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Wow. Left me speechless. Read @rawsonthurber’s post below 🙏🏾 Since I pay people in tacos, waffles or tequila to say nice things about me, I had to back the truck up to pay my SKYSCRAPER writer/director Rawson a F*CK TON of tacos to say all this good stuff about me. Truth is, he’s a rare talented gem in our business who writes and directs his own blockbuster original material and more importantly, he’s a very VERY kind, cool and caring human being. And these days, we need kind, cool and caring more than ever. Fuck ton of tacos being delivered as we speak. Thank you brother for these generous words. Our partnership means the world to me 🙏🏾🌎🤙🏾 @rawsonthurber ・・・ That’s my dude right there. Made two movies with him. Fixing to make it three in a row. #1 question I get asked all the time: what’s he like, really? And here’s the honest answer for anyone out there who’s wondering the same thing: Dwayne Johnson is EXACTLY who you would hope he would be — only better. The guy you see on social media? That’s the guy. It’s not an act. He’s gracious, respectful, kind to everyone he meets. He signs every autograph and poses for every picture. Every time I ask him about it he says it’s his favorite part of the job. The fans. The people. His people. In 20+ years in this business, I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s humble and grateful, but never satisfied. The thing he loves more than anything is a challenge. You tell him he can’t do something, you better hold his beer (well, tequila actually) because he’s about to show you. He’s fearless. And he owns it on the rare occasion something doesn’t work out — never seen him pass the buck or blame someone else. Not once. He’s the best creative partner and collaborator a filmmaker could ever ask for — zero ego, it’s always and only about what’s best for the movie. And on top of it all, he’s a great father to his girls. If I didn’t like the guy so much, I’d really hate him. So that’s Dwayne Johnson. Biggest movie star on the planet. Real as a they come. And I’m the lucky guy who gets to make movies with him.


*Swipe job Shot something cool and special for FORBES MAGAZINE with one of my favs @michaelprince. Come a very long way from “$7 bucks and lint” in my pocket to @forbes. Years of relentless hard work, thinking outside the box and going for quality disruption around every corner. Grateful for the grind. #DisruptiveDNA #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #FORBES


Took me a few takes and fought back tears to get thru this one. Join us now on @foxsports or set your DVR’s for NOSSA CHAPE. Very powerful and emotional story that was my absolute privilege to introduce and be a small part of. #NossaChape #Chapecoense 🇧🇷


They’re here 🎧 🔥 This THURSDAY I drop the WORLD’S FIRST over the ear headphones engineered for HARDCORE TRAINING. I’ve been developing these for almost two years with the best design team in the game with my partners at @underarmour & @jblaudio. Our #ProjectRock brand has proudly become Under Armour’s #1 seller worldwide and this Thursday’s drop will be a strong one. As always, it’s ok to get our ass kicked, cause we’ll pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep chasing that greatness - together. Then we’ll go destroy pancakes 🥞 #ProjectRockWireless 🎧 #ChaseGreatnessCollection2 #HardestWorkerInTheRoom DROPS THIS THURSDAY!


Starting off my Sat by reviewing new TV spots for SKYSCRAPER. Note pad and pen at the ready and diggin’ in to my pre-workout breakfast of egg whites and flank steak aka dead cow 🐄 Bowl of cream of wheat mixed with pineapple and papaya. #PreSquatSugarSpike #DontLookDown #SKYSCRAPERWillScareYa


Wow FIVE #TeenChoice2018 NODS. THANK Y’ALL so very much. Beyond grateful to have the greatest fans on the planet. Vote now in my bio and thank ya for rockin’ w me 🤙🏾 #ChoiceInstagrammer #ChoiceComedyMovie #ChoiceComedyMovieActor #ChoiceSciFiMovie #ChoiceSciFiMovieActor


3 WEEK COUNTDOWN IS ON. Most anticipated “terrorizing, nail biting fun you’ll have three thousand feet in the sky” this summer. And @nevecampbell is a straight up bad ass 💪🏾 #YourTheaterWillShake #DontLookDown #SKYSCRAPER JULY 13th


They’re here 🎧🔥 The WORLD’S FIRST headphones engineered for HARDCORE TRAINING. This idea’s been in the making for years. Teamed up with my @underarmour partners and @jblaudio Hype is real - drops NEXT THURS 6/28. Stay strong. Train hard. #Durability #Functionality #HighQuality #BadAss #ProjectRockWireless


In early screenings, people reporting their FitBit’s heart rates are over 100 during the movie due to the intense anxiety & vertigo. Crazy, but true. #DontLookDown #SKYSCRAPER JULY 13th 🌎


To become a CHAMPION. The road to @mrolympiallc is paved with sweat, iron, extreme hard work, discipline and no cheat meals until the show is over 🥞😈 Once again, myself, @daverienzi, @danygarciaco & @sevenbucksds will be in Las Vegas SEPT 13th-15th, shining the spotlight on these incredible athletes of our sport. I look forward to presenting the prestigious Sandow Trophy to the winner. And NEW... or... AND STILL? #WeekendOfChampions #Olympia2018 #Vegas


They’re here 🎧 Like you, my gym time is critical. It’s our time to shut the world out and anchor in. I prefer training in “over the ear” headphones, but have been consistently disappointed (pissed is a better word) with every pair, from every brand that just couldn’t handle my workouts. I thought if no one is going to design headphones BUILT FOR TRAINING, then I would. And I’d make them the best. Almost 2 years later, they’ve arrived. Our next @underarmour collection DROPS NEXT WEEK 6/28. #ProjectRockWireless #Durability #Functionality #HighQuality #BadAss


Cool SKYSCRAPER movie fact/ We hired Adrian Smith - one of the most notable architects in the world to help us consult and design the tallest and most advanced building on earth. THE PEARL. Adrian famously designed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (legit tallest building in the world) as well as the building that will eventually surpass that - the Jeddah Tower, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Get ready for the most anticipated original action movie of the summer. #ThePerfectBuilding #SKYSCRAPER🔥 JULY 13th 🌎

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