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God Fam(ily) BossLady 28 & GR8 Just dance. 💃🏻🕴🏼 Similar users See full size profile picture

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Show him some skin and make em melt. #tgih


They found out I’m from the block but couldn’t tell until I exchanged my 3 piece suits for air max’s and Chanel. #NYchick #Yallalreadyhip #ButwhynotFLEX 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 at Richmond, Virginia


Carmen Sandiago... fed up. Robbed your heart? Well get tf over it. ❤️ at Richmond, Virginia


Fresh out the box kicks, feeling like the real rookie and the vet.. I swear it. 📸 @damnit_jones at Richmond, Virginia


When I start to loose my head you remind me of my heart. ♥️✨ #myneice #mondaymotivation #foreverthecoolaunt #shes6goingon7soon #stopgrowingupitsTOOmuch 😩 at Richmond, Virginia


Coming soon to RVA.. bringing that Latin fuego to every venue. For the Culture ALONE.. paying homage to one of the most celebrated plays around “Plátanos & Collard Greens” based out in New York City. The mission of our company is to host events and showcase the fact that good music, good food, and good people can indeed effect our communities with positivity. Follow @platanosandcollardgreensfiesta #RVA #Salsa #Bachata #DemBOW #latina #events #supportsmallbusiness #supportyourfriends #entrepreneur #ladyceo #culture at Richmond, Virginia


🐅 ..clearheaded feline. at Richmond, Virginia


Gonna just leave this here ... at The Pentagon


The Harvest Year. My “I’m over it” face when I dropped my popsicle. 🙂😇 at Renwick Gallery


Michelle on Tekken 1 was my inspo. at The White House


Who’s joking? This year I piped up, finally. 😇 📸 @prettyyjenni_ at Washington, District of Columbia


Point made, g. Stop fronting on my small booty. Been top heavy. 😉 #tresTHREAT at Washington, District of Columbia


Because the chair matched the clutch. at Washington, District of Columbia


Recharged🔌🔋 📸 @prettyyjenni_ at Washington, District of Columbia


Sidity to whom?👁 Nah, you just don’t know us. Come round our way and see. at Washington, District of Columbia


Listen, idc WHAT you have to say. Call a spade a ♠️.. I don’t speak for her and she won’t speak for me. We created our own destiny. Either way, we are the Americana’s Dream Team. #VCUAlumnas #YourSaborporDios #YatuSabesMiGente #SameBackgrounds #SameTypeMentality #LoveQualityTime 💝 Now that is SANGRE.. 🏡👌🏼 at South River, Virginia


Business as usual. #LadyCEO #iDONTplay #iWORKharder #TellmewhatyouNEED Started my own Agency. God bless my support system that held me down through my trials and tribulations. I took the first step and said, “Let’s just trust God and do this!” That was 5 months ago & truth be told IG family.. 🗣 I haven’t looked back since. at Richmond, Virginia

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