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Equality is a human thing.


If I could only pick one of the sixty six dos and don’ts in my new book to be less of a miserable fuck, it would be this one. Click my bio link and hit podcast. Book drops in 12 days. #iusedtobeamiserablefuck #theangrytherapist


EPISODE 2 COMING SOON! . I’m so excited about this project. It’s feels so good to just go out and make something you really believe in. I can’t wait to see how all these comes together, and all the lives and moments we capture as we drive north to create a dialogue about men and humanizing ourselves in two weeks. Each episode is a chapter of my new book. Watch all episodes on my IGTV. Special thanks to @fitz440 for shooting and editing and @vanessasbennett for producing this.


Excited to a part of this important conversation. Go to to check it out.


Been worrying about shit I never had to worry about since E.T. almost died in the early 80’s. We all know worrying is a complete waste of energy and throws you into a very low frequency. But how do you stop? How do you toss your umbrella? I think like everything, it takes practice. You have to rewire your brain and that shit takes time. But it starts with a decision. A hard line. To no longer allow what’s in between your ears to strip you of your life. There is what is and there is what if and if you keep living in what if, you are no longer living. You are existing. You are a statue. Take worrying seriously, like it’s a disease that’s taking your life. Because it is. Make a decision today. Take your fucking life back. Pull out of your head. Tap into your spirit. Connect to your body. Breathe. Be here. Now. And if it rains, you will dance. . #iusedtobeamiserablefuck #theangrytherapist


Guys, I’ve been talking to myself a lot these days. Here are some upcoming chats. If you subscribe, you won’t need to remember. Click by bio link and hit podcast. . Experiences over things. The essence of you. The power of noticing. What is happening is essential. Living on a different plane. Are you running away or toward yourself? Before the red flags, there are subtle signs. Purser / distancer in relationships. Why we lose ourselves in others. Structuring your day. Mindfulness sex. How to stop worrying. ... and of course, My Fucking Feelings. . #theangrytherapistpodcast


I’ve been asking people to give me their definition of a man on video. And everyone who has done it, thank you so much! I decided to slip mine into a podcast episode. If you have ten minutes, click my bio link and hit podcast. . #iusedtobeamiserablefuck #theangrytherapist


.. PULL BACK This is always step one. Let go of whatever you’re trying to tackle and take a step back. Breath. Maybe re-evaluate. Look at it from different sides. Ask yourself why questions. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? And why? Does it line up with your truth and story? . WORK BACKWARDS You need to see a path so you have direction and believe it’s actually possible. The truth is the universe may paint you a very different picture. But it’s about traction. Your vision will give you a direction. Break your goal down to small pieces or see a different goal. Work backwards so you see the path. That will give you a reset. Hopefully inject some hope. Once you accomplish the smaller or different goal, you’re back in the game. . JUST DO ONE THING When you’re feeling stuck, sniper over shotgun. Get super focused and zone in on one thing that’s in your control that you can accomplish. One thing. Not fifty. You don’t climb a peg board by looking up at all the holes you get to peg to get to the top. Your body gets heavy very fast. You just focus on inserting the peg into one hole at a time. Then suddenly realize you’re at the top. I’ve never been rock climbing but I’m assuming it’s probably the same. No one runs up mountains. They climb.


Ambivalence will always water you down. Put more value on the attempt rather than the outcome. Try like you won’t get another try. In everything, especially love.


Ask yourself what you’re willing and not willing to negotiate in your relationships.


A meaningful day.


New episode. Sometimes the things that never happened to us become the best things. Let me explain. Click on my bio link and hit podcast.


Perfect Iove. The future on your terms. Permanence. Being “ready” to have children. Happily ever after. Yesterday. Eternal youth. Happy as a constant. For everyone to like you. . What else?


New blog. If I had to only pick one out of the sixty-six tips on how to stop being a miserable fuck from my new book, I think this one would be it. + I’ll tell you how to actually execute it. Because that’s where most drop the ball, the execution piece. And they never experience any real change. . Okay let’s get to it. Click my bio link and hit Medium. at Pharos Athletic Club


My publishers just told me the first batch of my new book has been printed. . There’s a strange feeling that washes over you when you get the first official book in the mail. When you can actually hold it in your hand and flip through the pages. It’s an emotional experience. I would imagine it’s what holding your baby in your arms for the first time feels like. You can’t help but to think about everything you had to go through for this to be in your hands. The odds of it even happening. The miracle of it. It’s a strange feeling. Books are dried cement. You can’t delete or tweak like blogs. Once conceived, it’s out there existing in the world. It’s a living breathing thing. There’s a permanence to it. This is my first hardcover book. It comes home in a week. I can’t wait to hold it and cry my eyes out. . Get your copy now. It’s on it’s way. Click my bio link and hit miserable fuck book. Also I will be doing a live drawing on Jan 31st to see who won a free seat in our Catalyst Life Coach Training ($4,000 value) to be a certified life coach. You can still enter. There are only 22 people in the raffle right now which means you have a really good chance. Order five books and email me the receipt and you’re in. [email protected] #theangrytherapist #harperonebooks #iusedtobeamiserablefuck


I love it when students send me competed homework. This is from my goal setting course. Click my bio link and hit “no more fucking excuses” if you want to send me your completed homework too. #dothework

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