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2005 Dodge Magnum SXT 3.5L V6 Houston, TX DIYer Self Mechanic

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The nice dirty rumble of the 3.5 L v6. Ft. A bog down due to the ac. Because Texas


Oof. Don't let the light deceive you. She is hella dirty. And no, I currently don't have fog light bulbs in. I have something planned


Damn that ass is phat... What can I say, I love BBW's (big beautiful wagons) at Houston, Texas


I love wagons, this is my set up. Rear cargo organizer with some basic necessities (small socket carrying kit, some safety glasses, jumper cables, and a tow strap) behind that I have a lawn chair and my amp. at Houston, Texas


Shout out to my boi @ccsweezy for the footage of my slow but loud drive by. Idk how my v6 sounds like a v8 πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ at Mexico


Picked me up a Chrysler 300 steering wheel for $17. Now to sell my Dodge one


My #topnine #topnine2017 #top9 thanks everyone! Let's prepare for 2018! at Houston, Texas


A little of a ricey cold start but oh well. Unique style with the Challenger exhaust 😎. Merry Christmas everyone! Got some things coming. And a new video!


Decided to change up the door panels. Turned the chrome into a brushed metal and removed the wrap on the window switches and painted it a stainless steel. Gives it a real clean look.


Mag gang πŸ˜›


So beautiful 😍


Stay positive, even on gloomy days at Houston, Texas


Added some springs to make the hatch open part way so it can't close back on itself. #mopar #moparornocar #dodge #challenger #charger #magnum #chrysler #300 #300c #sxt #rt #srt #srt8 at Houston, Texas


Lockscreen challenge. If tagged, post them. #dodge #magnum #challenger #charger #srt #rt #sxt #srt8 #v6 #v8 #mopar #moparornocar at Houston, Texas

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