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Mood for today. Bath time! Photography by @chopsticksontheloose #TheGlobeWanderer at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park


@italy is absolutely incredible!! Have you guys been?!? Follow @italy for more! Photography by @_enk at Portofino


Photo by @thetravelpro. The beautiful rock-cut tombs in Mada'in, Saleh, the remains of a thriving city along the ancient spice route. @winterattantora #winterattantora at Al `Ulá, Saudi Arabia


25 rue Royal, Madeleine subway stop. Photography by @patrickcolpron #TheGlobeWanderer at Paris, France


Video by @thetravelpro. Our favorite moments from our trip to Al Ula: - Seeing Qasr Al Farid surrounded by water, a natural pool formed from the previous day’s rain - Soaring above Elephant Rock and having fun with the shadows it casts as we near sunset - Exploring the Library of Lihyan and its surroundin sandstone pillars - Chasing 82 black and white camels in the desert - Racing buggies around the sand dunes - Marvelling at beautiful Jar Rock and the incredible view beyond this natural rock formation In one year, Al Ula will be opening up to tourism. Tag someone you’re taking with you. And I hope you watch the video til the end! @winterattantora #winterattantora at Al `Ulá, Saudi Arabia


Magical Maldives Photography by @muhaphotos #TheGlobeWanderer


Photo by @thetravelpro at the Maraya Concert Hall in Al Ula. Could hardly believe our eyes when we saw this structure in the middle of the desert! @winterattantora #winterattantora at Al `Ulá, Saudi Arabia


Bavarian winter. Photography by @ponyliebe_forografie #TheGlobeWanderer at Bavaria, Germany


Video by @thetravelpro. There are 131 beautiful rock-cut monumental tombs in Mada'in, Saleh Saudi Arabia's first World Heritage Site, and these are just a few of them. Here’s an interesting fact: It was the second capital of the Nabatean kingdom, after Petra in Jordan. Do you see the similarities? PS Can you spot me doing a rather poor job at hiding while droning? @winterattantora #winterattantora With @andredemello at Al `Ulá, Saudi Arabia


Highway in Oregon Photography by @chriskpickens #TheGlobeWanderer at Oregon


Baby elephants at play Photography to by @nessytoafrica #TheGlobeWanderer

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