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Another cheese plate at 36,000 feet on a tray table. Used @americanair’s cheese snack box. They didnt have as many additional choices as @jetblue had, so I bought some extra goodies in the terminal. See behind the scenes on the stories. This is still not sponsored, just bein’ me 😂 #ThatCheesePlate at On an Airplane


That GAME DAY Plate. Chicken wings on a cheese plate? Double #SalamiRiver? Blue Cheese and Franks Red Hot? Yes please. Disclaimer: these peppers are beautiful but SO SPICY so we recommend bell peppers 😂 Best served with an additional tray of chicken wings on the side. Game on. #ThatCheessPlate #ThatCheeseVideo


Keepin it simple with That “Let It Brie” Plate 🧀 Step-by-step up on @cheesebynumbers #ThatCheesePlate #SalamiRiver


Sweeping headlines once again because I’m a ridiculous human. If you missed the @jetblue cheese plate, here’s an article about it 😂 Thanks for the ink @travelandleisure 🧀 The full Insta story is up on our highlights, article link in bio #ThatCheesePlate #CheeseByNumbers at On an Airplane


Extra meat for your game day needs 🏈 Working on an epic Super Bowl plate and tutorial 🧀 Coming soon #salamiriver #ThatCheesePlate


Cheese plates ARE self-care. Thank you @voxdotcom for the feature! We also made a chill @Spotify playlist for you to listen to while you sit back, relax & create art with cheese. Find it on our Instagram story highlights 🧀 #ThatCheesePlate #ThatCheesePlaylist (Photo by: @dianadaviscreative)


Lunch break? #ThatCheesePlate


NEW YEAR, NEW CHEESE. Best workshop yet! Thanks to everyone who came, and big thanks to @usaboska for the boards & knives, @jammyyummy, @tuliptreecreamery & @aida_eats! Full blog post on the site - 🧀 Fancy photos by @noel_mcgrath, the rest from my iPhone 😉 #ThatCheeseClass #ThatCheesePlate #OurCheesePlate at Lois


So much fun today building cheese plates and sippin wine at @loisbarnyc 🧀 Blog post to come, but for now see behind the scenes on our stories. #ThatCheeseClass #ThatCheesePlate #OurCheesePlate at Lois


That “Cheese Can Still Be Healthy” Plate 🧀🌿 Growing up, my mom would always say “everything in life is about moderation.” You can eat that truffle cheese, just maybe not the whole block. You can drink that wine, just maybe not the whole bottle. Be kinder to yourself. Have more fun. Eat your fruits and veggies. Happy 2019 friends 🎉 #SwipeToBuild guide available now on @cheesebynumbers #ThatCheesePlate #OurCheesePlate


That “New Years Eve” Plate 🌟 Also celebrating 50,000 followers! Excited for 2019 🧀 #ThatCheesePlate all from @traderjoes. Full ingredient list on @cheesebynumbers. #ThatCheeseVideo


That “Easy Going” Plate 🧀 We used leftover cheese, crackers, nuts & honeycomb from the holidays to create this board. #SwipeToBuild posted on @cheesebynumbers #CheeseByNumbers #ThatCheesePlate

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