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Karli | Southern Farm Co.™️ caption needed . We are now open 10-6 Monday through Saturday. 28% off to all the victims. at The Restored Brush


anddddd they are asleep 💕 I forgot how beautiful they were asleep. Kaden definitely just caught me watching him sleep and asked me if I could please stop doing that 🤦🏼‍♀️ #nosonmomcanthelpit #nosonicant #ifyouwereasleepyouwouldntknow


All of the support has left this momma in awe. Just wanted to post a couple updates. . The Restored Brush will reopen Tuesday, September 18th and should remain on our normal schedule. This verse reflects the core of what we have been reminded of every single second, Matthew 28:20 “I am with you always.” We will be doing our part to rebuild by offering a 28% off to all of the victims affected by Hurricane Florence. . The kids and I are staying with my mom until we get a green light on a new home for us. I was able to sit down and make a list this morning of everything we lost and will post that below. Again your prayers and kind messages have been a huge part of what’s got me through this chapter so far. . •Kaden• Bed (mattress,bed,bedding) clothes 8T, shoes 2-3 and any toys, all of his were destroyed . •Ella• Bed(mattress, bed, bedding) clothes 6T, shoes 1-2 she also lost every toy . Nicole . Shoes 8, Clothes XL tops and bottoms . •King size bedding, (we have a king size mattress and box spring) but no bed frame •Towels •Pillows •Blankets •Vacuum •Sofa •Pots/pans •Trash Cans •Cleaning Supplies •Food at North Carolina


I don’t know WHAT the future holds but I know WHO holds it. . Looks as though we are at the closing end of another chapter. This healing home chapter went rather quickly but it was an important chapter for sure. I am truly blown away at how much help was here this morning with such a helpful and go getter attitude when I’m sure I at times just looked lost. . We had to throw away quite a bit more than I anticipated but that is ok 🙂 I will sit down tomorrow and make a lost of things we need for the sweet people who have been asking so stinkin kindly.


Thank you so much for all the support you all have given me, my heart is overwhelmed with love and support. . We will be meeting at 8:30 at 602 Watson Avenue to go through what is left and would love any extra hands or help, it won’t take long I’m sure but having that extra support system helps so much. . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My cell phone number is (252) 670-9101 and Graham’s is (252)497-6884.


I never thought a feather would carry so much significance...this was the last thing I pulled from my home before this hurricane, it was oddly tucked away inside my daughters toy box. It immediately made me think of Psalm 91:4 that reminds me under His wings you will find refuge and strength. Both of which I am finding myself currently needing an abundant amount of as I am laying in waiting for cleaning out our completely destroyed “healing home” in the morning. The store faired as if not even a drop of rain reached our building but my home on the other hand holds a different story. Please pray for my kids and I as we begin again and hold onto Gods promise and His plans as they are always so much higher. . Almost 12 months ago marks a time period in my life where everything I knew of as normal was forever changed. I packed up everything I could and moved my kids and I into what we called our healing home and began the process of restoration. Since then God has brought the most wonderful man and his family sent straight from heaven who welcomed us with open arms, which was so desperately needed. I am so thankful and devastated all in the same breath. . Thank you for all of your prayers and sweet messages. And I will keep you posted every step of the way.


As I break a rule here in this house I don’t do often, I let my son and daughter sleep in my room with me. My son fell asleep on some blankets on the floor snuggled up to our puppy and my daughter climbed in bed behind me and asked if she could snuggle me, I felt her warm little self snuggle up close and then as she wrapped her arm around me, my heart felt like it could burst. As I lay here right now, holding her tiny little hand in mine, I am reminded, I am here to guide her, be her safe place when she’s scared, hand in hand under our Heavenly Fathers protection, there’s nothing we can’t make it through. #theloveforyourchild #mommabear #mamabear #ohella #sheisthetinyversionofme #momlife #hurricaneflorence #hurricaneflorence2018 at New Bern, North Carolina


In the midst of the worry and panic and preparedness of this storm, let’s not forget the worry and panic they felt on 9/11 and had zero time to prepare for what was coming their way. ❤️ . . . . . . #911 #courage #mayweneverforget #courageous at New Bern, North Carolina


💕Ohhh emmm geee 💕how his little self has had this my heart from day one 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ #spoiledmuch #pitbullpuppy


THE..BOMB..DOT..COM....that’s what this paint is. Jokingly I always tell people how I’m the worst sales person ever because I will tell you if I don’t like a product and I’ll tell you if I love it too! Our paint is perfect for the beginner or the most experienced painter. Little to no prep is required and your clear coat and primer are built in....I mean there’s little more you could ask for besides it painting the furniture itself 🤣 Feedback we hear all the time is how far this paint goes when painting, how easy it is to use and that once they start they want to paint ALL THE THINGS!!! Y’all it’s some of the cheapest therapy...🙌🏼 . . . . . #therestoredbrush #handpaintedfurniture #handletteredsigns #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #shoplocal #easternnc #newbernnc #distressedfurniture #farmhousedecor #antiqueshop #vintage #antiquefurniture #sherwinwilliams #smallbusiness #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalsigns #somethingpositiveinyourday #Restored #rusticfarmhouse #countryliving #fleamarketstyle #vintagefarmhouse #shabbystyle #vintagestyle #vintagefind #mycountryhome #handlettered #farmhouseliving


FIRST TIME EVER we have •DEAL OF THE DAY• for today AND tomorrow!!! The open bottoms on this piece make it so versatile and the little pop of color underneath is my favorite part!!! Normally $399...reduced down to $299 😬😯😍😉 . . . . . . #therestoredbrush #handpaintedfurniture #handletteredsigns #farmhousestyle #farmhousefurniture #shoplocal #easternnc #newbernnc #distressedfurniture #farmhousedecor #antiqueshop #vintage #antiquefurniture #sherwinwilliams #smallbusiness #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalsigns #somethingpositiveinyourday #Restored #rusticfarmhouse #countryliving #fleamarketstyle #vintagefarmhouse #shabbystyle #vintagestyle #vintagefind #mycountryhome #handlettered #farmhouseliving


❤️☝🏼H E L P ☝🏼 ❤️ . We will be hanging a pair of these doors on either side of our door here to see from the road and WE NEED YOUR HELP with our wording!!! We want to describe what we do here to where it will grab your attention and easy to understand!! . The winner will receive a $20 Gift Certificate!!

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