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Hi, my name's Miata and I drive a Scotty. Tampa, FL. Owner of @Spinnywhoosh Graphics. Visit my website⬇️ Similar users See full size profile picture

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Car was looking way too clean to not take some pictures the other night. at Davis Islands


Hair lookin doofy as hell but a successful date night regardless 😁 at Saint Petersburg, Florida


I want to make some new Keytag designs but only have a few ideas. What should I have made??


Bonus picture of ol fuzzy face. Actually planning on doing an animated Oreo logo for 2019. That tuned. #caughtbaeslippin #CatNamedOreo




Here's some great pictures I haven't had a chance to post. Big ol thanks to my lovely girlfriend for helping me through hard times and making good times even better. Love you 😘 Oh and it just happens to be Wednesday so #WCW 😁


So I may have gone a little "Extra" this Black Friday. Have been eyeing this beautiful keyboard from @aziocorp for looong time and pulled the trigger on their Onyx design. Absolutely superb. Pairs up nicely with the new design rig.


Took this a whiiile back in St Pete


Big thanks to the old man for helping work some of these Black Friday orders. Loved hanging out this weekend, have a safe drive back to Ohio.


Had a great time out at Turkey Trot Run in Daytona Beach this weekend. FINALLY got to see the twin engine Miata. Sweet! at Daytona International Speedway


Good morning Daytona Beach!


JUST launched my first collection of Santa Miata Pins on my website along with my Black Friday sales! Make sure to go check em out!


SOON! Black Friday through Cyber Monday I'm offering huge deals on many of my products. This is my largest discount and is only offered once a year. Discounts are on the following items: 50% off all decals on our site. 25% off windshield banners. 25% off all car apparel. 20% off magnetic and vinyl racing numbers 15% off all LRB Speed aluminum panels and designs.


#Friendsgiving2018 was a success!


And so it begins! #31turning7


Would ya look at that, she decided to be a lap cat on this cold ass morning. Must have just wanted to wish papa Happy Birthday 😁 #CatNamedOreo


SNEAK PEEK! Bringing back an old favorite for a limited batch. Will be dropping Black Friday! Speaking of which: Decals: 50% Off Banners: 25% Off Apparel: 25% Off Racing Numbers: 20% Off Door Panels: 15% Off


DAMN that's a big box! 😁😁😁 Big thanks to @sonicmotor for the new seats and @oregonmon for letting me try his out before purchasing. They're nice n snug. Just waiting on some mounts from @bell_raceworks

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