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Hi, my name's Miata and I drive a Scotty. Tampa, FL. Owner of @Spinnywhoosh Graphics. Visit my website⬇️ Similar users See full size profile picture

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1996 NA8C MX-5
Danny Bowen

Oreo said she wants some attention too. #CatNamedOreo


#transformationtuesday! Haven't posted one of these in awhile. Wayyy too many mods to name along this journey. Has been about 3 years and 60k miles.


Don't think I've had a chance to post this but... I've started a new side business! As if I wasn't busy enough, lol. Go check it out, we did a soft open last week. Have quite a few products added but many more to go. @modernroadster






Can't wait to be back in NC. Aiming for Mid-October! Here's a #ThrowbackThursday shot courtesy of 📸@db_couper.


Cool shot of the new banner! 📸:@ajenkinsgram


Testing out a new video editing app. More to come! As far as the video goes, I def have a lot to learn and some settings to play with. I need to adjust the setting for one for a constant exposure and need to bump up the FPS. Overall a decent test and learned a bit. Other new updates here in the car I don't think I've posted is my new Nardi Deep corn wheel with white sticking exclusively from @rev9autosport. Got some new white stitched leather boots to match. Also installed in my custom SW Best Man horn button from @thatmintyfreshmiata made by the talented @revlimiter.


Playing with the new gimbal. Interesting!


Damn, this car stuff is getting pricy...


FOR SALE: edit- SOLD. Black leather shift boots! Genuine leather shift boots with black stitching made by Redline in the UK. Great quality, have had it installed for probably a year now but in decent shape. Could use a good cleaning. Looking for $30/shipping for both within the US.


Vacation was short and sweet now back to the grind. Had a great time but happy to be home n backing working. Also getting everything together to get this Supercharger installed 😁 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino


Got to see Journey and Def Leppard while in Vegas. Now that was damn cool.


I knew this was gonna a be a cool shot! Couldn't resist. at Las Vegas, Nevada


Made it out to Red Rock National Park outside of Las Vegas. Was a damn cool spot. Really wish I had a Miata to drive some of those Canyon roads 😭 What a beautiful spur of the moment trip tho. at Red Rock Canyon State Park


Well, finally got to see what all the hub bub is about... My opinion: Over Hyped. Sorry not sorry. It was a great Burger, cool joint indeed. Milkshake was damn good but people have always made it out to be the holy grail of burgers and over built it up for me. at In-N-Out Burger


Been in Vegas the past couple days. Lookin funky fresh on the strip. Got the cheap gold bling including a retro gold Casio watch. Couldn't resist 😎 #Funkyfresh #cheesyaf at New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas


Sooo, I guess I can say I saw the Grand Canyon? Maybe a closer visit another time soon.

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