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Not my picture , just my mood!!! Show love and get love y’all keep the rest!!!


Monday night football wit the homey Malibu like dr electric go out sometimes 😂😂😂 fuck u @starrockent at Gladstone’s Malibu


Sorry I just wanna be honest we don’t want it!!! at Gladstone’s Malibu


#MalibuNore!!! at Malibu, California


#drinkchamps new studio I think I just found it time for a drink haha @drinkchamps @ontheruneatingshow #malibuNore photo by wife @bellaneri3 at Gladstone’s Malibu


At my Malibu bbq legends came out!! Photo by @tinalorrainenyc #MalibuNore at Malibu Beach Along PCH


@mikewillmadeit good seeing u homey!!! at BOA Steakhouse


Malibu money !!!


Circle of trust #drinkchamps Malibu crew!!! #treeoftrust 😂😂😂 at Eastern Malibu, Malibu, California


Just want trust from now on #trust is more important then loyalty to me now can I trust u ??? at Malibu, California


Forgot to Post I ran into the triple Og and his lady at lunch salute the Browns/Santiago’s haha #drinkchamps @kingbobbybrown at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills


If u know me u know I’m not a emotional person, and def not on the gram but today this one fucked me up!!! If u was a fan of N.o.r.E u heard me say “what the hell these niggas just shot at Rell” or u heard me say “Steff told me buck em when I reacted Rell said chill fuk em” well that’s Rell (jerrell Mathis ) I 4!ever willl never forgot the day he was walking back to queens wood cause he wouldn’t hang in lefrak at first then I invited him once and he was a street dude from that day forward , me and Rell didn’t speak much cause of what he was going thru wit his mental health.... although he ain’t die from that I can 100% guarantee it was mental health related ... we must really pay attention to this cause this is the 2nd friend that is deal wit related to mental health and we def gotta stop gun violence as well ,,, real Rell I love u and u will be missed sir R.I.P and u was younger then me !!! A year ago this time we also lost steff god bless u both!!! at Lefrak City Apartments

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