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We have two Dribbble Invitations to give away to a couple of lucky and talented web designers! • If you would like a chance to win an invite, all you have to do, is visit the website in our bio, and submit your best web designs. When submitting your design, you automatically enter the give away, but you also get the chance to be featured on our Instagram page. • Please read the instructions on the website before submitting your designs! • You can submit 3 designs every day, and winners will be chosen when we decide two of the submitters deserve the invites. The amount of submissions doesn't affect your chance to win. You will be judged on the quality alone, so only submit designs you are proud of. • If you are not interested in entering the give away, you can still submit your designs for a chance to be featured on our page. If you are chosen as a winner, we will contact you on Instagram, and ask if you want the invite. If not, we will pick the next in line. • Do not send your designs in a PM to enter the give away. If you do, you will simply receive a standard message to submit it to the website instead. • Thank you for participating in the give away! And remember, if you don't win this time around, keep practicing and enter the next give away again!

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