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Trust the process - Train hard - Recover harder - Enjoy your running - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily - #Repost @projectmarathongirl with @get_repost ・・・ #TransformationTuesday 🏃🏻‍♀️ . My first 1/2 marathon was back in 2014. It was my first official race since I started my running journey. I was over the moon with my time, but I thought that was my limit, I couldn’t see how I was ever going to run any quicker. After this I didn’t race another half marathon for over a year, and with more consistent training I managed to knock just over 10 minutes off my time. . I kept signing up for races and seeing improvements, and naturally I wanted to keep pushing myself more. In 2017 I was desperate for a sub 1.30, but if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t work hard enough or commit enough to it. . This all changed in early 2017 when I first signed up with @teamprojectrun 😍 I knocked three minutes off my half time & felt incredible! Fast forward exactly 12 months later and I took off a further 7 minutes! I’m now so excited to see what another 12 months work will do! . Seeing improvements & progress doesn’t happen over night. And it isn’t always a linear process (mine certainly wasn’t!) It takes time, you will probably have some set backs, but if you keep working hard, stay motivated and stay committed you WILL get your goal ❤️ . . #runtoinspire #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun #runchat #runnerscommunity #instarunners #igrunners #instarun #run #runner #running #ukrunchat #runplanet #womenrunning #teamprojectrun #projectmarathongirl at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - You’re surely getting used to these by now! 🥇🤪 - @all_things_run.derful New 5k PB - 26:51! 20 secs off my previous PB which I set 2 weeks ago! - @jules_runs 5k pb 23:20 Really pleased as only a week after 29mile trail marathon. - @chris_r_runs Parkrun PB 21.46 down to 20.23 - @nickypaynex new 5K PB 20:31 Was aiming for sub 21, after my last PB of 21.17, went and got a PB of 46seconds some how! Now I will be chasing sub 20 🤣 - @runningmummioof4 smashed out 3 races last week with Wednesday - Bugatti 10k. Saturday - Cranham Boundary Chase 10k 4 minute course PB. Sunday - Standish Woodland Chase 12 minute course PB - @projectmarathongirl Newark Half Marathon - My longest run and first race back since my hamstring injury and it couldn’t have gone any better! Official chip time of 1:26:31 which is only 3 seconds off my PB, finished 47th overall and 2nd female! - @bebbingtonruns my third attempt at sub 45 min 10k... and I totally smashed it!! @lloydkempson offered advice - ‘go off quicker, see how you feel half way’. Well at half way, I felt awesome! Three PBs back to back and this one at 44:07 chip time. - @that.running.nurse I’ve ran three races this week and got course PB’s in all of them. I am really pleased with how my running is improving since joining TPR. I am feeling so much fitter and stronger. - Amazing work @that.running.nurse you are absolutely smashing your training and we’re super proud of you!! - @james_passingham Braunstone Parkrun New park run & 5km PB again! First time running sub 20 5km, that’s 2:59 taken off 5km time since working with TPR! - @jengutteridge New PB for me on Saturday - ran 48.11 over 10k which is a minute faster than before! - @mandy_moo_77 Long Run Sunday along Lymm Trans Pennine Trail - This team amaze me daily, what a joy to be coaching them 🙏 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR #TPRfamily at United Kingdom


TEAM PROJECT RUN LONDON MEET UP🕺💃 - What a day, I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be at the head of this team. Our coaching service was initially always going to be online only but I have a passion for physically coaching people and seeing them thrive from the experience that can come from the group environment, this is what I wanted to see from Saturday and from the feedback we’ve received we got it just right 🙏 - I had a checklist of aims that I wanted to achieve with the meet up: - bring the running community together ✅ - share tips, experiences, stories and the love for running ✅ - prove that the limit you think you have can be pushed beyond your estimations ✅ - We have a large team that stretches to the four corners of the world (no joke) and I knew that a lot wouldn’t be able to make it but I’d still like to thank every single member of TPR that couldn’t attend for the support of the day that you provided, thank you to each member that made it on the day, your enthusiasm, welcoming nature and willingness to get up that bloody hill was sensational. Also, thank you for laughing at my terrible jokes! Thank you to my sister for helping arrange the day, capturing the event on camera, understanding what we have here and what I’m trying to do and being a key driving force behind this movement 💪🏼 - After such a successful day, I want more. I want to host these all over the UK, so our next meet up will be in Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 for the whole of the running community to come to, if I can get 1% extra out of who came Saturday then I can get it out of you too, #teamprojectrun or not you are welcome 🤩 - Finally, our results update is coming tomorrow, I can’t believe what we’ve achieved this weekend 🤪 - #FORZATPR #TPRfamily #teamprojectrun at Parliament Hill, London


#Repost @lloydkempson with @get_repost ・・・ Woke up feeling this much more motivated than last week 🕺 - #teamprojectrun #FORZATPR at Parliament Hill, London


📆 Aug 11th (tomorrow) - ⏰9AM - 📍Parliament Hill, London - Come and run with Head Coach @lloydkempson Brand Ambassador @projectmarathongirl and some of the #teamprojectrun family ❤️ #FORZATPR at Parliament Hill, London


I’d like everyone that has five minutes spare to read this article on a subject that is rarely spoken about within athletics and sport in general.. - This individual is a very close friend of mine and this is the bravest thing I’ve seen him do alongside the 26.2 miles he ran for his debut marathon in 2:26, aged just 20 years old 💪🏼 - Thank you to @_fastrunning for giving it the opportunity to be discussed and shared - Let’s get it moving, get people talking about it, supporting each other and helping each other 🙏 - - Thank you so much in advance, Lloyd. at United Kingdom


This legend, makes my job so so easy. Keep up the great work! - #Repost @shoulder_runner with @get_repost ・・・ Post 735 - 07/08/18 Trust. The. Process and, Trust. Your. Self. I was thinking about my post today after sacking off my 8 miler, (last night’s flight.. 😳 far too tired to even contemplate any form of exercise) and thought I haven’t done a #transformationtuesday post in a while as I haven’t done anything that truly warrants it. But then I thought, yes I have. This whole injury malarkey has been a true transformation in itself. I looked back through my posts of how frustrating it was, painful and reallyyyy fucking annoying of just getting no where and I really though that was it.. no more running for you hun. Instead I jumped on the veganism train to help reduce inflammation and promote overall health within and really started to strength train after seeing a physio. That came hand in hand with my running and I managed to boss Paris with a new PB, just. That was a true testament of sheer hard work and determination. However, did I keep this up? No. Back on the meat and dairy (absolutely not saying his has anything to do with injuries) and I didn’t keep up the rehab and bam, back to injury status again. Truth is I didn’t learn, didn’t keep it up and ended up being royally benched for a further month. However, I’m so grateful for it. I joined @teamprojectrun who have helped me follow a fantastic personalised plan, I’m strength training twice a week and upping my mileage gradually too. Not only that, I’m learning to pace my runs at a lot less stressful and harmful rate so my body can benefit and now I really can’t wait for the 14th October for when I tackle my 4th mara’ 😍 All I’m saying is, as I always have before, keep with it. It’s not forever. Stay focused, stay positive and just enjoy the break because I am so sure, you’ll be back, to your best, just as much as I am. Last weekend I ran a training half distance, pain free. If you had told me that 2 months ago I’d have told you to behave, but moving forward, I’ll be forever grateful for my runners knee. #teamprojectrun #TPR #ukrunchat #runchat #marathon #marathoner #marathontraining #yorkshiremarathon at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @james_passingham New park run & 5km PB. Since joining TPR I’ve now taken over 2 minutes off my 5km time! - @mandy_moo_77 Parkrun 5k 26:32 - @shortgirlrunner PB of over 3 minutes, official time 1:50:36 - @coderunnerguy went to Berlin for a 10k night race last weekend. Aiming for a PB but the race got cancelled 15 mins before it starts due to thunderstorm 😣 took on a Monday speed session at Oval (5x800m loop with 1 min recovery) after getting back to London. - @jo.runs.n.stuff paced her friend to a sub-2:00 half marathon; really nice to run with a friend and help her to reach her goals! - @markterry99_ Really chuffed with today's 10km race.I came 35th overall and got a 1 minute 37 second PB! - @jules_runs Rosedale marathon - hardmoors trail marathon series 4 of 7. 29.5 miles 5:55 4000+ ft of elevation and I thought 6 to 7 hours would do. I got sub 6! so chuffed! - @weesmileyrunner Westmill parkrun. A hilly 5k. First Lady. 24:12 - @nourishing_the_mind_body_soul sub 55 10K PB 54:34 this was beyond my dreams this year as I’d have been happy just to get a PB by seconds and wasn’t even thinking that would happen let alone setting a new one by 2 and a half minutes. I’m so chuffed!! 😊 I was crying in this picture as it was a bit I overwhelming. I didn’t think it was possible to get this time. I asked you for sub 57 and 2 months in I got even better than I’d hoped for. Thank you so much, I’m starting to believe in myself now ❤ ☝☝well done Emma #teamprojectrun are super proud of you ☝☝ - @yvonne_lee88 Peterborough Parkrun New 5K PB 25:42 - To all of my team, well done to absolutely every single one of you. These are just some of the results we are getting weekly, you guys never cease to amaze me week in week out! - Next Saturday we have our first team meet up, run club, group session, call it whatever you like all I know is that’s it going to be bloody fun! 🙏 ❤️ at United Kingdom


🚨 #teamprojectrun London meet up🚨 - This is the view you have waiting for you once you get yourself up Parliament Hill 💪🏼🥇 - 📆 Saturday, 11th August - ⏰ 9am - 📍Parliament Hill, Highgate - 🏃‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ Team Project Run members, friends, family and dogs are all welcome, come along for some running run and food 😋 - If you can’t make it, don’t panic! We have a meet up arranged in Edinburgh for our Scottish crew later this year plus more events in the pipeline 😏 - DM for more details! at Parliament Hill, London


We are here with you every step of the way, Jordan! We don’t think you’ll be in the rounders team this week but I’m confident you’ll be back stronger than ever sooner rather than later with the rehab plan we’re on 😀 - As yesterday was the 1st of the month, which means it’s pretty hectic at TPR HQ, today was check in Wednesday, but on a Thursday 🤯 - It’s back up to 25+ degrees in London today so hydration is key even if you’re not working out, be safe, be smart and don’t forget the basics 💪🏼 - #Repost @projectmarathongirl with @get_repost ・・・ #tbt to when I spent every morning with a run down by the beach... would be happy just with the run right now though 😞🏃🏻‍♀️ . Hopefully a few more days of being sensible & patient will help and then I’ll be allowed to start running again. It’s such a tricky injury as right now, my leg feels absolutely fine, but the last couple of times I ran the pain kicked in almost straight away. . I love the gym, but I’m really missing running right now. Running helps me to clear my head and switch off for a couple of hours, and I could really do with that right now 🤯 . . #runtoinspire #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun #runchat #runnerscommunity #instarunners #igrunners #instarun #run #runner #running #ukrunchat #runplanet #womenrunning #teamprojectrun #projectmarathongirl #injured #fedup at London, United Kingdom


The past few weeks have shown me what it means when we say ‘running community’ and the power it harnesses. This is @wishrunner10 who has been with #teamprojectrun since March 2017, in that time he has experienced everything that running has thrown at him, the good and the not so good, but I’m delighted to say that during the full 16 months he’s been with us, he has been an absolute asset to our squad and the direction we’re heading in, I cannot wait to see him succeed in everything he does. Great job, Mark. Keep doing what you are doing, because you’re ace at it and you’re a bloody legend💪🏼🙌🏽🥇🔥❤️ - #teamprojectrun at London, United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - Chris warnes new 5k PB 17:14 - @strollingsoph Cannock Chase Parkrun Course and 5k PB of 27:47, another 30 seconds off and now 4th in age category Super excited as this was just a tempo run, not a PB attempt!!! - @jules_runs Sewerby parkrun 24:19 - 4th lady too! Haven’t done this course for nearly a year and totally surprised by how easy and strong I felt. Course pb by nearly a minute. - @ruth_runs new Parkrun PB 25.30! So pleased! - @jo.runs.n.stuff new parkrun PB at Bushy Park, with an official time of 20:42, 94/1176 overall, 10/463 female and 1st in my age category. - @christineeales Seaford Olympic distance triathlon - (minus the swim as the sea was too rough!) 5k run, 40k bike, 10k run. Really tough with 30mph winds but managed a 10k pb and finished 4th lady and 2nd in age group - @cljenkins76 Pocket parkrun 23:35. 2nd lady. - @jessrunsspain 11 miles - Longest run yet in preparation for my first half marathon. When I joined TPR my longest run was 6.2 miles! Progress - @james_passingham Leicester Victoria Parkrun 21.14 3 second park run PB! - @busyfitirishmum half marathon PB yesterday 1.31.35. Knocked minute from last on in 2014. - @missloujuby 1st in age group at Worstead 5 and 1st lady and female course record at Swaffham Parkrun - @sarahsrunninglife half marathon PB on my 16 miles training run today. I haven’t raced a half marathon in 2 Years previous time 1:57, got 1:54 today. If this is a training run I can only imagine a better time for a race. Thank you Lloyd this just shows what an amazing coach you are and how good your plans work. I feel so strong just now especially since today’s run was hilly, pouring and high winds and I still felt good. - @nickypaynex Ultra 30.70miles in 4:51:36 (including running my fastest marathon in 4:05.39). 2313ft gain / 390ft max elevation. - @rameshruns Park run PB of 21:23 and came 24/378 runners - There’s been a lot of love in TPR this week and each member will know what I mean, we win together and we learn together 🙏 - #teamprojectrun at London, United Kingdom


We don’t really have a hump day at #teamprojectrun because we’re always on the way up 🔥 Follow Claire on her journey to running stardom 🌟 —————————————————————————— #Repost @clairesmarathonmusings with @get_repost ・・・ Chicago Marathon training - Day 37 Intervals ✅ 12 x 90 seconds fast, 90 seconds slow ✅ #TransformationTuesday ⬅️ My first ever 10k 🤪 Back then I was running 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 22 minutes. I would always be in leggings and was constantly hiding under a hat in case anyone saw me 😳 ➡️ The latest of many! I ran 7.6 miles in an hour and 19 minutes on Sunday. Whenever I'm not seeing improvement I look back to that race and remember all the hard work I've done since 🏃🏼‍♀️💪 • #tuesday #chicagomarathontraining #intervals #onlylookbacktoseehowfaryouvecome #run #runner #running #loverunning #runr #ukrunchat #10k #firstever10k #runningcommunity #nothidinganymore #raceday #marathonrunner #teamprojectrun #intervalsession #hardwork #womenwhorun at United Kingdom


Trust your process, whatever that may be, trust in it. I love this game 🏃🏼‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ - #teamprojectrun - #Repost @lloydkempson with @get_repost ・・・ Happy to see the back of bike sessions - 📷 @tmhook at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE🚨 - @georgiavictoria_runs a 1 second 5k PB at the Standard Chartered Great City Race in London 20:22 - @fusedrunnerferrell First 5k since April of 2017! 💃🏻💃🏻31:35 - @jericyuen Very happy today, managed to shaved off 27s from my parkrun this morning and got another PB :) Southwark Parkrun - @hthom_runs Tempo Run quickest 5k since 1st Jan 2017 and just 6 seconds off my PB - managed 20:39 Glad I found you!! - @rameshruns Park run second best timing of 22:16 and came 34/345 runners - @healthy_me_runs Absolutely delighted that today I got a PB at Elmbridge 10km 49:24 I took 2mins 10 seconds off my last PB and it’s all thanks to you @lloydkempson and @teamprojectrun The training is definitely paying off. Thank you!! Looking forward to seeing what other improvements I can make! - @hayley_lamkin I was 2nd lady at the Kirste 5 today. First race back from injury. Not my best time but it was a trail course and very very hot. - @west_agram Parkrun PB 24:48 22 second PB Third ever Parkrun and third Parkrun PB - @lennylou1111 5k race for life in 33 mins 45 secs - @nickypaynex New 5k PB at 21:17 9 seconds quicker than last time 3rd PB in a row! - @denisecesca 10km race, pace 4'35/km and my time was 46:26. The course was 10.12 km, if it was 10km the time would be 45:50 Pretty happy as I was feeling well today, still close to my best result, which is 45:15 - @clairesmarathonmusings trail run near Stanstead house in Hampshire. No PB but managed 7.2 miles in an hour and 15 minutes and it used to take longer than that to run less! - And finally but by no means least, one of our longest serving athletes Sara. She’s been with us here at Team Project Run since day #3 of existence and not only has her running improved but also her strength and complete and utter determination to succeed. @sarajpx Race to the Stones 100km non stop HELL Despite being 3 hours longer than I wanted too due to heat stroke I still came 161st female out of 324! Top 50% - A PB is not our main aim, enjoying your running and gaining a sense of our running community is our #1 priority here at TPR. These PB performances are just a bonus 🎉 - #teamprojectrun at United Kingdom


🚨TEAM PROJECT RUN RESULTS UPDATE 🚨 - @jo.runs.n.stuff Very happy to report a new 5K PB of 20:30 at RunThrough Battersea Park, 1st place female finisher (and age group) and 7th overall - @all_things_run.derful Just about to finish my third week of #teamprojectrun and I only went and got a parkrun PB!!! Official time 27:12 and 7th in age category, previous PB 28:20!! So happy!!! - @jericyuen Southwark Parkrun PB 20:57 - @ruth_runs 10k PB today at Worcester Race for Life!! 52:10 - @emmategsruns New PB at Virgin Sport British 10km in London 56:02 - @pdivecha93 Fastest mile after 5 months of illness. She’s getting stronger ever day!! - @busyfitirishmum I ran my first park run yesterday. Tempo pace 20.40 and finished First Lady!! - @strollingsoph Piece of Cake half marathon with ~670m elevation gain/loss 2:49:29 19th lady of 52 - 54 of 108 overall - @jules_runs Duncombe Park trail half marathon 2:10 2 laps of hilly dry trail. Very hot ☀☀ - @the_marathon_dan Virgin Sport British 10K 43:39 No PB in some really tough conditions but a really good tempo workout keeping it below 7 minute miles, feeling good! - @lovestorunlondon Park run PB this week of 23:24 2nd lady, 1st in age group! - @that.running.nurse Hayley Woolnough and I completed our first Ultra Marathon at #rtts was also my first marathon!! - after first week with #teamprojectrun Roundhay Parkrun course PB of 27:53 taking off 92 seconds off this course! - @little.runner.mel 3rd lady in the Spitfire Scramble 24 covering 73.54 miles! - As always, our main aim at TPR is to show you the physical, mental and social benefits that running can bring you, like it’s brought so many of our team. If a PB happens along the way, that’s just an added bonus 🙏 - #teamprojectrun at United Kingdom


Results speak for themselves 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ - @projectmarathongirl is an ambassador not only for @teamprojectrun but also for training hard, training smart, recovering smarter and keeping her dedication 💯 - Have a great Tuesday! - #teamprojectrun at United Kingdom


Team Project Run one to one coaching is now currently FULL! 😱 - As Head Coach, I have a certain amount of athletes I can look after full time and we have reached that capacity. We will be taking on new athletes later on this year and for anybody looking at doing the @londonmarathon keep your eyes peeled October time...🏃‍♂🏃‍♀ - Don’t be too disheartened as we have some exciting news coming. Watch this space for our new product launching very soon 😏 - #teamprojectrun at United Kingdom

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