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Create Your Own Content Week: Day 4 💃🏻 . . This wasn’t today’s planned post but I thought this was an important tip.. don’t think you have to have a perfectly curated feed that is planned out and scheduled in.. share photos from events, pictures of yourself, exciting places you have been or maybe share a picture you got with four of the best girl bosses that ever existed.. EVEN IF YOU AREN’T LOOKING AT THE CAMERA 😂 Like me 🤦🏻‍♀️☝🏼 Take the pressure off yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously and have fun with it! Loved seeing at @karinairby @jasminedowling @eleanorpendleton and @sophiecachia_ at #9tothrivebrisbane today ✨💛


Create Your Own Content: Day 3 💃🏻 . . Props and placement is the theme of today! Props can be one of two things: additional pieces to add interest, styling, depth and support to your main focus piece, or they can be your entire content! . . For instance, this picture I took for the purpose of building content for my socials, so the perfume bottle and the earrings are props for me... but if I worked for Armani (yes please #agirlcandream) then these earrings would be a prop to support the perfume.. see the difference?? . . Building a prop collection is extremely beneficial for a couple of reasons.. it keeps you creative and it also creates consistency throughout your feeds which helps create your style of signature ‘look’. Don’t get me wrong, you do want to avoid all your images looking repetitive BUT that’s where your creativity comes in to play! . . When placing your props my BIGGEST piece of advice is probably an annoying one but it really is all about trial and error. Scatter your props around, then take a few pictures... go back and shuffle them around and try different angles and positions.. sometimes it may look shit and that is okay! You will probably find your camera roll has 28 pictures that look almost exactly the same, and in amongst them you find a few gems! So get snap happy. Try out the scattered look, a lifestyle/moment in time look, something more structured and symmetrical... try all the things! . . Props that I LOVE using include: vases, flowers, plants, skin care products, makeup, perfumes, jewellery, scrunchies, books/mags (also a background, can overlap!), quote cards, coffee/tea mug, phone, camera, laptop.... props can be ANYTHING and it will come down to what the purpose and meaning of the image is! . . Play around and have fun with this aspect of it... and always remember, it may look strange in real life but reflect differently and look amazing on camera! Get in touch if you are having any troubles ☺️✨


So happy to have found some great like minded biz gals along my travels.. this is Kate, she owns @___thelatest 📸 If anybody is looking for some cash flow friendly personal branding pictures for your socials or website, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the lovely Kate! I just had my second shoot with her this morning and she is a dream to work with 💛 Can’t wait to see the photos.. prepare for some more pictures of my face coming your way hehe ✨


Create Your Own Content Week: Day 2 💃🏻 . . Now that you have your lighting down let’s move onto backgrounds! Again, we have a lot of variables here... the size of the object (or person) you are shooting, room that you have, the look/style you are going for with your shots. But I will be sharing what I use for flatlay style pics of some small products for both client work and my personal feed. . . The biggest thing to remember is that if done correctly, what you are using doesn’t have to look like what it actually is... for instance, one of the props I use as a background that is on brand, looks great and gets a great response is a $7 pink bathmat from Kmart.. I draped it over my desk to cover some of it up and it was just great! Strange huh?? . . What I reach for/use: pillowcases, books/magazines (covers and inside pages), bedding, rugs (especially the fluffy varieties to add more texture and contrast), material from Spotlight, trinket trays, candle holders/trays, clothing, furniture (if the product is the hero of the shot, I generally go for white, clean furniture surface), walls, fences and notebooks 💭 The opportunities are endless! So don’t let your creativity or this list restrict you, experiment! . . To loop back to one of those props... material from Spotlight (or any hobby/craft) store.... this will be a game changer. Go peruse the craft material section and I would recommend grabbing a white fabric, I use mine ALL the time and it instantly gives you a beautiful clean, blank canvas to work with. I find this as a better and easy to pack away alternative to white card that a lot of people utilise.. it means you can also create ruffled textures with it if you feel fits the photo (make sure you get something that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is not shiny!!) I also then have a few additional material options like fun patterns and some colours that are close to my branding colours. . . So I encourage you, do a sweep of your house and see what you can use! I guarantee you, there will be a lot! ✨ Swipe through to see some of my backgrounds too. If you find something, please do share! 💛


Create Your Own Content Week: Day 1 💃🏻 . . Okay, so first things first (I’m the realest 😆) you are going want to ensure this first tip is ENGRAINED in your mind.. because if you ignore this first step, it will render all other tips pointless ☝🏼 . . Lighting is everything! There are many things we can fix, alter, imitate and enhance in post production BUT if the lighting is shitty, your image will most likely end up grainy! And that is a look we want to avoid 🙅🏻‍♀️ . . We basically need a good foundation to work with... and in my experience, not much can beat beautiful natural light ☀️ I encourage you to find the nooks of you space that work well. This will differ depending on the time of day, the weather and the seasons. These variables are just a part of the fun, so get used to it hehe! Sometimes I put shoots off for days if the lighting is not up to scratch as I know it will effect the end result! Try: near windows, through sheer curtains, through diffused windows, in bright and light filled rooms/corners. Keep in mind that your window of time may only be 20 mins or so, particularly at the end of the day.. that sun sets mighty fast when you are trying to capture those golden hour rays! (Your aesthetic may be darker, moodier and gloomier.. which is also fine! Just make sure that that it is light enough to be clear, quality and not be grainy! We can darken it up in the editing process if needed) . . As pictured in this image 👆🏼lighting is also great for adding depth and volume to a picture. Shadows and reflections can add interest or beautifully highlight a certain area/product. Play around and find your style!


👋🏼 Heya... I’ve had so many questions lately about photography, editing and content creation... so GUESS WHAT?? This week is going to be ‘Create Your Own Content Week’... Each day we will cover off one main tip and hopefully by the end of the week we will have everyone feeling a little more confident on content creation for their socials! 📸 Note: all tips will be suitable for smartphone photography, because technology these days is pretty damn up to scratch! 💃🏻 #saveyourmoney Please please DM me any questions that you have and I’ll cover them off in my tips... remember this is for everyone from product based AND service based businesses! 💃🏻


Client Shoot / Paper Flowers Australia 💐 It’s always a dream working with such a beautiful products. I shot a few pics for the @paperflowersaustralia website. Loved the outcome... also reminiscing of days where the sun was shining, what’s happening Queensland, I thought we were the Sunshine State! 🌧🌧


#MentalHealthWeek - To add my two cents into this weeks posts on mental health, I highly recommend checking out this book.. but further than that familiarising yourself with the amazing author @charlycox1 - she is so down to earth and I especially liked listening to her podcast interview with @lilypebbles and @theannaedit (search ‘At Home With’ all the eps of this podcast are amazing 😍)... Listening to her story, career and battles with mental health. Have a listen! I’ve never been into poetry but Charly and @rupikaur_ are really bringing a young, fresh and cool approach to the writing style ✨ Oh and the book colour is ridiculously beautiful too 😍


Stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s... whether it’s your systems, processes, products, followers, income, services, relationships.... if you spent half as much time actually working on your own sh*t as you do wishing you were in someone else’s shoes, you would be a few extra steps closer to your goals! . . Now I’m off to take my own advice and have a cosy rainy night working... Happy Friday Insta world! ✌🏼✨👩🏻‍💻 What is on the agenda tonight??


Prop table in full swing at the moment.. lucky my random homeware buys over the years are coming in very handy these days! ✨ TIP... always keep your eyes open in op shops and dollar shops, I find a lot of gems there. Once you clean them up and put them in a different setting... they will shine! Oh and when all else fails, flowers (fresh or dried) will always come in handy 🌾


When your dresses are too pretty to put away so they become your office decor... my house is starting to look like an @orange_sherbet store - not complaining ✨🤩 Also taking advantage of having our place in one piece before the bulk packing begins, we are two boxes in and I can feel my stress levels rising 🤣


Every wondered how Insta-bloggers get amazing looking, crisp, white clean pictures?? Chances are it’s probably not a $5000 camera, it comes down to lighting and a knack for editing! Swipe to see the difference... I took this just on my iPhone 😮 Smoke and mirrors people!! PS in other good news @meccamaxima now stock @jomalonelondon YAY!


👋🏼 Hey Insta-fam. I’ve been absolutely loving my product photography shoots lately (incase you can’t tell from all my posts 😜)... and I would love to work with some more like minded brands on creating some cool product shots! So if you are, or you know of any brands that are in need of product content for their socials in the style of my last few posts... please get in touch. I would love to chat and get creative with you ✨ DM or email me - [email protected]


I do realise I keep posting twice in one day HOWEVER I can’t help I’m just dang excited about pictures that I take OKAY, give me a break.... in today’s edition of ‘I love shadows’ we have the prettiest looking Micellar Water that ever did exist ✨ @meccacosmetica


🛒💸 Retail therapy: After shooting some client content this morning, I felt a little demotivated and in need of coffee/human interaction - so I popped to the shops and treated myself to a Keep Cup (free coffee woo!) and this water bottle from @be_hipbottle... they didn’t have any pink ones left which is shame but I guess not everything I buy has to be pink 😅 What’s your little pick-me-up when you are feeling a little bleh??


📸 Playing around with some content creation this morning. Finding new corners of my house, trying a new style and testing some new editing apps ✨Then getting distracted and reading the books instead of taking photos of them 😆 Happy Sunday everyone, I hope your coffee is strong and your day is relaxing 🍃


Client Project: This was one of my favourite shots from a client content creation shoot over the past couple of weeks (those shadows ✨) - the final edit looked quite different to this as we went for a darker and more de-saturated look. Swipe to see! Amazing what editing can do to change the overall look and feel ✨


Hey guys! I’m just dropping in to let you know that I have updated my Services page and have added some exciting packages to make it even easier for you to work with me! . . You will find options for: Clarity Call, Content Creation designed for product based businesses, Email Marketing Nurture Sequence and a NEW more in depth Instagram Audit packed with value 💃🏻 . . Check it out via the link in bio and get in touch if you would like to book in any of these packages with me! Feel free to let me know if there are any other packs you would like to see too xx

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