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- Today: Work to a heavy deadlift (10 x box jump between each set) Then... . ‘MURPH’ -1 mile run -100 pull-ups -200 push-ups -300 air squats -1 mile run *if you can, wear a weighted vest. . Good luck to everyone taking part today ✌🏼


- Sandbag sprints. Up sand dunes. To finish a session of sandbag squats and carries. Much sand. . Of all of the odd places I’ve trained over the years, this is one of my favourites. . I sincerely hope that when all of ‘this’ is over, people will realise that many of the tools they picked up to ‘make do’, should have been in their toolbox already. . What will you continue to do, even once gyms reopen?


- “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”- Theodore Roosevelt . Keep it moving folks ✌🏼. . (Interestingly I made my first ever tyre sled around ten years ago, took it out for a few laps and made an absolute state of a football pitch. Felt very, very bad. Glad to get that off of my chest.)


- We talk a lot about transitioning from ‘exercising’ to ‘training’, but I think there’s a third station that’s often overlooked- just immersing yourself in ‘physical culture’. . It’s not for everyone (like anything), but there’s such a rich and incredible history to be explored in strength and fitness, a history you can actually *experience* through your own body. . I’m a firm believer that to be the best at anything requires laser like focus, and I have the upmost respect for athletes and trainees who commit to that process; but for anybody else who fancies the adventure, I implore you to explore the iconography of physical culture, look at how these heroes across the ages have sharpened their tools and expressed their physicality... and where you can, get involved yourself. . If you plan on doing this forever, then you’ve got plenty of time to try it all. . And at the moment, with gyms closed, our best role models are the men and women who smashed this training malarkey before the word ‘gym’ even existed. ✌🏼


- Finding it hard to get motivated to train at home? It might be time to chill out... . One of the most common conversations I’m having at the moment is with people struggling to get amped up train at home. I’ll go into detail on rituals and creating an environment in a future project, but for now here’s some instantly actionable steps you can take to go from couch to cleans. . This has always been my go to three step ritual after a long day on site, when pizza in the hotel bed is looking far more appealing than burpees in the car park- •Caffeine •Cold exposure •Controlled breathing . Without boring you with detail, what we want to do is fire up our nervous system and tap into aspects of our physiology that drive us to move. . -Caffeine ☕️. This one is fairly self explanatory. I’m not going to spoon feed you, you know your own tolerances. Whether it’s an espresso, an energy drink, a weapons grade pre-workout or all of the above blended and mainlined. If you’re not a fan, just skip this step. No judgement whatever you decide. Do what works for you. . -Cold exposure ❄️ . Immediately post caffeination, seek out some cold. Your quickest and easiest option is to jump into a cold shower. Assess your tolerance, again. Ramp down slowly if you need to. Work to as cold as manageable, over five minutes. . -Controlled breathing 🧘🏽‍♂️. This is the step you’re most likely to brush off, disregard and skip- but it’s where the magic happens. This is the final piece of the puzzle to put your body into attack mode. I like 20 cycles of a HUGE nasal inhale, breathing deep into my belly and up to my chest; before ‘dumping’ the breath out through my mouth. Repeat this cycle 20 times through as quickly as possible, then tell me you’re not ready to burpee over a house for reps. . Let me know if you currently incorporate any of the above, or how you get on if you give this trifecta a whirl. . 📸 @callumtraceyphotography


- ‘Grace’ Every time you take your hands off the bar= 3 rounds of- ‘Cindy’. . . From the archive. I miss this a bit. . Grace- 30 clean and jerk @ 60kg Cindy- 5 x pull-up 10 x push-up 15 x squat . @bulldoggear #bulldoggear #builtbybulldog #thehomegymseries #garagegym #homegym #crosstraining #weightlifting #hiit #functionalfitness #gymequipment #girlswholift #guyswholift #teamrichey #healthylifestyle #gymkit #gymessentials #ukmanufacturing #lifting #mobility #fitnessaddict #workout #gym #training #squatstation #squat #fitnessgear #gympackages #homegympackages #gymgoals #homegymlife


- Banded moves you might not be doing 🧨. . Banded zercher squats. . Picked these up from @apexstrengthsociety and they’re by far the best form of bi-lateral banded squats I’ve ever tried. . Extra posterior chain bang for your buck through your upper back, and the usual zercher bicep isometric and trunk anti flexion goodness. . These will be going into rotation during lower body warm-ups for me, but if you’re limited to bands at the moment these are more than worth a visit ✌🏼


- Atlas balls are back in rotation. Couldn’t be happier. . It’s ironic that what we refer to as ‘odd’ objects probably set you up for the real world far better than ‘conventional’ tools. . 📸 @victory_visuals


- I miss inhaling diesel fumes during a workout. . A throwback to long days and short shorts. . A nice ring complex for you if, like me, you’re only good at the basics- . E3MOM x 30 minutes •3 x strict ring muscle up •6 x ring dips •9 x push-ups . Don’t rush it, it’s not a met-con. The reps are low and the rest is high so you can focus on good quality work ✌🏼


- 100 reps of a bodyweight pushing movement. 100 reps of a bodyweight pulling movement. 100 reps of a lower body movement. . Every day. . 30 days. . I’ve completed this multiple times over the years and enjoyed the results. There’s a write-up/download from a few years ago, with regressions, progressions and suggestions still on the website (link in the bio). . Now seems like an apt time to share again. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Something always beats nothing.


- POWER COUPLE . A nice ‘mini-complex’ of hang power snatch into behind the neck push press=1 rep . 10 sets of 6-10 in an EMOM with some pull downs. . It was ‘vertical push’ (superset with vert pull) on my template for the day, but the added pull in the snatch made for some nasty trap DOMs. . I thoroughly enjoyed this and despite body English being employed on both lifts, a decent amount of tension across the set. . Behind the neck press can be tricky depending on your mobility, I nearly lost a few reps straight off my traps- but we tried a single arm dumbbell variant that’s much friendlier and well worth a try! . Give me a tag if you try this ✌🏼


- What an incredible privilege it is, to be able to move. . Enjoy it, explore it, hone it, never take it for granted. .