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I was at the Palladio (@gopalladio) in Folsom once again and saw this behemoth of a Christmas treeπŸŽ„ on my way to @johnnyrockets and I just had to stop. Did I ever tell why the tree 🌲 is my favorite plant? Mostly, it's about what a tree symbolically stands for. A tree is strong and sturdy, yet gentle and calm. Trees are quiet factories that can bare fruit or that which eats it. Much of our world is made from trees. Paper. Furniture. Money. (Yep. Money does grow on trees). πŸ˜‚ Trees provide shade from the sun and air to breathe. Trees are home to people and creatures alike. Most important, a tree is humble. It does not boast. It only grows and provides. The most symbolic meaning I have derived from the tree is about character. A tree has never had to tell me it was a tree. I recognize it by it's characteristics. That's the kind of person I want to be. I don't want to have to tell you I'm successful or strong it worthy and I shouldn't have to. If I was all that, you would see it. I don't want to have to say to be honest or real talk because everything I say should be real. A tree can weather any storm and when it's day finally comes, it goes peacefully.🌲 Pic 2: Classic B&W Pics 3&4: I haven't taking food pictures in a while, but I feel like I still got it. πŸ’― Pic 5: Me trying to compete with the food, but I still don't look good enough to eat so...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at Go Palladio


😁😎 A negative mind will never bring a positive outcome. It seems like everywhere I turn, around every corner, under every rug, and on every social media platform, there it is. Stalking me. Watching me. Waiting for me to mess up. It has won some battles, but it is ultimately losing the war. I'm talking about negativity. It's a disease. A sickness. A plague to be avoided at all costs. It only has one goal. Recruitment. Has it convinced you to join it's team of destructive, miserable, complainers or are you still fighting for your future? It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. The law of attraction has been proven time and time again. Our world is a reflection of our thoughts. It's no secret why some people have it all and others have what's left. The choice is yours. Fight for more or settle for less. How are you staying positive? I keep an updated vision board, look for reasons to smile and say 3 things I'm grateful for everyday! #positivity #lawofattraction #Mondaymotivation at Downtown Sac


Change is the only constant in life. No matter how hard we try, we cannot control the outcomes. Therefore, it only makes sense to seek 2 things. The ability to see the future and flexibility. Since I can't see the future, I'll go with flexibility. Not just in my bodies, but in my minds. Flexibility is often overlooked because many of us believe that it should be a basic trait we all possess like common sense and we know how common common sense is..or is not. Lol. And how do we become more flexible? Practice! We cannot expect to be any good at that which we do not practice. I physically stretch everyday. There is no secret to me being able to do the splits at 31 years old. Pretty amazing for a guy is what most have said, but I think it's pretty amazing for anyone. It's a slow process. It takes years to be quite good, but when we have reached our goal, we forget about how long it took us. We just put it on the shelf and start a new journey, but the journey of flexibility is a never-ending one. Days off put me weeks and sometimes months behind. I learned very early on that if I were to be successful, I needed to create the habit of stretching. Everyday, I wake and stretch my body, then I like to stretch my mind. One of the best books I've read that has definitely contributed to my mental flexibility is the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I encourage you to read it. It's a good one. What are you currently reading? #flexibility #consistency #throwbackThursday πŸ“Έ: @theinvertednurse at VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa San Jose


I think every kid is asked the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I had a list of things just like every other kid. An actor, a firefighter, a professional wrestler, rich, and of course, big and strong. Lol. Now, as an adult, my answers to that question have all changed because I now realize that there are things more important than what I do for work. Like being grateful, generous and most importantly, accepted. Being accepted for who I am is the greatest thing I never knew I wanted to be until I found a place that accepted me for who I was as opposed to what I did. This is because I never knew of my being self. I only lived in my doing self. My self worth was based on what I did and that who I was wasn't as important, but I was wrong. If we cannot find happiness within ourselves, then we cannot find happiness. When I look at this picture, I see the subliminal battle between who I am and what I do and what I'm worth as a person. Everyday, I tell myself that I am a good person because of who I am even though I still feel like my worth is in what I do. I do this because I must retrain my subconscious mind to believe in myself over my actions. I am learning to separate the 2 and in doing so, am learning to love myself for who I truly am inside. I want to thank @theinvertednurse most of all for reaching me about the 2 selves and showing me how to love them both. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™ πŸ“Έ: @cenisabelphotography at California


Telling a man he is skinny has the same impact as telling a girl she is fat. It's a negative physical judgement based on what is outwardly visible. Our world is so caught up in what we look like that we forget to look at the person. Sure.. Physically fit people feel better and have more energy, but what we view as fit and healthy varies from person to person and the only people who truly know is us and our doctor. I used to get upset when people would say that I was skinny compared to the last time they saw me or just in general. I was raised to be a man in America and with that, I was taught that men are big and strong. So when someone would say I was skinny, it felt like they were saying that I was not a man. Now, I feel sorry for them because that kind of a thought process shows an infestation of their own mind. With the suicide rates getting higher and higher, acceptance seems to be the only cure. We need to stop making people feel like they don't belong and feel like they are wrong for doing what makes them happy. We need to keep our advice and our opinions to ourselves until they are asked for and we need to stop projecting our fears onto others. You are so much more amazing than you can even imagine. Everything that is now easy for you was once a challenge. Every scar that you have is a story about how you were stronger than the thing that tried to kill you. We need to find away no matter what to be comfortable in our own skin. Our Lives depend on it! #StrongNotSkinny #AcroYoga #bodypositivity at The Phoenix Sacramento


Success is not something to be achieved. It is something to be upheld. It is not one act, but a series of acts. #Success is a habit! It is continually getting up despite the number of times we get knocked down. It is being okay with where we are, but still fighting for where we want to be. Every day that we do what we love, we are successful. Every day that we spend our time with who we love, we are successful. Every day that we can accept the person we see in the mirror, we are successful. We are not put on this Earth to live someone else's dreams. We are here to create our own. What is your dream and what is ONE THING you've done to maintain success and work towards realizing that dream? #lawofattraction #Sacramentomodel πŸ“Έ: @anjadouden at Old Sacramento


If we aren't moving, then we're not living and if we're not living then we're dying and I'm not ready to die just yet. I don't even go to the dentist without making time for what I love to do. I'm as busy as I've ever been and my only struggle is finding time for all the things I love. #AcroYoga is one of those loves and every Tuesday I get to share that love with amazingly beautiful people like @theinvertednurse and so many others at @livethephoenix. What's better than doing what you love with the people you love? Sharing is caring and if you are ever in the East Sacramento location Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Then you should really come by and let us share a little love with you! at Tooth By Sunny Badyal DDS


This is exactly why you can't take me anywhere!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ As soon as I found out @goodwillsacnev had Halloween costumes, I rushed over to have a look. Those of you who know me know that the Goodwill has been facilitating my Minimalistic lifestyle by allowing me (and everyone else) to donate all my unneeded belongings which they use to help people with disadvantages achieve self-sufficiency. What's better than that? Now, they are about to facilitate my inner child with all the costumes I can think of! And did I mention those prices?! Can I still be a minimalist with an entire Halloween wardrobe? Maybe not, but it won't be due to a lack of trying. Lol. #GoodwillHalloween #tbt #ad at Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada


What do you want to be when you grow up, Mils? A CARTOON!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Right?! A little #SundayFunday for the gram. I never imagined what being a cartoon would be like, but I can tell you it feels kinda good. 😁 As I get older I become more clear about the impact and legacy I want to leave behind. I just want people to think about me and smile. I want them to say "because of you, I didn't give up!" I want to be someone inspiration when they can't seem to find theirs. A positive impact and legacy is good enough for me. Thank you @phresh_cartoon for the cartoon edition of Mils! This is really good. Like really really good. #Grateful at Sacramento, California


Time is a funny thing. The more we enjoy it, the less we have. The more pain we feel, the slower it comes to pass. If 31 years have taught me anything, it's this. Our time, our world, our life are all things that live and die by our perception. Our reality is what we believe it to be and yes. I know. This doesn't always make sense when we look at our dreams and compare them to our reality, but maybe our dreams are the problem. I've always wanted to make more money so I could afford a better life with more things until I did that and felt no more settled than when I first dreamt of this life. Now, I know that the key to having everything I have want is believing that I already do. Knowing that I already do. Today, I am grateful, not because I have everything I have always wanted, but because I've discovered that the minute you want less things is the minute you find out you have more than enough. I wish you all peace, health and everything else. #happybirthday to meπŸŽ‚ #model #actor πŸ“Έ: @anjadouden at Old Sacramento


My good friend @iamthebluerose recently asked me to contribute to a post addressing sexual assault towards women and my stance on it. I was compelled to say this. "To the men who's privilege knows no bounds. They say you can see a man's character in the way he treats those who can do nothing for him. So what does that say about a man who mistreats a woman? Someone who can do so much? Someone who can teach, who can build, who can create, who can care, who can support, who can love? It says all, but one thing about you...that you are actually a man. You have chosen to use your privilege for the detriment of social standards and i will use mine for the detriment of yours. To the women out there. I will stand with you, behind you, beside you and for you. Whatever you need that is within my grasp and understanding, I shall provide and I will not stop challenging my own privilege so that I can truly support you in every way." #WCW #metoo at Women


I try to live a life I'd want to read about. Life is too short and we are too amazing not to give it all we have to give. I mean what are we afraid of? Dying? Life is a journey with one ultimate end. It doesn't matter what we do. We all are going to die, but how many of us will actually live!! Stop watching others live a life you dream of living and get out there and start making moves towards your own real happiness. If you aren't flying, you're dying. #AcroYoga #YOLO #Model at Salmon Falls Bridge


31 is just around the corner for me and here I am again assessing the path that I'm on. I've learned that it isn't about where I am on my path. It's about the direction in which the path leads. And I don't bother trying to tell people where I'm anymore. Most of them can only see where I'm at so it's best that I just get there and wave on my way by. Action will always speak louder than words. What are your actions saying about you? What impression will they leave when we're dead and gone? I hope they say that I'm truly just trying to make people happy with the gifts that I was given and that I inspired, motivated and entertained many. πŸ“Έ: @photography_by_falicia at Sacramento, California


Am I being photo bombed by a painting??!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is my throwback to that singles mixer by @datemesacramento That was a fun night all around. You know, when I think about #ThrowbackThursdays, I don't just think about finding an old picture. I think about an old me. I think about the growth I've made and the lessons I've learned. I think about the mindset I was in at that time. Sell reflection is a crucial part of personal growth. Being honest with myself about my shortcomings and my flaws is one of the hardest things for me to do. Simply because my ego is always trying to cover up the smudges and the cracks, but it is those flaws that have made me better. Each mistake, every door slammed in my face or one more rejection is just another opportunity to grow. There is NO GROWTH without opposition. Are you brave enough to look inside yourself, find your flaws and bring them to the light? You might find out that happiness, success and growth all live just on the other side of fear. #tbt πŸ“Έ: @theinvertednurse at War on Walls Studio


I'm 6'4" and when kids ask me why I'm so tall, I always tell them it's because I eat my green vegetables partly because it's true and partly because I love the look on their faces when they realize that growth is on the other side of their fears. But what's to be afraid of? When cooked properly, vegetables can be the most delicious item on our plates and it's so crucial that we eat enough as children and even as adults. September is food literacy month. Head on over to @foodliteracycenter page and see what they've got going on. They do so much for the community. This is the least we can do for them. Make sure you say hi to Amber Stott (@chieffoodgenius) when you get there. She's in charge and is doing a tremendous job. #foodliteracy #AcroYoga at Food Literacy Center


I don't usually smile this big, but when I do...wait.. Y'all know I'm lying. πŸ˜‚ I'm always cheesing about something. This time it was @ashaurbanbaths cause the relaxation is top level over there. And now that I'm thinking about it, I don't take enough me time anyway. What's your favorite way to relax? #tbt #FitnessModel at Asha Urban Baths


I never really know where life will take me no matter what I do to try to control the outcome. What I do know is that a positive outlook usually reaps positive rewards and vice versa. That's why I lead with a smile, look to be entertained (even if entertaining myself) and limit my expectations. Life is too fluid and I've been in this world too long not to have learned how to roll with the punches by now. So I'mma just sit here on this couch at this artist retreat, wearing my 70's hippie outfit from @costumejunction and sing while someone takes my photo.. Or not. Either way, I'm gonna have a good day. What's the last thing that made you smile? #ModelLife #SundayFunday πŸ“Έ: Tuan Ha Photography at Winters, California


A little #tbt to my 30th bday when my Hand to Hand wasn't that good. Lol. My hands were way too wide and my pop was fast, but somehow @theinvertednurse got up anyway (it was all her, she's amazingly strong). Thanks @abeelsayed for shooting and the commentary. Lol. The only reason we should ever look back is to learn from what we've been through. I sometimes forget that and end up getting just as mad about stuff as I was when it first happened if not more so. I have to recognize what's happening as soon as possible or I'll be stuck there. The 1st way to fix a problem is by recognizing there is one. We are never too old to learn and should look to do so as much as possible and we can easily start with our past. #AcroYoga at The Phoenix Sacramento

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