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Tomorrow, Saturday, November 4th at 1 PM I will be giving a fly tying demonstration during the Arts of the Angler show, which is being held at the Ethan allen hotel in Danbury Connecticut. I will be demonstrating different fly patterns using the Flymen Fishing Company Wiggle Shanks. These Shanks give more movement to your nymphs and emergers that can help entice some of those picky trout. If you’re in the area please stop over and enjoy the show! There Will be two days full of fly tying demonstrations and presentations from many people. So as I always recommend; grab yourself a notebook, a pen and bring all of your questions; as there is a wealth of knowledge out there that many of us enjoy sharing with you!! @cffcm @flymenfishingco #flyfishing #flytying


Ah yes, Fall is here. That means Sunny afternoons dropping into the pockets for large bass catching a magical glimpse of these two lovebirds “refueling” in mid air before landing on the oars. Fall. 🛩👉🏻🛫🛬👌🏻✈️ It’s officially here. • • • • • • • 🤣 #isthatso #youdontsay #pumpkinspiceeverything #doyouevenknowherfirstname #sothatshowitsdone #iguessivebeendoingitallwrong #censored #youmustbegoodatyoga 🤣 #sorrytodisturbyou #fall #bassfishing #lakefishing #flyfishing


I’ve received a lot of questions lately as to working with Turkey biots, so I have posted a link in my bio to a previous step-by-step; complete with troubleshooting photos. It will also take you to troubleshooting post about creating a uniform underbody. I hope this tutorial helps answer some of your questions and takes the fear out of working with this material! #flyfishing #flytying


And then, after a handful of trout, they named the fugly thing -“The Beauty School Drop Out” @nytrouthunter84 🚫💅🏻💄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #flyfishing #flytying #flytyingaddict #iwokeuplikethis #selfie #nofilter #duckface #uggsarentrealboots #pumpkinspiceeverything #gymselfiejustkiddingiambusyeatingbaconrightnow🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Like a string of Partridge laden Christmas lights 🤣 #tistheseason #tyingseason @lagartun_ltd flat braid is addicting • • • • • • • #flytying #flyfishing #lagartun #flytyingaddict #flytyingjunkie


I’ve had a lot of inquiries into where you can purchase the coloring and activity book I designed and illustrated for the @cffcm called “It’s All About Fly Fishing”. They can be purchased directly from the Museums gift shop in Livingston Manor NY, or online through @dettetroutflies store 🎉⭐️ Link is in my bio⭐️ And I’m sure your kids will have as much fun coloring these pages, as I had illustrating them! • • • • • • #flytying #flyfishing #flyfishingart #coloringbook #flytyingjunkie #catskills #trout #browntrout #rainbowtrout #brooktrout #mayfly


🙋🏻 #catskills #flyfishing #catchandrelease


I am by no means an expert. As much as I enjoy tying, and as much as I am immersed in the learning and the teaching aspect of it; I am not afraid to say that I don’t know everything. Being able to expand our knowledge is what keeps many of us behind our vise. I have seen people pick apart other tyers work (and I don't mean constructive criticism) You know what I mean I'm sure you have seen it. But don't let that discourage you as a tyer. I want to share with those beginning, some Flies that I had tied within the first few weeks of me starting, and more are up on my blog. I myself, even now, am not afraid to ask questions, or to say that I dont know and that is something you shouldn’t be afraid of either. Ask them, and ask them proudly. Ask them knowing that someone next to you may have the same question but be afraid to ask. And if you find that your questions are treated with disrespect and sneers? Then you simply ask someone else. Don’t let the response of one or two hold you back from learning, because the majority of fly tyers enjoy teaching and passing what knowledge we have, onto others. I am not ashamed to be sitting at my table, tying a at a show, and not have the answer to a question I am asked. I have been known to look around the room for someone that DOES know that answer; and accompany that person so that we can both find out the pressing topic. I don’t see the shame in it, because truthfully; I enjoy it. I have many questions that I sometimes forget to ask in my busy life, but to be able to stand there with that same person and learn side-by-side with them, to me isn’t a downside. Its an upside. Because now we both know the answer to a question, that five minutes ago neither of us didn’t. I’m OK with all of this, and you should be too. But too often I find people would rather sacrifice the knowledge they could have acquired, by holding back a question in fear of sounding like a ‘beginner’ or an ‘idiot’ in front of others. The bottom line is, “We all began as beginners”. #flyfishing #flytying #flytyingaddict #flytyingjunkie


"It's windy out" 🌬🍂 O Yeah? Good... 😆 #terrestrials #flytying #flyfishing


A few more 'winter stone' watercolor paintings finished and framed #watercolor #stonefly #flyfishing ❄️


::insert some long winded meaningful, inspirational quote/caption here; when in reality I was just eating a sandwich on my boat:: 🤣 #flyfishing #suchinspiration #muchwow @sarahfromenthal


Peacock swords give off quite the color when used as body material. Drowned insects are very effective searching patterns, either dead drifted or fished in the film with a little floatant. Both patterns are tied with peacock swords, @lagartun_ltd wire ribbing and Reel Wings. The smaller version: Tied on an 18-20 with a starling hackle collar, extra fine wire and Ant Wings. The larger version: A dubbed haretron body; brushed out underneath and medium spinner wings tied on a 16 or larger. #reelwings #flytying #lagartunltd


The classics never go out of style 💃🏻Royal Coachman Streamer #flytying #flyfishing


A small handful of partridge and orange using @lagartun_ltd flatbraid and fine gold wire #flytying #flyfishing #softhackle #lagartun_ltd


See ya later, "lake gator" 💁🏻😂😂😂😂 #flyfishing


Simple and effective caddis pupae, using @lagartun_ltd mohair twisted and combed out. Tied on a @fireholeoutdoors 316 hook #caddisfly #flytying #flyfishing #fireholeoutdoors #lagartunltd


I have had quite a few requests on how to tie this fly, as well as questions on how to use the Articulated Wiggle Tail Shanks for nymphs and am happy to say the step-by-step is up, the link is in my bio. This is an excellent fly to fish in the film, and if the CDC puff becomes mangled after a handful of fish and isn't Floating like it once was? Swinging it subsurface like a wiggling soft hackle is just as productive, as the fibers continue to wave in the current. @flymenfishingco #flyfishing #flytying #articulatedflies #mayfly #emerger #culdecanard


The great escape #flyfishing

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