworth 10k 52:22 - previous PB 56:24 - pre-TPR 1:04:07 Literally a time that was never even on my radar! I asked @lloydkempson for sub-60 and he delivered and then some. I was also 38th lady of 290 which is just insane to me as I've always been in the bottom half before. ❤ TPR! - @matthewruns_ I managed another Half marathon PB taking 96 seconds off of my time. Finishing in 1:25:20. Another great result since joint TPR. - @runfitmumkatie Finished the Oxford HM in 1:30:43 49th female 7th in my age category 4 minute PB THANK YOU Lloyd and TPR! - @sarajpx Chester Marathon goal was sub 4:30.....completed it mate. A 13 minute PB to get me 4:28:32 BOOM 💥 - @snuzzer Sensational week for me this week. 5k pb as part of my 5 mile tempo run 21.58 (21 seconds off) 10k pb as part of my half marathon 47.37 (at least 30 seconds off) And finally my half marathon pb 1h43.19 (taking 38 seconds off a pb I set about 7 years ago!) - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @Ruth_runs Parkrun PB today - 23:59! 7th female and 1st in age category - @mrandrews_runs after 2 weeks with @teamprojectrun ran my first parkun in 3 weeks and shaved over a minute off my previous course pb coming in in an official time of 21:26 - Just 13 secs of 5k pb! Thanks Coach! - @jo.runs.n.stuff new 10 Mile PB of 1:14:33 at the RunThrough Velopark race. So happy to have my first PB with TPR - thank you! - @katgodf Ran the Great Scottish 10k today and got a new pb of 46.43! - @duck.dawson West Pinchbeck 10k First Lady, First Female Vet, PB 42:30 Absolutely gobsmacked and totally emotional, never thought in a million years I’d achieve this kind of my age!! Just proves if you train smart it pays the process. Thank you @lloydkempson 🙌🏻 - @james_passingham Tissington trail half marathon. Really pleased with the time and it felt really comfortable! - @bebbingtonruns A five minute PB today at Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon; 1:40:28. Obviously huge thanks to TPR for the brilliant training programme. - @sarajpx Half marathon 2:09 Faster pace than I wanted but felt so comfortable....even after 4 weeks out from injury!! - @me_and_my_running My first result as a TPR runner, completed Maverick Snowdonia trail marathon. 44km up and down the trails of Snowdon. Finished in 6.28 and 6th lady. - @emmalouiseuk89 My FIRST TPR PB !! In 2017 (when I occasionally ran) my PB was 28:04 - and since joining TPR 2 weeks ago, I managed to smash the park run and get a PB of 26:33 !!! Over the moon and excited to see how far I can push myself with TPR 😊 - @runnergirllinda Ran the Great Scottish Run 10km in 54:07, 2:11 off my PB and 6:04 off my time from last year! Smashed my goal of sub 55 - absolutely delighted! - @weesmileyrunner A strong, controlled tempo parkrun yesterday. 24:06, 2nd in age category. - @running_dr_jennifer Took 9:25min off my half marathon PB at Ealing Half Marathon for a time of 1:40:50 on Sunday - Winter is coming, the cold evenings are drawing in but TPR are still killing it, great work everyone! - #FORZATPR #TPRfamily #teamprojectrun at United Kingdom


This is @sarahsrunninglife - Sarah ran the Loch Ness Marathon at the weekend and achieved a 26 minute personal best coming in at 3:45:56 🥇 - Since coaching started for her in April she has been an absolute asset to TPR and I couldn’t be more proud to have even contributed 1% of it, you worked so hard and you deserve each and every feeling you’re experiencing right now💪🏼 - Head over to her page and check out the race recap to get a full insight into what happened 😃 - Enjoy your rest, Sarah. What’s next for you? 🤔 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @jules_runs Dalby forest parkrun. Got 23:48. This is a 26 second course pb and my first sub 24 at Dalby! Went by feel (no watch checking) and obviously helped, felt comfortably hard. Love how all my training is paying off! - @jessrunsspain Great Bristol Half Marathon, my first ever half marathon...with a 5km and 10km PB along the way!! Over the moon - @all_things_run.derful Blackhill 10k today. Muddy and hilly 10.55km in 1:04:48. New 1/2 mile (3:45) and 1km (4:44) PB’s. Felt strong on a course I knew would be a challenge for me!! - @matthewruns_ Another half marathon PB for me, 1:30:43 down to 1:26:56! Somehow already under 1:30 with only a week of trainig with TPR. Excited for the future. - @jo.runs.n.stuff 44:33 for the RunThrough 10K on Clapham Common, placing 9th in her age category and 12th female finisher - @christineeales Survived Weymouth Ironman 70.3 and loved it!! 6hrs 23 mins of waves, rain & wind but so worth it, thank you @lloydkempson and your super plan which got me to that finish line! - @l_salt83 So I got my official time through and I did my first half marathon in 2:07. I did hope for 2 hours but it wasn't to be...I know it's in me though! - @jesssloss My first half marathon on Sunday at the Simply Health Great Bristol Half. Smashed my goal of sub 2hr with a final time of 1hr49m51s! So chuffed! - @katgodf Ran my first half marathon (The Scottish half) yesterday in 1hour 48 mins. - @rameshruns 18kms long run largely due to the encouragement from fellow tpr folks.. * Saturday - unofficial park run 5km @ 4:35 pace * Sunday - 18kms long run @ 5:16 pace - @sarahsrunninglife @lochnessmarathon Huge PB of 3:45:56 today taking 37 minutes off my time. I am absolutely buzzing and I don’t actually think it’s fully sunk in. I know I put the hard work in but @lloydkempson is just amazing at what he does and everyone else in the background aka @daniellakempson and of course the amazing group - #FORZATPR #teamprojectrun #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


This is Mark, Mark is an inspiration to me daily. Well done, champ 🥇 - “After struggling with injury for the whole training block to come away with a 3 minute PB 3:19:22 and having horrendous cramp for the last 5 miles I am over the moon my race plan worked perfectly except the cramp! Thanks Lloyd” - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @west_agram Conwy Parkrun 24:28 a 22 second PB 1st in my age category. 5th Parkrun and 5th PB. - @ruth_runs Well I asked @lloydkempson for a sub-2 half today.... previous PB was 2:04... and I got 1:52!!!!! - @mandy_moo_77 Mega chuffed! Got a half marathon pb today at Warrington EHM 1:55:43 Knocked 5 minutes off!! So happy, thank you #teamprojectrun for your awesome training plan and support! - @pdivecha93 Head really wasn’t in it today, but still managed to get New pb for 1km in the Adidas cityrun 10K Clapham - @hthom_runs Pleshey Half in 1:37:58. Decided to use it as my long training run and stuck to a consistent pace finishing in top 10 ladies too. - @jengutteridge Half marathon PB - 1.53.36!! A great run in Copenhagen - @cljenkins76 Bedford parkrun. Season's best and 2nd lady - 21:55 Royston Harvest Trail Half marathon - really tough and hilly but beautiful course. 1:52:40 - @projectmarathongirl 3:01:00!!!!! A 12 minute and 8 second PB since London 2018! Thank you to Lloyd and my team mates for their incredible support. ❤🇩🇪 - @the_marathon_dan Worcester City Run Half Marathon 01:31:16 A PB of over a minute! Great to see the work is paying off! - @duck.dawson ABP Humber Coastal Half 1:35:22 Used it to see if I could hold 7:20 pace and smashed it despite the 20mph wind and off road terrain. 3rd V40 10th lady overall! - @tortoisewins Maldon parkrun Saturday Finished 17th in 21:15 - @hannbeam Thanet Coastal Half Marathon 1:40:32 PB 3rd Female and 1st age category! - @robbo_running @berlinmarathon Finished in 3:46:37. A massive PB of 31 minutes and 59 seconds finishing 9680 overall. Thank you Lloyd and TPR for the amazing plan! Bring on the next one! - @shortgirlrunner PB of 73 minutes since my first marathon this time last year! Huuuuuge thanks to TPR for this ❤ - @jo.runs.n.stuff ran Richmond Runfest Half Marathon in a chip time of 1:40:35, placing 44th female and 14th in her age category (273rd overall) - Berlin Marathon debrief tomorrow ❤️ - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


I’m delighted to say that once again Team Project Run are at full capacity of members after opening the floodgates for a week to extremely limited numbers. I have to admit that at the same time I’m gutted that I can’t take on more of you because there are so many amazing people that have been in touch - I’ve always said from the start I will help anyone and everyone from any walk of life, ability, running experience or injury history - Unfortunately, I have to keep the super high standards that we have at TPR in terms of member satisfaction and commitment to the team. Apologies if you missed out this time but anyone who has sent a questionnaire in has been added to a waiting list, to get yourself on there head over to (link in bio) and send one across - If you are seeking an online coach or running guidance please get in touch because I can recommend some fantastic people out there - To our new members, this is your time! - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @denisecesca 10k Governors Bay to Lyttelton, New Zealand 47:14 over a hilly course. I was tired because of my physical job (worked 10h on Friday) but I could run faster than last year. Amazed with my result! - @bebbingtonruns 4th consecutive 10K PB since joining TPR. Today’s Leicester 10K time of 00:43:38 means since joining TPR in May ‘18, I’ve shaved almost 6 minutes off my 10K time. Thanks TPR team and wider family for the help. Could not do it without all the support. So pleased. - @jules_runs Vale of York half marathon 1:52:53. Had a brilliant first half but poor second half. Put it down to the cold I’ve had for a week. However, it's still a PB! SO YAY! - @james_passingham Great North Run 6 minute Half marathon PB - 1.38.43! Also new 10km, 15km, 10 miles and 20km PBS! - @strollingsoph Lichfield 10k - 56:24 My previous PB was 1:04:07 and sub-60 was the goal I gave when I joined TPR for 2018. Over the moon doesn't even cover this! So grateful to Lloyd and TPR! - @missloujuby PB at the Great North Run 1:29:20 - @rameshruns Managed 10 miles steady run, first 7 mile at 5:40 km/min pace and last 3 mile at HM pace of 5:00 min/km. Overall happy with the long run. - @browno1408 19:22 at Worthing Parkrun this weekend. A full 2min 38sec PB! #forzatpr - @matthewruns_ Swindon half marathon, new half PB of 1:30:43. Previously 1:37:33 - @cljenkins76 Poole parkrun - 22:03. Another 17 secs off my season's PB - @neftylaneruns I managed a 1 mile PB of 8:21 and a 5k PB this week!😊 - @emmategsruns great north run 2:12:33, 7 mins better than last year but no half marathon PB. Happy though considering I have not run that far since May! - @projectmarathongirl 1st lady at Sheffield parkrun 18:22 - @christineeales This weekend 11 of us cycled 348 very hilly miles from Lands End to London, over 3 days, raising nearly £9,000 for Cancer Research! - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @mandy_moo_77 I ran Heaton Park HM, wasn’t a pb but it’s a really hard course with a hill called Angina Hill and I had to run it 4 times! It was warm and I have ran a lot all week so I’m really happy 😊 - @runningmummioof4 Meteor Mile at Staverton Airport Saturday night & a new PB 6:31. Very happy thanks TPR!!!! - @projectmarathongirl Made my return to Park Run, my first since my injury and managed to place 1st female and 2nd overall! - @jessrunsspain First time I've ever run a HM distance! 3 weeks out from my first race now! - @markterry99_ Buzzing about today's half marathon PB! 1:35:19, a 3 minute 34 second improvement! - @hthom_runs Bedford Twilight 10k - unfortunately didn't hit any of my targets but came away having raced pain-free for the first time this year, finally 😊 - @rameshruns Long run of 13.61 kms completed in 1:10:29 - Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting opportunity for a limited amount of you tomorrow at 10am 😃 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


Coming to a race near you 💪🏼 - We’re very excited that our team have started to receive their TPR merch including vests, t-shirts and crop tops! We’ve sent them as far as Texas 🇺🇸 - We don’t joke when we say that we’re worldwide! 🌍 - If you’re interested in rocking some of the gear, drop us a DM and we’ll ship some out to you 😊 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @bebbingtonruns Official Parkrun PB of 22:03 - 14th overall, 4th in age category - @coderunnerguy 5k PB 20:14 (i've shaved off 16s from my previous PB)A - @ruth_runs parkrun PB taking almost a minute off 24:19 - @sarajpx 1st in my age category at park run today! Also 27th female out of 245! - @strollingsoph Parkrun PB 12 seconds off coming is at 27:35 at Cannock Chase parkrun - @jenny_teamfaz_fitness Ulverston 10k, 49:30 new PB! I’ve PBd 5k, 10k & 1/2 since joining TPR so I can’t wait to see what Chester Marathon brings - thank you! - @wishrunner10 I broke my 5km PB at huntingdon parkrun from 18:24 to 18:16 my previous best over the same course was 19:33 so a 1:17 course PB - @run_chloe_run After about 3 weeks off due to a knee injury I completed the Ellesmere 10K with a 2nd best PB and a 3rd best PB for 5k. It was thrashing down with rain and I absolutely loved it!!! My confidence to complete was all down to TPR! - @ro_sy_cri Ran Aberdeen Half marathon 1.44.30 Personal best kicked off 3 minutes. And personal best also for 10k. Thank you so much for your amazing coaching plan 😁 - @runningmummioof4 Winchcombe 10k Hill Climb for me today wet, hilly, slippery & cold but a course PB of over 3 minutes. Thank you as always for your support & guidance. - @tortoisewins PB at the Mersea Island 5mile today. 35:47. Well happy! - @jules_runs gilberdyke 10 mile 1:19:12 Felt awesome. Got a 10 mile PB AND a sub 49 10k pb on this run! - @cljenkins76 my best long run since joining TPR. 11 miles in 1:33:24 - @georgiavictoria_runs Under Armour Mountain Running Series. I ran a 25km trail race through the Appalachians in Killington, Vermont. It was an incredible experience that I will definitely be repeating - @shortgirlrunner Aberdeen HM 1:49.39 - @karolinalubieniecka 27.19 Chase the Sun 5K PB Olympic Stadium in London. Managed to shave off almost a min! - @runfitmumkatie Alien Vs Trail Runners Moonlight Half Marathon 14.5 miles. 1st female and a PB 1:40.26 - Nottingham 10k 52:51, 2nd best time in over a year! - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRFAMILY at United Kingdom


🚨MASSIVE PB ALERT🚨 - This is Adam Brown, who ran a 21 minute personal best for the marathon this past weekend in Reykjavik. In my opinion, this is the 2nd best thing @browno1408 has done since he started with us back in August 2017, the 1st achievement has to be the asset that he has been for TPR since joining all that time ago 🙏 - I can count on one hand the amount of questions he has asked me since the start, imagine that, coaching someone for over a year and they just do every single thing you set without asking why, that’s called trusting your coach and trusting the process. I’ve set the training, he’s got it done and he’s now got a shiny new PB! - Adam epitomises what it means when I say the body loves repetition > train, rest, refuel and repeat - Massive well done to you, mate! What’s on the cards now? 🥇 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at Reykjavík, Iceland


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @jo.runs.n.stuff ran 20.53 at parkrun, a new course PB and an 11s improvement from last week, and coming in as 1st female finisher. I also ran what I think is my fastest ever solo 10K in a training run of 45.21 and it felt pretty comfortable, which is a huge improvement for me! - @ruth_runs 7 mile race today, very hilly. 1:01:03! So pleased that I could keep a faster pace up for longer! All thanks to my plan! - @robbo_running Clacton on sea half marathon - used as a training run for target marathon pace and felt really good all the way round and comfortable - watch time of 1:47:29 😃 - @browno1408 Reykjavik marathon. 3:35:29. 21 minutes off a PB set in April. < FEATURE TOMORROW ON THIS - @hannahlou_runs Last year I only managed to run 200 miles thanks to sciatica caused by scoliosis. Today I ran my furthest ever weekly mileage at 26 miles including an 11 miler AND hit my annual goal of 500 miles. Thanks TPR! - @snuzzer Today saw me go over my target for the whole year...and we’re only 8 months in. I’m not only stronger and faster than I’ve ever been, but also enjoying my running so much more. Thank you Team Project Run for helping me smash my goals with a big fat smile on my face! - @missloujuby 5k PB of 19:30 @ Dereham 5k - @mandy_moo_77 5K PB this week at Warrington parkrun, 25:21, knocked over a minute off my time! - I’ve always said that a PB for my team is not at the top of the priority list for me, as long as I can get them to enjoy their running and gain the most from it then I’m doing my job, luckily there’s obviously a correlation between enjoying it and running faster! 🤪 - 🚨ALSO, we’ve confirmed the date we’re taking on more members, stay tuned 😏 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom

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