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Jaseh And Srokeley Fp🤪🖤

9th pick, both Bridges available, who you drafting?


TAKE THAT FOR DATA! 4 year deal. #davefizdale


If we do tank cause of KP Williamson or RJ?


THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! And Rambis got fired. We are really starting over and making a new culture. I love it. (via @allsportsnews)


Y’all gotta chill with “Dennis over Frank” and 17 points wow career high. Just because a guy isn’t averaging 20 points a game doesn’t mean he’s a “bust” or will never be an all star. Jimmy, Giannis, George all had terrible rookie seasons. We have seen highs and lows from Frank but we have seen him becoming more aggressive which has led to him scoring a lot more points, getting more assists and playing superb defense. Also DSJ on stats looks great offensive but his efficiency is gross and takes WAY more shots than how many points he should be averaging. Frank will bulk up and improve his shot this summer and will shut up everyone. @frank_ntilikina


Damn Dotson👀 We won though... rip


Big day for the Tank. Knicks play Magic, Bulls play Hornets, Kings play Suns, and Nets play 76ers. Let’s lose


Congrats on making it to the HOF @jasonkidd


Happy Birthday to a Knick Great, Walt Clyde Frazier🐐🎊🎉


The PG situation is getting interested🧐


42 and 12 in an L🔥 Anything better? Beasley, Frank, and Tim played great also.


Very interesting game. Kyle is out Lance is back Burke is starting as well as Frank. Wall is out. Let’s keep on losing.


Sorry for being late, I’m away. Knicks lose by 4 but Timmy had a career high and Frank had a nice game. Jeff realized that Mudiay is trash and he only played 4 minutes. Let’s keep on losing💯


If we want Trae, we need the Nets to keep winning. Bulls already have Lavine and Kris. Big game against the Heat, no Whiteside or Wade. Nets play the Bulls twice at the end of their season. Let’s keep losing.


HEAR ME OUT! Is Trae Young the right pick for us? Honestly, maybe... If we draft Trae Young, we can move everyone down a spot. PG- Young SG- Frank SF- Timmy PF- KP/Beasley C- Kanter (if we sign him back) Then we have Lee, Beasley (when KP returns and if he resigns) Mudiay Burke Williams and O’Quinn (if he resigns) That’s not a bad team if Trae plays well. Even though I Love Mikal, Trae COULD be the next Curry, you never know. Agree or Disagree? Who do you want to draft? #traeyoung @traeyoung




When you see the Knicks actually trying to win games while the Bulls are sitting their top 3 players. #nationallaughday


How much money would you give Kanter a year?

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