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Did you catch yesterday’s Blogmas? I’m chatting about all the apps I use to help my business create, organise and run effectively! Link in bio to have a read. Love to hear your app recommendations too, what help makes your business happen?? ✨ at Westfield Chermside


Hey Insta-fam, it’s Blogmas Day 3 🎄 Today on the blog we are chatting the importance of your desk set up for your business! Not strictly marketing related but it’s an important small biz reminder for all my clients and friends who work from home. PLUS there is a fun new video feature too 😍 Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Claire x *link in bio* PS, check out the @k.rae.designs notebook in the pics! Great Christmas present idea 👍🏽 at Redcliffe, Queensland


✨ My 2018 Bombshell: Decent Salary To Self Employed In 24 Hours ✨ Today’s blogmas is looking into why I have given my brand a face lift and shifted my focus... and to make sense of it all I start from the start, covering my BOMBSHELL moment that happened this year when my life went 0-100 real quick.... 🙀 Check it out under blogs on my website now, link in bio xx


The secret sauce to one of the most successful brands at the moment, which is Ariana Grande ✨ You must have been living under a rock to not have heard Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande at least 17,000 times over the weekend past few weeks 🎶 The song was a hit and the music video broke some serious records... I take a deep dive into some key marketing lessons we can take from this superstar! That are actually implementable in YOUR business ✨ Head to my website (link in bio) and check out day one of blogmas: 4 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Ariana Grande


💃🏻 I’m thrilled to finally be able to show you my new look brand and services. The Keen Collective is now more than ever, committed to empowering and educating business owners to make strategic marketing decisions! Key things I would like to point out: . ✨ Fancy schmancy new website is now live! I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into making this look as sleek and user friendly as possible. Please do have a look and let me know what you think! Link in bio. . ✨ Free e-book ‘10 Questions Every Small Business Owner Must Ask Themselves’ - I love this e-book and you can get your hands on it by visiting the previously mentioned fancy schmancy website! Scroll down the bottom and pop your email address in and it will soon be waiting in your inbox! . ✨ My 1:1 Marketing Essentials Training Session is now LIVE. You can read more about it and book in your session on (you guessed it), my new fancy schmancy website! . ✨ Blogmas... because I don’t have enough to do, I’m challenging myself to five blogs a week (Mon-Fri) for the lead up to Christmas! First one will be up tomorrow and I hope you all really benefit from them, they will be packed full of business and marketing goodness . Stay tuned for more, this is only the beginning for TKC. Thank you for your continued support, Claire xx


👋🏼 . . . Video by: @thekeencollective


I had been actively avoiding the soppy post-party ‘I love everyone I met post’... but GUYZ... I LOVE EVERYONE I MET... haha. It was so great to turn some amazing online friendships into real life friendships at the @wordfetti Christmas/Birthday party last week. Situations like that have the potential to be awkward AF and it wasn’t! 💃🏻 Special shout out goes to the lovely ladies who partied after at good old @retros_fortitudevalley until I lost my voice and had to go home that is... @socialsbyjarrah @readcity @katy_gillies at Merci Event Space


👋🏼 The following brands all have something in common.. do you know what it is….??? . . Esky, Jacuzzi, Velcro, Band-Aid, Kleenex, Trampoline, Chapstick, Aspirin, Hoover, Q-Tip, Sharpie, Stanley Knife….. 🤔🤔🤔🤔


There are many things that define success for a business... money isn’t the be all and end all... BUT realistically it’s a damn good indicator of marketing success if you revenue is growing! 💰 One of my clients I work extremely closely with each week on not only marketing but the wider business... each month we have been smashing our online sales targets and this month is no exception! ✨ We are set to have the second highest sales month of the year (behind Mother’s Day month as it is their most popular due to the product 💐) This also works out to be YOY growth at something ridiculous like 3200% 💃🏻 Does anybody want to have a guess as to our overarching strategy is! We simplified it all and there is one word that describes it all in a nutshell perfectly....???


💃🏻 I was lucky enough last week to attend the amazing @businesschicks event in Brisbane, for free may I add thanks to the beautiful So grateful and it was lovely to meet you ✨💛 . . What did I learn? Well there is not enough Insta captions that I could write to express how inspirational all the speakers were. A few highlights were @emmaisaacs (of course, working my way through her book right now, highly recommend - she may be my new fave person), @jasminedowling , @drlibby, @kayla_itsines , @celinalazarus and so many more. I learned about everything from what the heck your hormones do to your body to gaining some amazing business advice from some of the best! I am already looking forward to next years event ✨ . . I’ve never been a big, outspoken ‘girls run the world’ type of person, it’s my least favourite Beyonce song lol... HOWEVER over these two days surrounded by hundreds of passionate biz gals, I did find myself being genuinely wowed by the humbleness, non judgmental, supportive and positive attitudes of all the women there, it really was like nothing else I have experienced. I’m not going to say I didn’t feel a little anxious or uncomfortable because I always am in social situations... but I felt considerably LESS anxious than I anticipated. ✨ . . This was probably due to the amazing Insta-biz- friends that I finally got to meet. We drank champagne before midday and generally just had a great time filling our minds with inspiration and wisdom. Thank you to everyone that I had the pleasure of spending some time with 💛✨ (PS, I met so many of you, if I forget to tag, please don’t be offended, it’s just been a big week hehe xx) All in all, great event, great people... get ready to see some changes over my way! at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


This wasn’t today’s planned post but don’t think you have to have a perfectly curated feed that is planned out and scheduled in.. share photos from events, pictures of yourself, exciting places you have been or maybe share a picture you got with four of the best girl bosses that ever existed.. EVEN IF YOU AREN’T LOOKING AT THE CAMERA 😂 Like me 🤦🏻‍♀️☝🏼 Take the pressure off yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously and have fun with it! Loved seeing at @karinairby @jasminedowling @eleanorpendleton and @sophiecachia_ at #9tothrivebrisbane today ✨💛


So happy to have found some great like minded biz gals along my travels.. this is Kate, she owns @___thelatest 📸 If anybody is looking for some cash flow friendly personal branding pictures for your socials or website, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the lovely Kate! I just had my second shoot with her this morning and she is a dream to work with 💛 Can’t wait to see the photos.. prepare for some more pictures of my face coming your way hehe ✨


👉🏼 I’ve been a little bit stressed out and have a lot of my plate at the moment... BUT do you know what I took the time to realise? I’m busy! This is my fourth month of running my business full time and I have been BUSY FOR FOUR MONTHS! How great is that 💃🏻 Now I appreciate my busy because I’d MUCH rather be busy for myself than bored sh*tless for someone else! ✨ P.S Happy Birthday Shan you babe 🎉 @wildsparkcopy


Thanks to @realwomenco and the fab @wordfetti for an amazing night last night ✨ Got some really valuable information not only on the world of copy, but also on running business.. If you aren’t already familiar with Anita and her business, I encourage you to check her out ✨ Thanks for being my date 😉 x at Newstead Studios


Are you a small business owner? Do you need branding and marketing assistance? Do you need quality help without the huge agency price tags? . I would LOVE to work with you! I am on the hunt for some motivated small business owners who want to level up their marketing strategies and grow! . Sound like you? Get in touch now to start see how we can collaborate together on your future. . Brisbane based for in person consults, servicing everyone else via good ol’ telephone or video call! .


Have you checked out the awesome new blog post we wrote about the @gotoskincare brand & @zotheysay - we think it’s pretty good if we do say so ourself 😉📄Follow link in bio!