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Guys, I’m creating a dialogue on IGTV about various topics. Check them out. If this one, I’m wearing my favorite cacti shirt. They’re shareable if you think they’ll help someone.


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Because you and your story can not be separated. You are your story. . #theangrytherapist #quotes #relationshipgoals #iusedtobeamiserablefuck #singleonpurpose


Because I have fallen before. And I’m too old to take the long way home, again. Because I am different today. First by announcement, then slowly getting up to my knees by thinking about everything that didn’t happen in my life that I thought was supposed to. But then looking back later and seeing why. Up to my feet. I choose to trust because it’s the only vine that will pull us out of our quicksand. I choose to trust because things like this cement the belief that, my life is not about me. I learned this ten years ago when I was cut in half. Anyone in a dark place, I understand. Not because I’m a therapist. Because I am human. And things happen to me like they happen to you. I have less salt in my tears because things have come without warning. I choose to trust because I believe it is our superpower and without it, there are no miracles. And without miracles, we are just stained aluminum. . When darkness falls, you can either fall with it. Or you can choose to trust. One leads to death. The other, life.


What makes you unique and valuable will always be your take, your way in, your spin. Let me explain. Click my bio link and hit podcast if you have 10 minutes.


Stop holding onto what could have been. Life does not live there. . #theangrytherapist #quotes #singleonpurpose


Daily dose. “Finally learning that life is okay” - A ha #iusedtobeamiserablefuck


Tag anyone who needs to hear this. . #theangrytherapist #dating #relationshipgoals


When we make it about others, we pull ourselves out of our own problems. We stop dwelling on shit we can’t control. By giving, we become powerfilled instead of feeling powerless. It’s not about forgetting about you and your goals. It’s about being in this state that will pull you out of your suck.


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Daily dose.


I understand we all want to find our “one” or our person but that’s not what love is only about. Love is about finding ourselves through our person. That’s why it’s so important to be with someone who has the ability to give us that kind of space / experience. It’s through our relationships that we learn the most about ourselves. Or not. That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely. Relationships aren’t just about loving someone. It can be one of the greatest tools to connect by to you. . More about this in my audio course, “Bulletproof Your Relationship”. Click my bio link and you’ll see it there. Listen to the free lesson.


Life is precious.


Daily sweat with old friends @sgrwoodward and @texashogue. Make sure you surround yourself with good dudes.


In the last two years, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of living a through-me life. The highest of the four stages, to-me, by-me, for-me, and through-me. I used to live a very to-me life. I did nothing but blame and complain. It made me powerless because it put me in victim mode. I created my own prison and nothing good happened. . When you believe you are an instrument, a messenger, a conduit, when you believe something is working through you to project your gifts / story to the world, you become fearless. Because it’s no longer about you. It’s about something greater. This distance allows you to let go of things easier, to check your ego. To pull back and see your entire story and make meaning of it. It allows you to breathe. To trust. To watch instead of control. It makes you work harder. It makes you appreciate. Forgive. Gives you new eyes, ones filled with wonder instead of tainted with judgement. It’s a powerful mindset that can change your life pretty fast. Apply it to all areas of your life, including your relationships. What does it look like to live a through-me life?


Are you ringing yet? . #theangrytherapist #quotes #5amclub


If you sweat daily, make sure you get in the essentials. @smartypants. Omega 3’s. Digestion. Bones. Energy. Immunity. #smartypartner

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