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It’s Friday. What’s your fuck it? Also, find your tribe.




In time, Cupid must grow up. Rebellion and romance ripen into mature love. Innocence is traded for power. Young minds and bodies harden and the amorphous fantasies of what might be must conform to the limits of a single possible life. Love is not strawberry fields forever. We learn to wait, to work, to weave patient threads of care, to husband and till the land, to bake bread, to change diapers. As love grows into commitment, it is often called upon to sacrifice immediate pleasure, forego the spontaneous impulse of passion, and pledge the fidelity from which hope blossoms. Eros must finally put on work gloves and an apron. . - Sam Keen


Old relationships Goals that are not honest to you anymore Shoulds you hang over yourself Lopsided friendships Negative people Limited beliefs Old definitions of love What someone did to you Things that don’t serve you Toxicity in your life Resentment toward people who have hurt you Chasing shiny things Worry Dread Self bashing Unrealistic expectations Trying to change people Everything that hasn’t happened yet Approval and validation Things you’re not passionate about The past . What else?


Join me in Bali this April as run my workshop and groups with @wildadventure.lizgalloway <— for more info. Also partnering with @jrni_co


When I started my little podcast, I promised myself just to get to 12. That was my goal. I didn’t know if I’d get past that. Thank you listening to me talk to myself in my underwear 100 times. I guess I had some things to say.


My answer is long. And like usual, a bit all over the place. So if you have six minutes, grab a beverage, hit my bio link, and click on Medium.


Email me if you want in. Online group work, the new way to grow. $60 per group. [email protected]


My motorcycle evolution. I’ve have 5 bikes. This one is my favorite. Never thought I’d ride a motorcycle with a stereo. I used to call these grandpa Harleys. All the motorcycles I’ve had are all different and match my own evolution in my life. . I started with a Ducati Monster 620 dark. Felt like Batman on that thing as I was going through my rebirth in Ktown. It was basic and dark. Used and unpredictable. Like me. A great starter bike. Then a Triumph Scrambler that reminds me of Steve McQueen. I was coming out of my hole and seeking adventure. It was the bike I gained confidence on. Learned to split lanes and hug canyons. It helped me trust myself. Match my inner journey. Then a Harley 48 I turned into a bobber. The Echo Park pancakes on Sundays bike. The first time I had no passenger seat. Just wanted a bike for me. Self care. Then an 1800cc Harley Fat Bob in Denim white. Because who buys a white Harley? The most powerful bike I’ve ever had. I needed to feel like I could tame it. And finally this blacked out Road Glide Special. A cruiser with a stereo and saddle bags. Still fast AF. But for longer trips. More calm. Prepared. It represents my return. And more journeys to come. @harleydavidson


Sharing your reality to me means sharing your story which means everything you’re going through and feeling, all the highs and lows of your day, your week, your life. Your reality is your truth. And knowing you are safe means to not get judgment and criticism or someone trying to “fix” things or you but rather accept your reality as your truth and go through it with you. This is one of the key ingredients in building a healthy relationship. It’s what true intimacy looks like. It’s also something we probably didn’t get growing up. So it will feel foreign. Maybe even unattractive. Or it feels like water if you’re ready for something healthy. Something you’ve been thirsty for for years. More about this in my relationship audio course. Click my bio link and you’ll see it at the top.


Barbeques everyday. Driving fancy cars. Not really. Friend’s ride and I’m pounding a kombucha.


Real men take gummies. @smartypants


Happy Monday! This is how I’m starting mine. Got these in my shop if you want one. Click my bio link and hit shop.


I don't believe the Law of Attraction is complete nonsense. I just believe it's one piece of a bigger puzzle. It's like the diet part to the diet and exercise needed if you want to change your body. I do believe in energy. I do believe in the power of visualization, beliefs, and using you entire body as an instrument. This means feeling not just thinking. And I believe if you live in a certain state / or "vibration" good does happen. Yes, there is science behind this. But I believe it because I have experienced it in my own life. . Click my bio link and hit podcast if you have ten minutes.




When a parent looks to their child for emotional support or treats them more like a partner than a child. . Asking the child for advice on adult issues. Inviting children into the problems of adult relationships can blur boundaries. A parent should not have to rely on their child to guide them through romantic or social turmoil. By asking advice on adult issues, the child is subtly positioned in a place of responsibility. The roles are reversed. . Ego hunger. Sometimes parents will encourage or lead their child to consistently praise their effort or even personality. The need to feel important can take over, forcing the child’s visibility to take a backseat to the parent’s esteem or narcissism. Best friend syndrome. Having a confidante who is not capable or ready to handle adult relationships is forcing the child to set aside their social and psychological world for the sake of their parent’s. . The therapist role. Putting a child in the driver’s seat of an emotional crisis or adult relationship robs them of their own relationships and the ability to learn age appropriate socialization. Later in life the child may feel most comfortable taking care of someone else’s emotional needs rather than their own. In some cases, it may be difficult for an adult child to have a stable romantic relationship since the need for crisis overrules the need for solidity. . Trouble maintaining appropriate boundaries, eating disorders, self-harm, relationship dissatisfaction, sexual intimacy issues, and substance abuse are all common reactions to emotional incest. Just because a child from this type of environment may grow up, leave their childhood home, and become an adult, does not mean the original issues of dysfunction cease to exist. In fact, some of the repercussions described above only begin to manifest in adulthood. . - Psychology Today

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