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#Afrolatinx Project: Isaha This past week I misplaced two SD cards that carried photos of nine other #Afrolatinos and #Afrolatinas that were apart of this project. I’ve looked everywhere in my apartment and even retraced the path I take when I walk to work. Nothing. I hope they show up one day. If not, then I truly appreciate all those that participated in the “Confidence” series. They’ll be other series to follow. Until then, this is the end of this project. To my nephew Isaha, you are truly the manifestation of the dreams this family had way back in Colombia. I love you. Link in bio. Much love. ❤️🤞🏾


#Afrolatinx Project: Omar (@el_xoxiokadhafi) “Si estas perdido y confuso espero que te encuentren, solitario en esta guerra y perfilándome de frente” #xoxio Excited for the blessing that God gave you hermano. You know we got little #ENJ tight for life. Link in bio. Much love. ❤️🤞🏾


#Afrolatinx Project: Isabel (@isa_herbachic) Confidence is what brings forward growth. All you need is a little of it to get things moving. I’m proud of the woman you are becoming. I love you mama. Link in bio. Much love ❤️🤞🏾


#Afrolatinx Project: Karina (@karina_mamii) • • • “It’s crazy. I look back and remember how much I hated my skin color. I used to get told “you’re black, you’re not latina” & I was so quick to deny it. I denied it every time it was told to me because being “black” felt like you weren’t enough, it felt like you didn’t belong. Wishing I looked different, you know...the straight hair..lighter skin color..etc. But today, I know my worth. Today, I LOVE the skin I’m in. Today, I embrace my various #afrocentric hairstyles and let them flourish. Today, I’m proud to say I’m AFRO-LATINA.” Link in bio. Much love ❤️🤞🏾


#Afrolatinx Project: Zully y Marino (@zullymillan) Zully: “Being confident as an #Afrolatina is loving and trusting the woman I have become and never forgetting my roots or where I come from.” Marino: “Being confident as an #Afrolatino is to continue to teach the values and principles I gained from those that raised me.” • • • For more images from this shoot, hit the link in the bio. Much love 🤞🏾❤️


#AfroLatinx Project: Jeff (@j.ibar) I started this series (link in bio) of portraits to share the true essence of what it is to be AfroLatino. The first one revolves around the topic of “confidence” and what it means to exude such trait through ones afrolatinidad. • • • “Confidence to strut my pro-black, paradoxical, optimistic and lax/personality while still maintaining my professionalism as a doctor of pharmacy. That ties in perfectly to my experiences as a afro-Colombian. Being confined to the idea of what black people and black-Latinos can and cannot do, dictated my life for a while. Now having to trek through uncharted territory (the workforce) I feel that my identity and freedom is SO VITAL to how I care for patients. Having this optimistic attitude, that's unique to me, has aided several patients I've interacted with by achieving better health outcomes byway of giving practical and empowering advice on medications and general health.” - Jeff at Houston, Texas


el negrito con mucha calma en el corazón at Morocco


🙂🤞🏾✌🏾 at Morocco


😏 at Amsterdam, Netherlands


slow down #tranquilo at White Pine Trailhead


don’t separate your body from your spirit at Morocco


Wake up. Pray up. Stay up. Repeat. #retrato at Morocco


two years... at Meknès-Tafilalet


solo at Morocco


“como que viene la lluvia” at Morocco


“I’m so fucking proud of you guys” - #Beto at El Paso, Texas


“la carretera de la vida esta llena de aflicción y tu caracter como espejo relfeja tu reaccion” - @el_xoxiokadhafi at Ouarzazate ورزازات


wabi sabi #simplicity at Chefchaouen, Morocco

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