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Want an easier way to control your exposure when shooting the ‘holy grail’ of time lapses? Well the @timelapseplus VIEW is by far the best solution on the market, and I used it to automatically shoot this 13 hour day to night to day timelapse. And the good news is that they are back in stock! Follow the link in my bio for details! at Cape Palliser


Space Ship | Wairarapa | New Zealand at Wellington Region


This evenings 13.7% waxing crescent moon over Wellington New Zealand. Shot handheld with the @nikonnz D850 and 600mm f/4 lens. The sharpness of this lens is insanely good! at Wellington, New Zealand


Aurora Hunters | Lofoten | Norway at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Want to learn to shoot photos just like this one? Well if you are going to head to the 2019 @photopills Camp on the beautiful island of Menorca, Spain, then you’re in luck. @ericparephoto and will be there to show you the fine art of photographing a scene like this as well as a bunch of other world renowned photographers, as well as the amazing PhotoPills team! Check out the link in my bio for full details. at Menorca island, Spain


The winners of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year will be announced on the 23rd October at the @royalmuseumsgreenwich in London. at Cable Bay, New Zealand


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in New Zealand. Mental health and wellbeing is certainly something has touched many of us, and the idea of this week is to raise awareness and break the stigma of mental health. @nikonnz and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand ( @mhfnz ) have come together and created a photo challenge for anyone to take part in. Each day has a theme, and the idea is to post a photo which for you reflects that theme, and there are even some great prizes to win! This is today’s theme: Post a photo on how you Keep Learning/Me Ako Tonu in nature today and how it makes you feel. So with that in mind, I thought I would post this photo of my son and I under the stars on the Kaikoura Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand. It was the end of a 4 day road trip for us. We stood out there under the stars and I pointed out the various features of the Milky Way explaining to him what they were. I called this image Universal Bonding. Follow the link in my bio if you’d like to participate in photo challenge yourself. -------------------------------------------------------------------- #MHAWNZ #nikonnz at Kaikoura, New Zealand


I headed out to the @wellington_newzealand south coast the other night to test the new @nikonnz Z7 mirrorless camera, and I’d have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the low light performance of this camera. This shot is a 30 second exposure at f/4 and ISO 6400 at Wellington, New Zealand


Full Moon Rising | Wellington | New Zealand at Wellington, New Zealand


Cape Palliser is one of the darkest locations in New Zealand and a great place to view the stars. I shot this image last Saturday night out there just before the moon set. You can see the southern cross, and to the left, the larger purple area is the Carina Nebula. The image was shot as two separate exposures - one for the foreground, and one for the sky. I used a star tracker for the sky to capture as much detail as possible. at Cape Palliser


Moonrise and the Milky Way over the South Coast of Wellington New Zealand. at Wellington, New Zealand


We has such an amazing Saturday night under the star on the @newzealandphotographyworkshops Astrophotography Workshop. It was so clear with so many stars in an epic location. at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

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