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Them bedtime kisses 😘 . . #kissme #bedtime #loveyou #boxerkisses #boxer #boxerdog #boxersofinstagram #boxerlove #boxergram


This normal... asking for a friend 🐾 #sooky #cantfit


@nadira_the_kiwi_collie hope this is some help in how to start 😊 would love to see your video when you got it 😊 #wolvestrickcomp


Agility play with my deaf Boxer Poppy


dogs, just remember mental exercises and stimulation is so much more tiring for dogs. You can teach them so much and they love to learn. If you are going to do any training and use food rewards best on an empty tummy. Exercising can be easily done at home, flirt poles are get energy burners and they love the chase, just remember to let the dog win often or they may give up as there is no reward for the chase. If you would like any tips on tricks/training please feel free to message 😊 Stay safe everyone 🐾