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. My day just needed a splash of colour, so rummaged this one out from the archives. J’taime Paris 💕 at Le Moulin Rouge (Officiel)


. Happiness is the way! at Kaiseraugst, Switzerland


. Maybe it’s me, or it’s the melancholy my heart and mind normally reside in... Most days, I look for magic in my surroundings. Not today!! Today I looked for warmth, those smells and sounds that assault your senses even as they wash your body, mind and soul with familiarity. I looked for home and amidst all my morose mood and homesickness, Magic found me!! P.S: Is it just me or do you see an outline of India in the clouds?? at Basel, Switzerland


. Postcard from Basel 💕 at Basel, Switzerland


. The year cannot be complete without a Christmas postcard from Basel. Season’s Greetings dear IG family 💕 at Basel, Switzerland


. There is this mirage society sells you – you are supposed to look a certain way, behave a certain way, have a set of milestones in a particular sequence and at so called appropriate times in your physical life.. You’re supposed to want the same things that this mirage is comfortable with.. You’re expected to say things that do not rock any boats, toe the line in putting everyone else before you! Any deviation to these set of rules and you know there will be a bunch of people wanting to throw you out of the game… It gives these people a right to ostracize you, make you feel like a freak or abnormal in any case and to tell you what a loser you are… For the longest time, you believe this drivel!! You think, this is what you want for your life too… To fit in, to tick everything on that utopian checklist they keep telling you about, to be accepted into the folds and to not stand out… Your life doesn’t follow that pattern and you think there is something wrong with you, you actually start to believe in them – “yes, I must be abnormal”, you think!!! But… If you’re lucky and blessed, there comes a time in your life which you spend only with yourself and your own thoughts! You seek answers and you finally ask yourself – is this what you truly want?? Do you even want to play this game?? This moment of epiphany and the answer you receive from the deep recesses of your heart – this is what will make you soar high.. “This is MY normal”, your heart will tell you! This is who You are and who you are meant to be... When they call you abnormal, they do not realize that You are unique! What they see as you deviating from the paths drawn out before you; is just you chartering your own journey!! When they say you aim for lofty ideals, always remember that they lack the wisdom to see your flight towards fulfilling your own destiny while rising to your full potential! Yes this is YOUR NORMAL.. This is what defines YOU! Claim it, Revel in it and wear it like a badge of honor! And you know why they don’t get it? It’s because they need to be an evolved being themselves, to recognize and accept You in all your glory. at Basel, Switzerland


. Veni. Vidi. Amavi. We came. We saw. We loved. That is how deep my feelings for Basel run. I travel quite a bit, but after a few days I do feel the need to go ‘home’ to Basel. The only other place I feel like this about is Mumbai. That’s saying a lot! Almost 8 years to have made a home away from home, and a heart that’s eternally torn between the two! 💕 at Basel, Switzerland


. It’s not easy saying goodbyes! Especially to a friend who’s been your biggest support system! But what makes it easier is knowing she is going back home, starting afresh and has exciting things lined up for her. You only miss someone because there is so much love and affection in the relationship and God willing, those never need to change no matter where you are! And, Oh yes!!! An amazing evening with girlfriends, dancing and mind-blowing cocktails help keep the perspective! 🤪💃🏻 🥂🍹 Head over to get some of the best cocktails in town! Thank you Chef at Messeturm Basel


. M.O.O.D 🌲 at Rathaus


. Guten Morgen ☀️ at Birsfelden, Switzerland


. In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in me an Invincible Summer. - Albert Camus at Basel, Switzerland


. Throw-backing to this cloud covered view of the Matterhorn! There is nothing as stunning as waking up to a view like this. Living in Switzerland has really made me a mountain person. I love and respect the mountain life so much, especially after seeing how the beautiful traditions, safety measures and hundreds of years of culture is being preserved and celebrated even today. On your next visit to Switzerland, do NOT miss Zermatt! You will absolutely love it 🥰 at Zermatt, Switzerland


. It’s been a rough year, (make it a few years) now! While all the attempted smiling has hid the pain and the tears, it is TRAVEL that has saved me. Even from my own demons. . Choosing to not travel alone and instead, visiting locations that my friends have made their Home in, has made all the the difference. Friends from before these rough years happened, friends who have stayed on despite seeing me at my worst and friends who have my back no matter what. . It’s such a blessing to have people in your life that are real & without an agenda, people who you can be yourself with and most importantly, people that build you up and don’t pull you and everything you say/ do down! . Thank you Universe! For every person who took my friendship and love for granted, you’ve given me atleast two more - who love me even when I don’t love myself 🙏🏻 at Barcelona, Spain


. Something magical about S.U.N.S.E.T.S. I’m drawn to them like a moth to the fire. I often wonder what it is about these sunsets that fascinate me and tug at my heart at the same time. Maybe it’s because I come face to face with my deepest melancholy, surprisingly calmest thoughts and an optimism I never give myself credit for. All in the anticipation of a stunning tomorrow! Yeah, something magical about S.U.N.S.E.T.S... Something called Hope! at Passeig De Garcia Faria


. Meaningful conversations with the Ocean, some Golden Light and Me. It’s the Universe telling me “She got my back”, that “I’m not alone”. For, the ocean speaks to me on behalf of those who came before me, passing messages of life, just as she promises to hold on to my thoughts until someone else comes along to receive them. 💕 at Platja de la Mar Bella


. Hola Miami. I just can’t get you outta my head 😭 at Goodland, Florida


. That time of the year! Something comforting about Christmas Markets that warms the cockles of my heart, no matter how dark, dreary or cold the weather gets! at Basel, Switzerland


. Winter in Basel just takes me back to the Azure skies of NYC! at Boulevard East

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